Color Me Pretty at Easter, Chapter 5

Stella looked over the list of Easter Eggs and she decides that she is going to work on the skills next.  There is only one career involved and she will do that later.  Right now, she plans on spending time building some skills.  The skills that she needs to learn or master are video gaming, programming, gardening, handiness, painting, mischief, and rocket science.  While she is working on skills, Don will be the breadwinner and support her, and and any children that join the family.  FIVE children, FIVE.

Stella buys the postcard cork board so that she remembers to start collecting the postcards.  She also finds her first pen pal online from Champs Les Sims.

The she buy her first batch of 20 void critter packs.  She opens them all and collects 16/20 unique cards to begin.  Not a bad start but it will be hard to find the last of the cards.

She purchased the weather machine because she will need to learn enough handiness (level 8) so that she can upgrade it to maintain a permanent spring.

She also added two easels so she can begin trying to paint the Easter egg paintings.  Neither one of those look like they are going to be Easter Egg paintings.

She has also started building the rocket ship because there is a giant space bunny somewhere out there and she wants to be the one to find that.

Gardening is not something I enjoy having them do, but that is also on her list because she needs to master the skill in order to purchase rare seed packs so that she can find the flirty magic bean.  She is a bookworm so she is going to try reading for the skill to begin with, and then will actually garden if necessary.

She adds the game pad so that there are options for video gaming.  She has to win a tournament for every game available and master the skill.  She also has the gaming console with the TV along with computer games, of course.

She will be learning programming so that she can hack the supercomputer once she masters the skill.

Finally, she will be picking on random sims as she works on mastering mischief.  Her targets are taking it well so far and no one is getting mad at her.  Yet.

Now, it is time to work on that first pregnancy.  Stella gets points for each child born to a different Easter Egg sim, but her first pregnancy will be with Don.  This is why the town was seeded with other Easter Egg sims. 😉

That is confirmation that the first pregnancy is happening.

I really don’t know what the hell this painting is.  After selling this disaster, Stella checks her penpals and she has a new penpal from Littlehaven.  She also bought a second round of twenty voidcritter cards but didn’t get anything new.

Stella has a busy day, upgrading the weather machine with the upgrades she has available, and working on handiness.

Then she finishes the rocket with Don’s help.  She can’t go on the space mission while she is pregnant, so that will have to wait for a few days.

Then, she achieved the achievement for staying fine for 48 hours.  I think it is bugged, but she got it, so here it is.

Don is upstairs working on charisma and seriously stressing out because of feeling trapped and really wanting to do something more fun than this.

They really need fun, both of them.  Maybe they can have a babymoon to Granite Falls before the baby is born.

Stella continues to work on mischief and Don gets sent streaking around the neighborhood a lot.  He doesn’t seem to mind though.

Stella continues to grow, and they never do get any time away for a babymoon.

She has completed all of the upgrades on the weather machine except for the one that she needs to make a perpetual spring.

Don dances and plays games and works out, and wonders why he agreed to this.

Stella reads some of her skills, and works on them when she can.  She is exhausted all the time from the pregnancy.

Completely exhausted.  They were headed to the bedroom to have some fun activities, but she couldn’t stay awake.  Don went and worked out some more.

It is time for the baby to make an appearance.

Spring has arrived.  She is +10 since she is the first child from Don.  She is also 1/5 children that Stella will have to have before the end of the challenge.  And, Stella is finally in positive points.

Stella doesn’t even try to get back to her bed to sleep after Spring’s birth.  She just lays down on the floor and sleeps.  Then she goes to bed.

Don has baby duty because now that Stella isn’t pregnant, she needs to get some space missions completed.  There is a space bunny to find.

Hopefully, this won’t take long.

Don is back to punching the punching bag.

Stella takes a break between missions to chase down Pascal Curious.  He is one of the Easter Egg sims that was created by Maxis from Sims 2 and added to the game as a potential baby daddy.

It took Stella four missions to crash the ship.

She survived, but that cost them §1,000 to rebuild and she still has to find the space bunny.  She is going to spend another §1,000 to improve the maneuvering thrusters to help with her success rate on returning from the missions.

Stella gets the duck puddle. +10

And then she repairs the toilet and passes out in the duck puddle.

Stella passes out again trying to get to bed.  It is hard trying to collect all of the Easter Eggs herself.

Oh, and it is time for Spring to become a toddler.  She is Silly.  I am pretty sure that is not the Spore shirt that they are looking for, so they are still looking.

Stella starts her on the potty training, and it looks like she is going to be defiant but she is compliant instead.

Spring is trying to show off her nose – she definitely has Stella’s nose.  I am not sure about the chin yet.

Don is called into action to clean the bathroom while Stella works with Spring.

But when Stella heads to bed, Don takes over the potty training to get Spring to level 2, then the defiance comes out.

Spring thinks it is funny.  I would say she also has Stella’s mouth.

Don does not think it is funny.  He is now tense because of a defiant toddler and because he is feeling trapped.  Just wait because there are four more kids that are needed for this challenge, and for maximum points, they will need to have different fathers.

Everyone gets about an hour of sleep and it is morning.  Spring is the first one up because she wasn’t sleepy when Don put her to bed.

She heads outside to play until Don and Stella wake up, and while I decide just how much skills training she is going to get.  They just need to grow up well, but it is up to me what that means.  I believe for this challenge that will mean Happy Toddler.

Stella is up and making breakfast and Spring comes in to watch.

After food she is sent to the stuffed animal for her communication training.

Then she spends the rest of the day mastering the potty chair.  This is only half of the mess because she had to take a break to eat at one point.  Don is working on charisma for his work promotion and Stella is running space missions back to back looking for that damn space bunny.  She has wrecked the rocket twice and that is getting expensive.  But, once she finds the space bunny the rocket can be sold as it won’t be needed for anything else, so there is a plan in place.


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