Cracked, Chapter 2

The challenge continues as the morning of the second day dawns.  Everyone is still doing their thing, and today Pistachio is going to get focused on the painting aspiration.  They need simoleans in the bank in order to pay the bills, and you know, eat.

Day 2 is fairly boring.  Pistachio paints and everyone else dances.  At some point, I turn off the stereo and they begin chatting with each other.  Or reading.  Pistachio is still painting and painting and painting.

The celebrity system was not turned off so Pistachio has been earning celebrity points as she completes, and sells, her paintings.  Then, while she is freshening up for that flirty feeling, she picks up her first quirk – Vain Street.  She spends her first fame point on the Noticeable perk.

Pistachio completes tiers of the painter aspiration and reaches the point where she needs to head out to the museum.  According to the rules, everyone gets to tag along.  It is a fast trip as they are only allowed out of the asylum between six and eleven PM.  They get back right at their curfew.

As soon as they get back, the aliens come to call.

They took Almond for a joyride and some experiments.

He is a little dazed and getting pretty hungry.  It won’t be long before the vampires lose control.  Thimble is in a good mood because someone has been remembering to feed him.  So, he doesn’t bite Almond.

Pistachio causes the first fire while cooking breakfast.

Not only does she start a fire, she sets herself on fire.

The girls are right on top of things and they have the fire out before there is any permanent damage.

Pistachio is still hungry, so she tries again.  This time is more successful and she is able to get something into her tummy.

Almond is the first one to crack and he chooses Pistachio to drink from.  Macadamia was also planning on drinking from Pistachio, but Almond got her first.

She never does get anything to drink – and she almost spends too much time outside mourning the ghosts of the sims she has never met.

Pistachio is desperate for some social interaction, and she almost kills Macadamia.  But Macadamia finally gets back into the house before she bursts into flames.

Leslie is having a rough afterlife – she is still infected by the bizarre fruit.

Wait, what?

When Grim showed up, it became real.  Walnut is drowning.  His energy levels were non-existent when he decided to go swimming.  I really expected Macadamia to be the first to die.

Grim hangs around and feeds Thimble before poofing back to the after world.  Also, they have to give up a bed and a chair.

When I was killing off the initial ten sims to fill the cemetery, I used MCCC and picked random deaths for each.  Apparently, Victor was killed by hamster.

The passing out begins, but it took several days.  Then they wouldn’t stop passing out.

Lilith comes by to visit and stands outside the door for hours.  Then she leaves.

Hickey starts the second fire and he is very glad that his roommates are quick on the uptake.

The aliens come back, this time taking Pistachio.  I also realized that there isn’t anyone in the house that can get alien pregnant.  The inmates are all supernatural already, and Pistachio is the only regular sim, but she is female.

Pistachio tries to make breakfast – this is the third fire.

After putting out the fire, Pistachio tries once again to make breakfast.  At this point, three of the four fires have been caused by Pistachio – the only controlled sim.

If only it were this easy to get out of this challenge.

There has been a rash of naked nature showering once again.  It could be because the shower is broken once again.  But it wouldn’t matter to them, they would still shower outside.

Macadamia has been parched for several days, but other than the one time she was going to drink from Pistachio, she has never drank from the other inmates.  She is the evil one.

Chestnut and Cashew have both mastered dancing – all five levels.  There are several others that are level 4 and will soon master it also.

The fifth fire is caused by Hickory, and the only reason he is still alive is because his roommates cared enough to put out the fire.  I sure don’t care any more.

Immediately following Hickory’s fire, Cashew sets the sixth fire.  Yes, they keep replacing the stove, because eventually someone is going to die.  Because they aren’t just causing fires, they have all set themselves on fire.

Pistachio needs logic for one of her aspirations, and no one is getting drunk from the bar, so they use her hard earned simoleans and switch out the bar for an observatory.

While they are at it, the graves are moved into a small cemetery in the back corner.

Macadamia is there immediately to check out the new setting.

And then there are two more fires in the kitchen.  This makes eight fires so far, and the challenge is in negative numbers.  I really don’t want to leave the stove and cabinet burnt, but the minute it is replaced someone is in there starting another fire.

Being a mermaid, Hickory has the ability to sleep in the pool.  Cashew is just floating, she isn’t actually asleep.

They tease me, but don’t die.  Except for Walnut who really surprised me by drowning.

The challenge score at this point is -64 points. That is a Negative 64 points.

  • Pistachio has not completed any aspirations yet. 0 points
  • Everyone has a collection of skills… 111 points
  • Walnut is dead… -20
  • Eight (8) fires… -160  <dumbasses
  • Pistachio has 5,425 aspiration points… 5 points


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