Color Me Pretty at Easter, Chapter 6

Spring wakes up in a very good mood because of the nightlights.  There are seven of them in her room.

She is quickly becoming a happy toddler and plays with her toys until Don finishes eating breakfast.  One toddler is so easy.

After eating breakfast, Don reads her a story before he leaves for work.  Stella is out making space missions trying to find that damn space bunny.

Don has some things to do before work (pee, shower) so Spring heads out to spend some time on the slide.

She has reached level 3 in everything except thinking.  She just needs someone to watch for a little while.

She just realized she is home alone.  Don has left for work and Stella is on a space mission.

Stella takes a break from her missions to feed Spring, and Spring immediately throws her food on the floor.  Silly toddlers are a pain in the ass.

She thinks she is so cute.

That is not the reaction she was expecting from Stella.

Stella invites Pascal over to see if they can improve their relationship before Don gets home.  Because Spring was a pita, she gets left in the high chair with a bowl of applesauce that she is refusing to eat.

Don is home, and it is time for a tantrum now.  Spring had to be reset because she was hung up with a call to Stella to let her out of the high chair.  That dropped her on the floor into a tantrum.  Finally Don was able to put her butt into bed.

Well hell.  Pascal is unflirty.  That is too much work for a single pregnancy.  He is off the list.

Stella invites over Ripp Grunt, who is now a Young Adult.  Stella does her best but he keeps leaving to go stand in a pile of trash while they are talking.

She gets him to star gaze for a little while, but then he goes to stand in the trash again.  Finally he leaves.  She will try again tomorrow while Don is at work.

Spring is awake and very hungry.  Funny how that works when you don’t eat dinner.

Spring eats the applesauce that was still sitting out from the previous night and then Don spends quite awhile cleaning up the messes around the house.  Spring follows him around watching.

They get in a little play time just to break up the monotony of her watching him.

She even gets a bath.  Anything to keep them busy while Stella makes friends with Ripp.

She makes sure Palmer is clean also.

Don heads off to work as Stella continues to make friends with Ripp.

Once Don is gone and Spring has put herself down for a nap, Stella makes her move.

They hired a caterer in order to stock the fridge, because neither she nor Don was finding the time.  They also hired a maid because Don was not happy about having to do the cleaning.

It took way too much effort to get them into the rocket.  Ripp would say yes, and then try to leave.  She finally realized that she needed to ask him to hang out and then ask him to woohoo to get him into the rocket.

While they were playing, Spring took advantage of being unsupervised to play some of her own.

Interestingly enough, she became a happy toddler at this point.  For the toddler age, this will be considered “raised well”.

I peeked because who has time for the pregnancy test nonsense, especially since Ripp wants to leave.  Knowing that there is a pregnancy, Stella asked Ripp to be just friends, and then sent him on his way.  She will take the pregnancy test later.  She has things to do right now and she won’t be able to do them once the pregnancy test is positive.

But, first off, Spring needs to go to bed.

Stella has been going nuts trying to find the Easter Egg clothing, but that isn’t saying much since she is already erratic.  Then there was a conversation and and a light bulb moment and a memory that Star Wars costumes are in the game.  Don takes three of the costumes for party wear while Stella takes the other three costumes.  Spring will get the seventh costume once she becomes a child.  It is a sad thing that there isn’t a costume for the toddlers.  And of course, Stella is Darth Vader.

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Apparently they forget to put up the meals that the caterer cooked before they spoiled.  Well, they put up half of them and forgot the second half.

Don and Stella are getting frisky but here comes Spring to join their conversation and make everything awkward.

A little while later, Don is at work and Stella is on a mission, so Spring was put to work also.  She is a happy toddler that gets into a lot of trouble, so she is back to working on her skills.  She just mastered communication and is heading out to the slide.

Stella needs to pee, but first the bees need some attention.  They feel a little neglected.

Spring has just mastered movement.

And she heads straight back to the toilet.

Don is home this time and he is available to express his disappointment with her choice.

She looks like she might care that he is disappointed.

But the face is a lie.

OMG, the mouth!

Distraction time, so Don takes her out to the kiddie pool for awhile.

Then he feeds her and watches her like a hawk while she eats.  A hawk that has to be reminded twice to watch her.

Outside, Stella is mischiefing Geoffrey.  It is prank day and she is building mischief.  It isn’t necessarily helping their relationship but she will deal with that if she chooses him to become a baby daddy later.

Notice that Spring ate all her food without throwing anything on the floor.  Don rewards her by releasing her from the high chair so she can go potty.

Then he reads her to sleep.  He is able to get all of this done and still make it to work on time.  Wonder-Dad.

Stella wakes up with the realization that she is pregnant.  This is the picture I get.

Spring wakes up to potty at about the same time Don gets home from work and she decides to run to Don instead of the potty.

He gives her Milk and heads inside to go to pee.  She stands outside and drinks Milk until it is all gone and then she goes potty.  Then Don puts her back to bed.

Stella is not on a daytime schedule at the moment.  As Don and Spring are going to bed, Stella is getting up.  She is working on penpals and video games since she can’t go on space missions while she is knowingly pregnant.  She has entered her first tournament for Sims Forever.  But she doesn’t get to complete it because of her needs.

Spring did not stay in bed, Although looking at the clock it is morning already and Spring is the only one up.

Stella has too much to do and way too many orange moodlets.  So she spends some aspiration points today.  She buys a moodlet solver and the Speed Reader trait.

Spring will be spending her free time imagining anything except making messes and playing in the toilet.

Stella almost has all the penpals.  She just needs more postcards – three of which should come in the mail today.

Stella is going to try the first tournament again, and this time Spring is promising to read quietly while she plays.

That didn’t last long, Spring went to read in whatever room Don was in.  Stella did not win her first tournament.  Now she will program for a little while.

The maid has been standing there all day.  She can’t figure out what to do with the stack of dirty dishes.

Stella decides it is time to get handiness knocked out so she is upgrading the plumbing.

Don keeps Spring distracted and the maid is still standing there confused.

The toddler butt wants out of the high chair.

Don goes over to talk to the maid, and she doesn’t have any trouble with that.  Spring also joins that conversation, which is probably for the best to keep it appropriate.

The maid finally leaves and Don goes to get some sleep.  Stella has finished the upgrades and reached level 8, which is what she needed.  She runs into Spring in the bathroom as they both need a potty break at the same time.

Then she heads out to make the final upgrade to the weather machine.  She can now control the seasons.

Spring has mastered all skills except thinking so she is watching Stella.

And asking why.  She wanted to change clothes, so she chose her swimsuit, because that is the randomness of toddlers.

She is still in her swimsuit and still asking why.  Stella trapped her in the high chair.

Well, she tried.  Apparently Spring freed herself by magic.  The only thing upstairs at the moment is the master bedroom, with two sleeping parents.

Spring is determined someone is going to wake up and spend time with her.  She woke up Don and asked for a bath.  Of course, it is 8 am.

The only way to keep Spring out of trouble is to keep her working on skills.

Apparently, she was worked a little too hard as she couldn’t even make it into bed before falling asleep.  She is almost a top-notch toddler, and it isn’t even required.

Of course, she woke up starving and pissed off.

After dealing with the needing to potty and needing to eat, she finished mastering the thinking skill by checking out the rocket.

She ran inside to tell Stella and Don that she had mastered all of her skills, but they are sleeping so she will have to tell them later.  She was sent back to bed and will be getting birthday cake when everyone wakes up because it is her birthday.


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