Color Me Pretty at Easter, Chapter 4

I lost the love for playing this file and was trying to decide what to do with Stella. There wasn’t a specific challenge once she completed the StrangerVille Mystery so it was just directionless play and even the triplets weren’t pulling me back in. Then came the Easter Egg Challenge. This means Stella gets a new life and a new challenge. A mulligan. A do-over.

Stella Fry has to start fresh from CAS for the most points.  She won’t be changing who she is, just moving fresh and clean into a new game.  Although she will get a different aspiration this time around as she won’t be completing the mystery again.  Been there, done that.  Well, She did swap out Paranoid for Cheerful just to keep her in a happy mood more often.  She is also erratic and a bookworm, and she went with the Renaissance Sim aspiration as she will be jumping around a lot, so she will be working the whims if possible.

Her beauty was not touched.  And of course, Stella begins on Yuma Heights lot after the existing house was bulldozed.  Because, Yuma. +25 for the specialty lot and +20 because Stella is fresh from CAS, and another +10 because I am blogging about it.

Also, she rolled a FIVE – which means FIVE children, no more and no less.  My spreadsheet already has the -375 calculated in since she currently has no children, but this will adjust each time she has a child, and hopefully she won’t go over.  But, as a result, my starting total is very deep in the negative, -320 to be exact.

In order to have some options for Easter Egg sims, before beginning to play, I added some #MaxisCreates sims to the game.  These are sims that Maxis created that are recreations of sims from previous games.  Joining this challenge, and now fair game for Stella are The Curious Family, The Smith Family, The Beaker Family, The Grunt Family, The Pleasant Family, and The Newbie Family.  They are in the game but not in the world, meaning they do not have houses.  They have all been set as homeless and unplayed so they are at the mercy of MCCC.  It also means that Stella cannot stalk them until she sees them out and about.

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Stella was home when the welcoming party showed up, consisting of Nancy and Geoffrey Landgraab.  She made sure to greet Geoffrey, and then Nancy, and then Ripp Grunt, Tank Grunt, and Diego Lobo.  I am pretty sure was someone after Diego and I didn’t get a picture so it doesn’t count, and I can’t remember.

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Finally, the welcoming party ended and everyone left.  Now she can get back to what she needs to do.  Figure out who she is going to marry and get them moved into the house.  “House”

Stella needs to pee so she heads to the park where she meets daddy Grunt.  Hank?  I think his name is Hank.  Nope, it is Buzz.

Then she spams some frog hunting and makes a sweep around the park.

Because of the welcoming party, it is still after 10 when she gets to the second park, but she makes a run on the pond and then a sweep around the park.  No time to waste.  And she found the HypnoFrog!  12:16 am on Monday morning.  +15

Stella decides that since Don is the only one that isn’t married, he will be the one she marries.  And because she knows where he lives, she can find him the fastest.

She shows up at his house around midnight:30 and proceeds to become his friend, far enough along to invite him to move in.  They don’t have to get married tonight because she stinks and they are both exhausted.

But Don agrees to move in and he brings the girls and all the money from the sale of the house.  Yes, that is how Stella is playing this game.

The girls aren’t impressed at finding themselves on an empty lot with Don and Stella.  They are given a choice and decide they will take their chances with MCCC and are moved into the homeless crowd.  It seemed like the right thing to do since Stella is keeping the simoleons from the sale of the house.

Now, Stella is ready to build a house and check off some Easter Eggs.

  • Wall Full of Stars +10
  • Teen Idol Poster +10
  • Henry Puffer +10
  • Burt’s Bees +10
  • Guardian of the Gnomelaxy +10
  • Wolf Pytt has four items, and she bought all four +10
    • Essential Gaming Table (green table)
    • Survival Essentials (pink box)
    • Essential Utensils (green tote)
    • TruWood Lamp Essentials (street light)
  • High Ground (pink stool) +10
  • Dashing Lord Lycan +10
  • Lovely Lady Sanguine +10
  • The Lord and The Lady +10
  • Schmapple products for the kitchen, she has them all +10
    • Fridge
    • Stove
    • Microwave
    • Coffee-maker

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Stella was so exhausted that by the time the tour was done, she couldn’t even make it to bed without passing out.

Don had to sleep on the couch since they aren’t to the point of sharing a bed and there is only one bed.

She has also bought the rocket kit so she can begin building that for the space mission to find the giant space bunny.

Since Stella is awake, Don heads up to get some sleep in the bed.  Although he is energized from the coffee he drank and he doesn’t want to actually stay in bed.

She wants to complete some of the “easier” ones first, so she has a cup of Earl Grey tea. +10

Then she begins reading five books beginning with Lord of the Swings. +5

Swapping out on the bed is a pain, so Stella and Don work on their relationship to get it to where they will share the bed.  That means they are now going steady.  Don looks so thrilled.

Finally they are both getting to sleep.

Don needs to do something, so he decides to take a job as an Athlete.  This will keep him busy while Stella is collecting Easter Eggs.

After getting some sleep, Stella reads the second book, The First Unicorn. +5

Don hasn’t found the workout room upstairs yet so he keeps Stella and Mesmer (the hypnofrog) company.  Livvie owes me a cookie for Mesmer.

Since she is on a roll, after finishing the second book, Stella begins reading the third book, The Glutton Spiel. +5  She is erratic so everything she does is punctuated by stories that she tells herself.

Momentum carries her onward – the fourth book is Lucas Dark and the Increasingly Unlikely Series of Coincidences. +5

And finally, she finishes up the reading with Dusk Glow. +5

Don interrupts Stella several times for a quick kiss, after which they have an embarrassing conversation, because Stella is erratic and keeps saying stupid crap.  Apparently.

Another quick one to check off is getting high, so she orders medication from the computer and drinks that down.

Stella looks pretty dazed.

And there is the moodlet showing she is over-medicated.  +10

With the easiest and quickest Easter eggs out of the way, it is time to nail Don down and get married.  Assuming they can get past all of the embarrassing, stupid comments.  Stella woos Don until they are both ready for the big question.

GTFO of this house, Vlad.

Vlad chooses Stella as his target which is just wonderful. [sarcasm]

The next morning, the decision is made to have Don make the proposal since he is Non-Committal, thinking it will be easier for Stella to accept.

Yeah, that didn’t go so well.  I have never seen a rejection where they slap the ring into the next county.  It was not a gentle rejection.

Don is perturbed with Stella now.

After they make up from the first rejected proposal, Stella decides to try proposing to Don.

I guess it is only fair that he reject her proposal the same way she rejected his.  So, they aren’t getting married just yet.

Don leaves for work, and he is running.

While Don is at work, Stella heads over to The Bluffs and she gets lucky with a picture of Emily the sea monster.

Once Don is home, and everyone has slept and ate and peed and showered, it is time to try again.

The only problem is Don is tense and needs some fun and so does Stella.  So that comes first.

Afterwards, their needs are maxed out in the green, and there are zero negative moodlets.  There are no dirty dishes in the room, This is the perfect time because the woohoo was good too.

Don takes the lead, although it is a crap-shoot with both of them – he is non-committal and she is erratic.

Finally, there is an accord – there is an agreement.  The ring has been accepted.

There will be a wedding.

And it will be immediate – they elope immediately while standing in their bedroom in their underwear, in Don’s case.  That was a hard fought battle and worth +25 points.


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