Color Me Pretty at Easter, Chapter 8

Good not-morning Sunshine. April wakes up starving so she is given some fake tortellini that is about to spoil and sent to the potty until she masters it (twice, because she was close) and then back to bed, because it is not morning.

While trying to get April back to bed, Spring wakes up and hides in the empty bathroom of the empty bedroom and makes a mess.  She is told to clean it up and sent back to bed.  Both girls are back in bed and asleep by 4:42 am.  It is like herding cats.

Don hires Clara to come over and be a caterer, and the first thing she does is clean the potty chair.  Umm, thanks.  But wash your hands and cook lots of meals now.

This is really not how this is supposed to be working.  Clara cooks, Don cleans.

Today is New Skill Day, so everyone is going to be working hard.  April starts with Movement.

Spring is sent to the piano to master Creativity.

Don is out practicing chess.

Stella is starting with programming, but she has a few skills that need to be leveled, so she will be seeing what she can get done in the time she has.

April is working on thinking now so she is watching everyone else.  She really wants attention and watching is too passive for a charmer.

When she can slip it in, she finds someone to talk to her and she starts conversations.

Stella decides to read up on gardening to see if she can get that built up – still trying to not actually plant anything.

The watcher is back, and she is still sad that no one has time to talk to her.

Finally, Stella has time to read her a story.  This is when April becomes a happy toddler, in more ways than one.

She looks very happy as Don takes her to bed.  She has done all the skills building she is going to do today.

Spring has completed her aspiration and is still working on badges.  She has completed 4/9 I believe.

The sisters take a little bit of time to play together and build imagination for April.

Whenever she is not busy, Spring loves to make messes.

Don is trying the calm approach with Spring.  After shaking his finger at her, they hugged it out, and then Spring cleaned up her mess.

April was starving again so Don gave her some applesauce.  She actually ate it all without throwing it on the floor, despite appearances.

What she really wants now is a bath, and Don was coming to give her a bath.  Stella decides she wants to hold her, essentially blocking Don from giving her a bath.

She finally gets her bath and makes a huge mess on the floor.

Then she gets to watch Don clean up the huge mess.

For the first time, Stella gets to put her to bed with a story because Don has already left for work.

Spring brings home her first project and is working carefully to get it done.

Stella buys and opens 20 more packs of cards and finds Arcticorn, leaving her one last remaining missing card.  She finally settles on how she is going to display the cards and adds the shelves to the walls.  Currently 8/19 cards are limited edition, which means nothing but looks pretty.

April wakes up and is heading to wake up Spring, but we can’t having spring starting too early, so she is rerouted back to the bookcase.

Time to read to see if she can also become a top-notch toddler.

Three of the toddler books that are Easter Eggs, even though Stella has already maxed out the points for books.

Stella begins using the digital drawing tablet to work on the paintings to see if she can get any more Easter Eggs.  She has a list of the ones that she would like to have when she is done.  I like this better than the easel, but originally this wouldn’t count for the Painter Extraordinaire aspiration – and I haven’t checked to see if it does now.

April is still wanting more attention – charmers need so much attention.  Don is checking on her before he leaves for work.

He gives her hugs and then plays with her and that helps a little.

Then she talks to Stella while she paints/draws.

Spring comes home from school, sad because of school.  Enough said.  She still has a B and she apparently stinks.  Bubble bath time, then homework.

Stella can’t draw any more because it is baby time.  [remember to get the damn picture of the damn dialog this time]

Spring doesn’t want to be around while Stella is in labor so she goes to the third floor to dance.

So, either the saying only shows up on the first baby, or it is random when it shows up, because it did not show up for Hatch.

Hatch is baby #3, son of Dustin Broke, Easter Egg sim.

April wakes up to potty and discovers the new baby on her way past the nursery.  She is happy about having a younger sibling and then she is sent back to bed because it is only midnight.  She is sent back to bed again at 230 am.  And again at 430 am.  She is allowed to get up at 6 am.

April is headed up the stairs, umm, to play dolls I guess.

Yep, dolls.  She masters imagination and is a top-notch toddler with 3 days remaining until her birthday.

Apparently while she was being allowed some freedom, she used it to make messes.  Or, Spring was here.

Run away, run far away.  She is sent to the farthest spot on the map.

Dance, child, dance.  I forgot about her and left her there.

A little while later, she came home on her own.  I was surprised because normally the adults have to go get them and bring them back.

Oh, she is “running around”

Still running around.  She literally ran around in circles for hours.  I think it was a loop that got caught until I gave her a specific task.

More running around.  She is told to eat, potty, and go to bed – and she stops running around.

Don is now taking care of Hatch while Stella is – well, I was going to say in space, but she is in the backyard making friends with Nervous Subject.

Don and the girls go to bed so Stella is making good friends with Nervous.

Really good friends.

They head out to the rocket to work on baby #4.

And it takes two tries to get a pregnancy started.  Stella didn’t even put on her space suit for the second try.

Oh look, Pita is up again.  But this time it is okay because Don and Spring are already up and Stella is going to bed.

April wants a bath and Spring has decided to be Rebellious and apparently she wanted Don to know.

April gets Don to play dolls with her but she doesn’t like it when he leaves to take care of the new baby.  Truthfully, I have no idea why she was about to cry.  Maybe she had to pee.  She’s a toddler, she cries.  It’s what she does.

She follows him down to ask for food, but we missed Don’t birthday announcement and he is now an Adult.

For some reason April felt the need to stand in the corner while Don had his birthday sparkles.  She just stood there and watched the wall.

She did get some dinner eventually though and Don kept her company, mostly to make sure she ate everything without throwing it on the floor.

And it is breakfast not dinner since Stella is up making pancakes.  They are not on a normal schedule and Stella is on an opposite schedule so I never know if it is day or night most times.

Spring has an A, and she has completed her aspiration.  Which reminds me that she hasn’t been working on her badges.  This neighborhood doesn’t have any fishing spots so they will need to go to the park this weekend so she can get the outdoor badge.

Spring gets the chemistry table so she can work on the science badge.  At least that requires any potion, not like the aspiration which specifies the emotion potion, so she quickly has the potions she needs.

My attention has been on Stella, and when Stella is done with the space missions, I catch April heading into Spring’s room.  Thankfully she is just watching.

Everyone gets up for dinner of pancakes before going back to bed.  I believe this was around midnight.

Except for Don, because it is time for Hatch to become a toddler.  Hatch is clingy and he definitely takes after Dustin in the looks.  Maybe Don won’t question the blonde hair.

Clingy, so there are going to be a lot of sighs happening.

Don tells Hatch that they need to start his potty training instead of going to dance and Hatch is not happy with that.

Pregnancy #4 has been confirmed so Stella will be back to painting instead of space missions for a few days.

Sad toddler is sad.  He is hoping Stella will play dolls with him but she is busy.  Don is waiting to take him to bed.

Hatch looks so much like Dustin.

There isn’t even any pretending he is Don’s kid and just takes after Stella because he is all Dustin.

Don does a good job of not noticing the boy is nothing like him and he reads him to sleep.

I keep thinking I am done with the update, but just one more picture, and then I look and there are 15 pictures waiting to be added.  April and Spring have a bonding moment before school while Hatch enjoys his big boy bed for the first time.

He doesn’t stay in it for very long though.  There are things to do and he doesn’t want to be left out.

He spends the time with the stuffed bear learning to communicate and this is his happy face after he masters communication.

The best way to keep April out of trouble has been to send her off running around.  She makes this trip in her nightclothes.

Maybe this stereo shouldn’t be on the third floor.  They all want to go up there and it takes the little ones forever to climb the stairs.

Don comes home from work exhausted.  He was waiting for Hatch to come for hugs and he didn’t have the energy.

April is hanging out at the old boarded up mine.

To keep her there longer, she takes a nap.

Hatch is playing on the slide and eventually gets over his sadness from peeing on the floor during his potty training.  He is so adorable.

He reaches level 3 in movement and is allowed to come back inside.

Don has put Hatch to bed and he is putting April to bed for the last time.  It is her birthday and she just received her popup announcement.

Don has been trying to go eat for awhile but the toddlers keep needing his attention.  He is determined that he is going to eat now.

With the latest meal soon to spoil, the toddlers are woken up to come eat the last of the servings.  Hatch is the first to use his diaper.  There he shits, while he eats.  Afterwards he calls for Stella, who is on the third floor to come and change his diaper and then she puts him back to bed.

But April is bubbling, so it is time for some birthday cake.

April rolls Geek and Social Butterfly and guaranteed she will not be completing her aspiration.


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