Color Me Pretty at Easter, Chapter 9

The first thing the family does when they wake up Saturday morning, is head for the park.  The girls need to work on their outdoor badges and that is easiest done with fishing.  It has been awhile since anyone has left the lot, so the entire family goes.  For the record, no one is happy to be here except for the girls.

Don and Spring head for the bathrooms, because no one got a chance before they left.

Hatch is feeling lonely so he talks to Stella before she heads over to the grills to make hamburgers.  April is joining the scouts because she just remembered.

Spring and April do the fishing and complete the badge.

While focused on them, Hatch slips away and finds the toilet.

Don explains to him why playing in toilets is not a good thing.

But Hatch just feels mistreated.  There isn’t anything fun to do here.

He finds Stella with the food and he tells her some jokes.

April finished fishing and decided to do her homework.  Then I forgot about her.

Spring finished fishing and ate a hamburger and then took the platter of burgers home.  They stayed in her backpack so long before making it into the fridge that they probably won’t be edible, but she tried.

Stella read a story to Hatch and he loves the attention.

As Spring was leaving she met Bob Newbie.  He was also leaving so she stopped him and sent him back to meet Stella.

Bob and Stella got along very well and Hatch got to watch.

Apparently Stella is a celebrity because of the space missions and paintings she has been selling.

She has fans.

April is still sitting by the fishing spot playing on her phone.  She has a rash now, so she went home.

Stella is attracting  lot of attention but she and Bob are friends.  Hatch has given up and is taking a nap.

Stella decides it is time to take Hatch home.

Hatch needed to potty, eat, and sleep.  He made it to the potty and then decided to sleep.  His choice of where to sleep is questionable.

After their day in the park, Stella makes spaghetti, which everyone except Spring eats.  She had chicken nuggets because she couldn’t wait.  Then April works on the social badges with Hatch while Don disappears to either workout or sleep.

Stella is working on the programming skill and she is trying out the new freelancer career that was just added to the game.  It is a good way to add some cash to the household, because their bills are running about §8,000 per week and even with Don’s change to Astronaut, they aren’t bringing in that much, especially when Stella crashes the rocket and that costs §1,000 to rebuild each time.

Hatch is excited and doing the happy potty dance because he didn’t pee on the floor.  He has mastered the potty.

He is slivers away from being a happy toddler, so he tries to figure out what the thing is on his dresser – thinking is now level 3.

Then he looks at a book to get imagination to level 3 – Happy Toddler.  He still has 5 days until his birthday so it is possible he will also become a top-notch toddler, but it isn’t required.


Don, once again, talks to Spring about making messes around the house and tells her to clean it up.  She agrees and is very happy about it.  She just can’t help herself, she is creative like that.

Stella is now a 3-star celebrity.  This is going to be a pain in the ass when she leaves the lot, which thankfully she doesn’t do very often.  She does receive the celebuserums, which she is drinking one of the focused ones now.

She was hoping it would have the added benefit of filling her energy back up but it didn’t.  She tries to practice programming for the three hours that the serum is working.

Hatch is awake and comes to watch Stella.  Why can’t they be there waiting for him when he wakes up?  Why does he have to go looking for someone?

He tracks down Don to get something to eat, and then Don leaves him alone to go to the freaking third floor to dance with Spring.  Someone would think he loved Spring the most.


When Stella saw April was making summer crafts, she realized it is the first day of summer and time to use the weather control machine to change the season back to spring.

Maybe she should have stopped at the bathroom first.

Success!  It is Spring again for another 28 days.  (this is also the reason I am not playing any of my other challenges until I finish this challenge, so I don’t have to remember to change the settings on the seasons)

Then Stella passes out, because she also really needed to sleep.

Holidays.  Hmm.  Since they are living in perpetual spring, and Stella has successfully changed the season for the first time, they are getting a holiday added to their calendar for the third Sunday called Easter Egg Celebration.

April is working on the arts and crafts badge and apparently she is sick.  She has already scheduled a sick day from school on Monday but still has to go to scouts on Sunday.

Bob Newbie comes over and walks right in and makes himself comfortable.  Never talks to anyone in the family.  Then he leaves.

Hatch is being kept busy with skills.  He has mastered movement now and is working on imagination.

Since Spring can’t be trusted to stay out of trouble, she has her queue loaded up with dancing.

Don makes dinner but he doesn’t bother to call anyone to come eat.  They can figure it out if they get hungry.

Stella is in labor and Hatch is still awake trying to finish his dinner.  He is sad about something, but he is always about to cry for one reason or another.  Stella puts him to bed when he finishes eating and then she heads into the nursery to give birth.

Stella and Nervous have a boy named Ham and we are having ham for lunch today.  That is four of the five required children.  One more to go, and only one.

The dialog still doesn’t have the Easter Egg phrase.  I have seen pictures so if it shows up, it is just under It’s a Boy and above Stella just gave birth…

Stella finally has enough aspiration points to purchase Connections.  She has one more pregnancy to get through and then she will start her career in Science for the satellite.

Spring and April have both completed all of the badges except for the fitness badge.  They will do their best with the dancing.

April and Hatch both discover the new baby about the same time, and they are both happy.  Apparently they both like Ham also.  (I am really hungry and for an explanation on timing, I am playing this on Easter Sunday before lunch)

More sibling bonding.

Stella has things to do so she hopes that April and Hatch can keep themselves occupied today.

She invites Bob over and they get down to business.  Hatch’s plans for the day are to watch Stella.

April may be home sick, but she feels well enough to play games.

Hatch is still watching Stella.

Stella and Bob are moving over to the rocket for the climax (yeah, that one had to be said), and Hatch is being clingy again.

At least this is one space mission where Stella knows she is going to get what she is looking for.

Hatch is still watching Stella.



He is persistent, and clingy.  Did I mention clingy?

Stella lets Bob know that this was a one-time thing and they can be just friends.

Then she asks him to leave because Don will be home soon.  Spring has already come home from school and apparently Hatch is still watching.  The umbilical cord was never properly cut on that one.

Stella spends a little time with Ham but she needs to get back up into space before she is knowingly pregnant.

Hatch has decided to chat with the girls while they work on Spring’s school project.  Because April didn’t go to school, and it is Monday, she didn’t get a project to work on this week so she has to help Spring.

Don got a promotion!  He is now a Space Cadet.  Even better is the fact that he already has the skills for the next promotion so he doesn’t have to do anything to prepare.

He meant to change into his hot weather clothes but this is what happens when you pick an outfit without waiting for the images to load.

There much better.  Now he can help the girls with April’s project.

Stella runs a lot of missions back to back and she finds nothing.  She makes a lot of money and completes the space rocks collection, but doesn’t see a sign of the space bunny.  Everyone gets to bed at a reasonable hour but Hatch has the first nightmare of the challenge.  He calls to Don who puts him back to bed with a story.

Stella adopts Peeps to make sure there is only one spot remaining for the last kid.  That way no one can accidentally get pregnant with a sixth kid.

Stella is trying to figure out Peeps traits but for now she only knows he is talkative and affectionate.

Hatch is crying this time because he danced too much.

Don is wondering how he can keep the toddlers out of his happy place.

That is one way to do it.  They don’t even have to be sleepy, just put them in bed.

Don went to fill up the food for Peeps and he came a-running.

He is sniffing the food and is probably thinking how all that food is just for him.  A tower of food.

Peeps has the best attitude face.  His third trait is Frisky.  Talkative, Affectionate, and Frisky.   And he hasn’t stopped moving yet.

Don gives Peeps a ball since he is Frisky and he loves it.

Like, really loves it.

Hatch loves Peeps although maybe Peeps isn’t so sure about how he feels in return.  Also, the stereo was moved from the third floor to out by the pool because its siren call was just too strong.  Everyone kept going up there and it is overriding everything else.

Peeps hears the girls come home from school – he must go meet the one they call April.

Stella came back from her last space mission with the knowledge she is pregnant for the fifth time. The last time.

Peeps meets April and vice versa.  Then April heads inside to play games because school sucks sometimes and you just have to do something fun afterwards.

Stella was heading for the bathroom but she didn’t quite make it.  So she gets the mail and then heads for the shower instead.  Stella is still 11 days from her Young Adult birthday but this will be her last pregnancy so she will begin aging normally again once this baby is born.  Don is an Adult with 19 days until he becomes an elder.  Spring is 1 day from becoming a Teen, April is 10 days from becoming a Teen, Hatch is 3 days from becoming a Child, and Ham will become a Toddler tomorrow.


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