Color Me Pretty in StrangerVille, Chapter 3

The last chapter ended abruptly with the triplets becoming toddlers and I felt the need, the pull, to return to the chaos of Stella’s life.  I also really want to get better pictures of the girls.  Stella’s genetics hit them hard, and I think there is more impact on Gulliver, after seeing his forehead without hair, than I previously thought.

Taking advantage of the fact that the girls aged up with green needs, Stella and Duane start potty training whichever toddler was closest at hand.  Duane takes Rosemary to one potty.

Stella takes Marigold to the other.

Primrose had already disappeared to play with the toys so she is sent to talk to the teddy bear to work on communication.  She masters communication in the time it takes one of her sisters to reach level 2 potty.

Gulliver already has all of his skills mastered so he can do whatever he wants.  That also means he isn’t going to be getting much attention.  He watched Duane a little bit, then tried to get Primrose’s attention, then tried to take the teddy bear away from her.  Finally he went to sit on the couch and waited until Duane had the time to turn on the TV.  They will be buying a dollhouse soon, anything to give them something that they will choose to do on their own.

This update is all about the skills – with triplets, that takes all the time. As soon as Marigold reaches level 2 potty she is sent to the teddy bear so that Stella can start potty training Primrose.  It it easy to lose control though and Marigold tries to slip away more than once.  She is headed to somewhere – the blocks, this time she was headed for the blocks.  But there will be time for those later, so she was sent back to the teddy bear to finish mastering communication first.

Primrose is still working on the potty, she is the last one that needs to reach level 2.  There is too much work with triplets so each girl has been kept on the potty until they reach level 2.  Hopefully dirty diapers will be kept to a minimum with this strategy.  Surprisingly, no one has been defiant yet.  But that is coming – peace can’t last.

Rosemary is still sad from her potty training session, but she is being a trooper and trying her best to communicate with the teddy bear.

Gulliver finally is able to get some play time with Duane.  The girls are working on their own for the moment leaving Duane and Gulliver free to play.

Isn’t this torture over yet?

Primrose is on her last session to reach level 2 and then she will be sent out to the slides, or maybe she will work on imagination or thinking instead.

Marigold is almost finished with communication.  Almostfinished-youcandoit-almostfinished.

Finished!  Marigold finished communication first, so she will be moving outside to the slide to work on movement.

Rosemary masters communication and she doesn’t feel like working on anything else.

Primrose spends the rest of her day trying to master the potty.  She doesn’t.

Other than communication, it really feels like these girls are learning their skills so slow.  Marigold is still working on movement.

Rosemary joins Gulliver to watch some TV.

Then she heads out to the dollhouse.

She only plays until Gulliver comes out to play, and then she leaves.  And when I say she leaves, she not only stops playing with the dolls, she actually left the yard.

Stella made dinner and all toddlers made a beeline for the food.  Primrose is late to the party because she is finishing up her last potty.

After they finished eating, there was a line for the potty, as needed, and then Stella put the girls to bed.  Gulliver put himself to bed because he is the oldest and he is almost a big boy.  Duane slipped out at some point and went to work leaving Stella home with the four toddlers.

Gulliver gets up and makes it to the potty, plays with the dolls, and then decides everyone needs to wake up.

And after he wakes up Stella, he makes sure to wake up Duane also.

Gulliver was hoping to get a bath from Duane.  Instead Duane gave himself a bath while Gulliver watched.  Primrose mastered the potty while Stella watched.  This is a lot of activity in one small bathroom.

Gulliver is still waiting for a bath – he asked five times and never got a bath.  Primrose is pouting because she isn’t having any fun.  Rosemary is happy she finally found a potty that isn’t being used.

Stella gives Primrose some play time to try to cheer her up, but it doesn’t work.  Maybe the bathroom isn’t the best place for this gathering and Gulliver is still waiting for a bath.

Stella makes breakfast and food cheers everyone up.

Except for Marigold, who is sad about missing the potty earlier.

Stella entertains the girls with stories and that seems to make them all happy for a little while.

But then tempers start flaring, so Duane begins putting them to bed in the order of greatest need, starting with Primrose.

By the time the girls are in bed sleeping, it is time for Gulliver to blow out his candles.

Gulliver rolls Art Lover and Social Butterfly.  It is hard to get a good shot, but he has the sharp, pointed cheeks from Stella.  This angle does not show them well.

Everybody sleeps for awhile and then one by one they get up to potty.  Since they are up to potty, they take the time to master the skill.  Primrose has already mastered the potty, so Rosemary is second to get it done.

Marigold masters the potty but has to settle for a picture as she wobbles back to bed because speed 3 caught me off guard.

It might be midnight but Stella is up and everyone is getting hungry.  That is what happens when everyone goes to bed at 6pm.  Italian Meatballs is the meal of choice this time.

While Stella cooks, Gulliver works on his homework.  This angle shows the sharpness of his cheeks a little better.

Because Stella and Gulliver were sitting on his bed, Duane took his sandwich in there to eat.  And because they were sitting in the bedroom, all of the toddlers took their food in there to eat also.  Because of course they did.

Duane raided the bar and is feeling no pain now.

Two of the girls asked for a story…

And then they got the same story a second time…

And a third time…

And a forth time…

Duane even told the story a fifth time once Marigold and Gulliver could listen.

Stella came home while he was telling the story the last time and she had the pleasure of cleaning the house because no one else did.

After eating something – lunch, dinner, who knows – the girls spent some time watching each other in a little round robin.  They were all able to get to level 2 thinking this way.  Marigold is watching Primrose, who is watching Rosemary, who is watching Marigold.

Meanwhile, Gulliver is outside making a mess with the paints.

The girls decide that their next plan is going to be for them to all watch Gulliver.  Got to love little sisters, but they get creepy when there is a pack of them.

The day winds down and Duane gets them all to bed while Stella makes dinner.  That does seem backwards – put the toddlers to bed and then make dinner.  Stella and Duane clean up the house and then everyone crashes for the night.  Everyone is ignoring the weird rash that Duane is sporting.

(and again, it just ends abruptly, but with everyone going to bed)


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