Color Me Pretty at Easter, Chapter 7

The bills came due for the first time and wiped out their available cash from when Don moved in.  It is time to get serious about making money because the Athletic career does not bring in a lot of money.  Don is going to have to change jobs since Stella is not quite ready to take the career as a Scientist and he needs to be bringing in more money.  The Astronaut career pays almost as much at level 1 per day (§234) as he is currently making at level 4 as an Athlete (§273), and it increases much faster and is one of the highest paying jobs in the game.  Plus it also requires fitness and logic instead of charisma.  So, the decision is made, Don will be switching to Astronaut as soon as he finishes his bath.  Too bad he doesn’t have the aspiration points to purchase Connections first.  But still, he should promote fairly quickly.

Don checks his points and he has 1,560 so he decides to see if he can get the other 1500 fairly quickly.  He probably can’t, but it is worth a shot.  He is on the second tier in a few of the family aspirations and those are worth 200 points, so he is socializing with Spring, and then he will be scolding her, because what needs to be done, will be done for the points.

Spring needs to give Don some reasons to scold her so she starts off by striping down.  1/5

Then she farts and belches.  That takes care of the other four disciplines.

Don is able to get to 1,960 aspiration points.

Now, what is next.  In addition to Don working on 3,000 points so he can purchase Connections and change jobs, it is Spring’s birthday and Stella should be having the baby in the evening.

Despite not liking to leave the lot, the quickest way to move along on any of the aspirations is for Don to go the gym.  [ding]

He immediately heads home as soon as the aspiration checks off.  He is now at 2,610 points.  They might have fixed the bug where sims left at home weren’t caring for themselves because Spring was hungry when he left and she is not hungry when he came home.  She just needed to potty.  (nope, I forgot I added a mod to help them care for themselves until EA fixes the bug)

Stella has met all of the pen pals, she is just waiting on the last of the post cards to come in the mail now.  Spring watches her and I wonder if she is going to be erratic also.

Don is still working on those last aspiration points.

He calls and takes the day off from work.  Spring has climbed all the way up to the third floor so that she can talk to Don while he works out.

But now it is time to go jogging for two hours.

Stella has gone into labor, it is almost time for the second baby to join the family.

Spring’s age bar has not started bubbling yet and she has not received her age up notification so she continues to wait for her birthday cake.

Don has done it, he has earned the points for the Connections trait.  And he almost forgot to buy the trait before changing jobs.

That would have sucked.  Then before taking the Astronaut job, he decided to farm the other careers for money and rewards.  But the very first thing he does is to go pee.

While Don is job hopping, Stella gives birth to April Lothario (daddy is Ripp Grunt, but Don doesn’t really need to know that).

Don is now level 4, Command Center Lead, which pays §568/day – double what Athlete was paying at level 4.  Of course now they need a chess table so he can start working on logic.  But money is not tight because of the job hopping – they have the bonuses Don collected plus a lot of career rewards to sell.  And Spring is still not bubbling.

Spring wakes up, age bar bubbling, and she runs to find Stella.  She finds April instead.  She is happy about having a sister and can’t wait to play with her.

She finds Stella and Don in the kitchen and Don has made her a birthday cake.

It is time to blow out the candles.

Spring rolls Music Lover and Artistic Prodigy, and apparently she loves pink because almost every outfit was pink.  So her bedroom is now pink also.

Don needs to begin leveling logic so they get a chess table and he nails his butt to the chair.

Spring spends a little time in her new bed getting used to her new room and then she begins working on her homework and enjoying the relative freedom of being a child.

Ulrike calls Stella up and invites her to join the Renegades.  I had planned on her joining Paragons first because of the infamous status that the Renegades have, but Stella has to take what is offered.

She begins making nice with Max as he is the leader so that she can usurp him as quickly as possible.

And, boom, Renegades is Stella’s club now.  So, she heads home.

Once she is home, she makes some changes to the Renegades.  She adds a requirement that members have to have at least level 2 in Mischief, and they have to be an Easter Egg sim.  She kicks out everyone except Wolfgang (because he is Wolfgang) and adds Geoffrey Landgraab, Dustin Broke, Nina Caliente, and Malcolm Landgraab.  Stella also picks up the mail and she has completed the postcards collection.

Spring begins working on her aspiration although completing the aspiration won’t be a requirement to growing up well.  The children and teens will be required to get an A and join the scouts.  [note to self: Spring needs to join the scouts.]

She quickly moves through the tiers of the aspiration.

And is on the last tier with 12 days remaining before her birthday.

Don is still taking care of the babies.  No comment on the fact that he isn’t the genetic donor for April.

Stella spends points for another moodlet solver as she needs to spend time in space.

First she needs to get a lot of the upgrades done so she can survive in space.  She still hasn’t found the space bunny.  She is expanding the cargo bay and installing the ion cannons.

She invites Dustin Broke over and decides he will be the baby daddy for the third child.  After Don goes to work.

Thankfully Dustin is not unflirty so they are able to move along the process without any major blocks in the road.

Dustin is willing to woohoo in the rocket but try for baby was only available in the bed.

Once she confirms there is a pregnancy, She tells Dustin she was just interested in him for his celebrity and she just wants to be friends, and would he please leave before Don gets home?

Spring goes dumpster diving looking for voidcritter cards before I remember that only Stella can be the collector, so it is okay that the card Spring finds, Stella already has.  So they sell it.

Don helps April out of the bassinet and find her footing and he accepts the role as her caregiver so he will be not ignoring her.  She is a charmer, and had to have bangs because her forehead is huge.

Someone forgot to tell April that she was supposed to be compliant.

Charming, my ass.

April went from defiant to sad when she realized peeing in the potty was hard.

Then Don left her alone with the stinky potty.  She doesn’t know how to potty alone yet.

After the potty fiasco, Don showed her the new bed and read her a story to help her sleep.

Spring is working on her badges.  At least at this point, she isn’t having to fight anyone for the right to clean up dirty dishes.  They are sitting out everywhere.

When April wakes up she finds a plate of something sitting out and it looks almost good enough to eat.

April and Spring get to know each other for a little while.  Spring is working on the two socializing badges and April is helping.

Don joins them and is now wondering why.

Don’s genetics are strong in Spring.  I am not sure about April yet, whether she takes after Stella or Ripp.

Damn Stella.  Stop crashing the rocket.  It is expensive to rebuild it so often.

April is asking where the Spore outfits are located, because we haven’t found them yet.

Spring has finished the two badges and she is off to work on different ones now, but one last funny face for April.

Every couple of days, Stella will buy 20 packs for cards to see if she can get the last two cards.  So far, no luck.

April begins working on her skills with communication which should be no surprise to anyone.

Stella discovers she is pregnant for the third time putting a pause on her space missions for a few days.  Hopefully this time I will remember to take a picture of the dialog box when the baby is born for the points.

Don is the one putting April to bed after she spends all of her energy trying to master the potty.  Since Stella is on stand-down from her space missions while she is pregnant maybe she will have time to spend with April.

Or maybe not.

Stella paints the first Easter Egg painting

American Gothic by Grant Wood, 1930

The painting is currently in the collection of the Art Institute of Chicago.  It was originally entered in a competition and was awarded a $300 cash prize.


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