Color Me Pretty in StrangerVille, Chapter 1

I was playing around in CAS and created a sort of ugly sim and then decided to start a legacy with her, and to make it a prettacy.  She isn’t horrible, but she does have some features that she is going to want to breed out over the generations.

Founder: Stella Fry

  • Traits: Erratic, Paranoid, Bookworm +Home Turf
  • Aspiration: StrangerVille Mystery

She may be founding a legacy, but she is starting off in a house in StrangerVille because of the mystery that she has to solve for her aspiration.

As Stella explores her new town, she meets a lot of interesting people – conspiracy theorists, scientists, and military personnel.

Stella explores the old lab outside of town.

And then she spends some time at the library talking with some of the other sims and doing some research.  All in all, it is a very busy day and she finally drags herself home late that night to sleep.

Stella encountered one of the residents acting very strangely.

She slapped her and she snapped out of it and acted like nothing happened.  Weird.

She finally felt she had enough evidence for her dossier after talking to scientists, military personnel, and conspiracy theorists.  Maybe it was time to do something about what she had learned.

She considered where to take her evidence – the scientists or the military?  She finally decided to upload it to the hacker forums for public review.

They sent her a special delivery for sharing her information.  Hmmm.

Stella heads back to the secret lab where she uses the key card she received in the mail to open the door.

She doesn’t remember much else from that day.

She talks with one of the scientists at the library later trying to piece together the events.

Stella continues her investigation and meets a charming military man named Duane.  She is trying to get his help but he is not impressed with what she has to offer.

When she finds vines in her shower, she is shocked.

Stella realizes that in order to get Duane’s help, she needs to take the indirect approach.

She needs to romance the man.

And romance him, she does.

She romances him right out of his pants.

More mail.

More vines.

Stella has what she needs to solve the mystery and heads back to the lab.

Only to realize as she is nearing the depths of the lab that she must be pregnant.

And then she discovers the secret about what is happening in StrangerVille.

This is more than Stella can handle on her own and she heads home.  She doesn’t make it without passing out but she eventually does make it home safely.

After getting some sleep, Stella heads back out to the lab.  There is one more thing she needs to do – and it takes everything she has to see it through.  She passes out six times and pees herself twice before she reaches the point where she can head back to town.  She has done everything she can do alone.  She will need help for the last step.

Stella runs into Duane in town and wonders if he notices anything different.

Needing some company and something fun to take her mind off of the recent events, Duane and Stella find her groove.  Stella can’t finish the aspiration while she is pregnant, so she will need to wait for the baby to be born before she can continue/complete the last step.

And then, the baby came… and she named him Gulliver.

After a cuddle, it was time to save the world.  Or at least StrangerVille.

And a new hero has emerged, StrangerVille is saved – everyone is returning to “normal”.

Stella can settle down into a normal life now.

Stella invites Duane over and because she is riding the high of solving the mystery, she jumps right into proposing they get married.

Duane rejects her proposal so Stella asks him to just move in instead.  She is determined that he is going to share this adventure with her.  It turns out he is actually a lot older than she is – and is close to becoming an elder.

Stella and Duane get a downloaded trailer from the gallery from pinklady031.

Of course, it undergoes significant remodeling – from a single to a double and everything is upgraded, spending most of the money Duane brings in with him.

Duane Baumgartner is a Hot-Headed, Loner, Kleptomaniac.  His aspiration is Master Chef with the Essence of Flavor and he is a Sergeant Minor (level 4) in the Military career.  He will be changing to the Culinary career although at his age, he doesn’t have much hope of completing it in his lifetime.

Stella makes sure that Gulliver is settled into the new house.

Duane switches to culinary and begins working on his aspiration.

Stella takes a job in the military career and begins working out using the training bot to practice sparring.  They are both starting at level 1 in their careers so they have a long road ahead of them.

And then it is time for Gulliver to have his birthday and he becomes an independent toddler.

Gulliver is actually pretty cute at the moment.

He shouldn’t be sad, so a quick check and … they need a thermostat.

After a trip to the potty, Stella reads Gulliver to sleep.

After putting Gulliver to sleep, Stella and Duane have some play time of their own and soon Gulliver will have a play mate of his own.

Stella has a great first day at work coming home with a promotion Private First Class (level 2).

Gulliver has maxed out communication and begins working on movement.  But he is not happy about that.

The nanny has started several meals that she left unfinished, so after fixing the stove Stella finishes making the BLT.

Duane finishes the chili when he comes home – Stella didn’t have a highest enough cooking skill.

Stella is the first out each day leaving Gulliver with Duane until he leaves for his shift.  Gulliver is a happy toddler, but not a Happy Toddler (yet).

Gulliver decides he doesn’t want to work on his skills – he wants to play in the kiddie pool.  He is enjoying the life of being an only child.

Gulliver snacks on a carrot he finds in his inventory.

And then he heads out to play on the slide.

Stella needs to march around, but apparently pregnant women can’t march.  Really? WTF EA?

So, she spends the rest of the day lounging in the kiddie pool.


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