Cracked, Chapter 1

While there are many challenges I want to play, and am playing on starting “soon”, the asylum hasn’t been one of them.  But Boolprop is highlighting the asylum challenge as part of their Halloween and October events, so now I have to play it through.  At least it is a fairly fast, one-generation challenge.

To begin with, I will be using the newly updated rules from @simswithcheese and @EuphorialQueen that have been posted on the official Sims Forum. One of the big changes with this new update is the addition of three modes – easy, medium, and hard.  Of course, I am going to start off with the hard mode.

Then, the challenge issued by Boolprop suggests an option to “spook it up” by starting off with ten graves (ghosts) already in the back yard. And just to make it ultimate, all of the inmates will be occult and supernatural sims.  Only the main sim will be a regular sim.

This is going to be fun.

Hard Mode:

  • Starting Funds §100
  • Complete four aspirations
  • No careers unless needed for the main sim’s aspiration
  • Limit of 3 skill building objects
    • Pool
    • Bar
    • Easel
  • Lot traits must all be negative
    • Haunted
    • Quake Zone
    • Volcanic Activity
  • Many other restrictions

The Sims:

The main sim is Pistachio Park.  She is Erratic, Ambitious, and Self-Absorbed.  She has to complete four aspirations to earn her freedom.  She is hoping to complete the following aspirations:

  • Freelance Botanist – no career – no skill objects (garden)
  • Painter Extraordinaire – no career – 1 skill object (easel)
  • Leader of the Pack – no career – mirror allowed
  • Bestselling Author – no career – computer allowed

Joining Pistachio are seven sims that have lost their minds.  They are all Erratic and have a variety of traits that makes their lives, and those around them, miserable.  There are two vampires, two aliens, two spellcasters, and one mermaid.

  • Almond Jackson – Erratic, Gloomy, Slob
  • Cashew Key – Erratic, Mean, Squeamish
  • Chestnut Kirby – Erratic, Hot-Headed, Noncommittal
  • Hickory Wells – Erratic, Glutton, Jealous
  • Macadamia Moore – Erratic, Evil, Paranoid
  • Peanut Nash – Erratic, Kleptomaniac, Loner
  • Walnut Morton – Erratic, Lazy, Unflirty

The Asylum:

The asylum is one that I found on the gallery, downloaded, and then remodeled and renovated to meet the needs of these patients.  The creator of this lot is emen3y.  I removed one of the beds to get them down to four.  I swapped out the skill objects, and I placed it on a larger lot, so the fence was bumped out.  I swapped out the TV for a computer, reduced the number of places to sit, added a pool and a bar.

Before – as it was downloaded

After – as the challenge begins

Ten Graves:

The first order of prep, before the asylum was built or the inmates were created, was to kill off ten sims in a way that they left ten graves on the lot.  Kailani is lucky that she was not counted as on of the ten.  She was moved out when the inmates moved in – and she took over one million simoleans with her.

That took about an hour to complete, but in the end ten premade sims met their doom and are now in place as resident ghosts.

  1. Victor Feng
  2. Lily Feng
  3. Bella Goth
  4. Judith Ware
  5. Alice Martin
  6. Mark Eggleston
  7. Leslie Holland
  8. Johnny Zest
  9. Diego Lobo
  10. Vladislaus Straud

Day 1, Moving In:

The ghosts are ready, the asylum is built, the inmates are created – it is time to begin.  The inmates are all dropped at the entrance and left to their own devices initially.

Pistachio is the primary sim and yes, she looks like Kailani.  But she isn’t.

Peanut is the first one to head inside, but the others are not far behind him.

In fact, everyone headed inside except for Hickory.  He is just hanging out outside.

Chestnut is immediately angry, which at first I thought it was because she is hot-headed.  But it is because of the Cursed lot trait.  She is angry because she is in pain from being cursed by voodoo.

She stomps inside to see if she can set a fire by cooking dinner.  She didn’t.

Cashew gets a book from the bookcase and she looks for a quiet spot to read.

Pistachio starts to work on her first aspiration – Painter Extraordinaire.  None of the aspirations she is going to try to complete require jobs, so her painting will be supporting the asylum initially.

So much for being alone.  Macadamia joins Cashew out at the pool.

Several hours after the challenge begins, Hickory finally heads inside.

Cashew might have to find a different place to read alone.  As Macadamia heads back inside, Almond takes her place on the edge of the pool.

Macadamia is the first one to realize there is a row of graves behind the building.  She then spends most of the rest of the day outside crying.

Hickory is the first to actually get into the pool.  Of course, he is also a mermaid, so I expect to see him out him most of the time.

Peanut is heading outside to shower in the rain.  Naked.

Rub-a-dub-dub, or something like that.

Walnut heads out to join him for a refreshing, naked, shower in the rain.

Almond makes three.

Macadamia makes four.  While the naked ass club is outside taking nature showers, three of the inmates have already gone bed – Cashew, then Pistachio, and then Chestnut.  It will be interesting to see where everyone sleeps tonight since there are only four beds.

Hickory claims the last bed for the first shift of sleeping.

Walnut makes do with a nap at the kitchen table.

Vlad is the first ghost out to haunt tonight.  He heads straight through the house and back to the graves to cry over Lily Feng.  Weirdo.  Then he breaks the toilet.

It would actually be more beneficial to repair the toilet first, but whatever.

Vlad does repair the toilet, and then he heads back to the beyond.

Almond still hasn’t gotten dressed, but it doesn’t seem to be bothering anyone.

They have their first volcanic eruption as Sunday fades into Monday.

Pistachio will be breaking both of the lava rocks open once they cool down.

Hopefully she gets something that is worth something.  Hmm, peach and quartz, which she sells for a few simoleans.

There is a painting of the Tragic Clown hanging up, and Pistachio viewed it twice.  This is a first for me.

Pistachio chats with the clown until he leaves while there is a dance party happening in the back.  And that ends the first day in the asylum.


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