Color Me Pretty in StrangerVille, Chapter 2

When Stella completed the mystery of StrangerVille in the first/last chapter, my plan was to start a prettacy/uglacy and go from there.  But I sit here and think about it and I don’t want to start a 10-generation legacy, or whatever, with her.  So I went looking for something shorter and maybe a little lighter and funner.  What I found was a “short” challenge centered around Seasons posted up on Freckles & Pixels.  Each generation is based upon a season, so there are four generations to play.  Since Stella has already been busy, one of her children will be the chosen and become generation 1.  The only modification I am going to make to the rules is that I am not changing the length of the seasons since that will affect all of my other saves and I will never remember to change it back.  So, the lifespan is on normal and the seasons are seven days.

Now, back to Stella…, or I should say, back to Gulliver… who is a victim of my previous CC-deletion… (and OMG he has a huge head).

Gulliver has new hair and is continuing his time on the slide.  It took work to find hair that worked with his head.

He quickly masters movement and yay for that because Duane is home.

Gulliver is excited to have story time with daddy before getting ready for bed.

While Duane gets Gulliver ready for bed, Stella is making mac and cheese for dinner.  They are enjoying the quietness, and normality, of life after the strangeness of the past few weeks.  Thankfully the mystery has been solved and that has been put to rest so everyone can get on with their normal sim-lives.

Duane puts Gulliver to bed before having something to eat.  Then he cleans up the kitchen and heads to bed.  Such a normal, boring family – everyone is asleep by 10 pm.


That morning diaper can be pretty raunchy, even for a partially trained toddler.

Gulliver spends his day practicing his potty skills and he finally masters the potty.  So what if there are puddles of pee all over the floor.  The point is, now Gulliver understands the point of aiming into the potty.

He wanders out of the bathroom to find the nanny watching TV.  When he gets her attention away from her show, he asks her to read him a story.

Then they work on flash cards and play with the blocks until Stella comes home.

Ahh, Stella.  The epitome of normalcy.  Stella has received another promotion, so now she is Lacking Corporal, level 3.  She needs fitness level 4 for her next promotion, which she can’t work on while she is pregnant – because apparently women are not able to improve their fitness while pregnant.

Stella is exhausted, stinky, and hungry – so she takes care of her needs – leaving Gulliver to Duane.  Duane makes sure he has been to the potty and then reads him to sleep before heading to bed himself.  Such a normal family.

Stella takes a relaxing bubble bath before collapsing into bed for the night.  This is the last night before the birth of the next baby so, the household is about to get a little more hectic.

Stella wakes up in the middle of the night with the pains of labor.  It is time to pee and to go back to bed.  Nope, on second thought, it is time to have this baby.

Duane wakes up and does the daddy dance.  Freaked out and panicked.  He should be freaked out, really freaked out.

Triple-y freaked out.  Stella has just given birth to triplets.  Crap – there goes normalcy and any hopes of a calm, quiet life.  The triplets are all girls: Marigold, Primrose, and Rosemary.  Won’t Gulliver be surprised when he wakes up in the morning.

Duane attempts that old trick of maybe if he pretends not to see them, they will not really be there.  So, he cleans up the dirty dishes.  These are actually dishes he stole from work, because that is what he does.

That doesn’t work (never does), so he and Stella begin the process of feeding and changing the newborns and hopefully getting them on a consistent (workable) schedule.

Duane needs to work on mixology for his next promotion, so they add a bar to the kitchen and he begins practicing while the babies are still calm and not needy.  And he matches the kitchen decor.  Stella was feeling the blue and yellow when she decorated the house.

Stella heads out to work on fitness now that she isn’t pregnant.

When morning comes, Gulliver wakes up.  He is about to learn just how his life has changed.

He heads into the main part of the house to find Duane for one reason or another – that really doesn’t matter, because once he sees the the babies, he forgets what he was going to ask.

He has to stand back so he can see the entirety of the picture.

This is not good.  Not good at all.  Gulliver is very angry, because not only did he not want a sibling – he sure didn’t want three of them.

And Duane, doesn’t even act like he notices Gulliver pouting.  Gulliver will be a handful today because he begins wanting to draw pictures on the floor instead of doing productive activities or being nice and social.

Stella is practicing marching.  Why can’t women march when they are pregnant?  Geez, this is going to irritate me probably forever.

Gulliver is watching Duane and he is pretending that he isn’t angry anymore.  He is still angry, but he is happier that he used the potty without peeing on the floor so he will be angry about the new sisters later.

There is the angry, it is back.

Gulliver is sure that Duane loves him best.

Stella moves from marching to jogging – another thing that pregnant women can’t do.  And there is a good look at her genetics.  It will be interesting to see how they flow down through to her children.

Gulliver decides to pester Duane with questions while he is playing with his blocks (double teaming those thinking skill points).  He is able to master the skill, leaving just imagination.

When Stella comes back from her job, after a shower, they all watch some TV.  Gulliver spends more time talking than watching and Duane shushes them several times.  Eventually, Stella leaves to make dinner and Gulliver asks for a story.  Then it is bedtime for all.  Gulliver just thinks his world was changed with the birth of the sisters.  Wait until they become toddlers, but he has another day with them confined to their bassinet before he has to deal with that disaster.

And just like that, the shit hit the fan.  Someone flipped the switch.  All three of the girls started crying at the same time – 2 am.

Stella and Duane got up and began feeding and changing diapers, rocking and cuddling, and trying to get them all asleep.  But that was never to happen again at the same time.

Stella left Duane to the girls and did research online – she might have been looking for return instructions or drop-off locations, but don’t quote me on that.

Over on the couch, spending the day by himself and liking it, independent Gulliver was mastering the last of his skills on this wonderful holiday known as New Skill Day.  Go Gulliver Go!

During a brief moment of quiet, Duane cleaned out his inventory and found several packages addressed to the Hero of StrangerVille.  We all know this is Stella, but Duane opened the packages anyway.  They received random crap – a book, a fish (mounted and hung on the wall because they need something on the walls), and several lumps of clay.

Seriously, they now have three lumps of clay.  Those kind of look like boobs laying there like that.

How to spend the day?  Stella works out with the training dummy.  Her choice of footwear leaves a lot to be desired and her clothing choices are not the best.  Seriously – sparring should be in fitness gear.

Duane is working on mixology so he can keep an eye on the babies.  That means he doesn’t get a lot of time to practice because he is always stopping to change a diaper on this one or that one.  They do not have their pooping in sync.

Gulliver has mastered all of his skills, so he is sent on a walkabout.  Literally, he is sent to take a nap on the bench that is the farthest from the house.

Then, he is sent to the next bench.

When he wakes up on the second bench, he is hungry and he calls for Stella.  So, that is a nope, and his call to Stella is canceled.  Now he is pissed, so he is sent home to get some leftovers and take a real nap in a real bed.

After Gulliver’s nap, he wants some attention so he talks to the stuffed bear and then he tries to talk to his new sisters.

Neither one of those options really work for him.

Then he goes to wake up Stella.

Mom will give him some attention.

Gulliver knows just what he wants to do.

Stella plays with him for a little while and then someone starts to cry and she is off to deal with the triplets again, for the rest of the afternoon.

And into the evening.  Stella and Duane have their routine down getting the girls settled, but that is about to change as the triplets are becoming toddlers.

First up, Marigold is clingy.

In the middle, Primrose is a charmer.

The last of the triplets, Rosemary is wild.


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