Cracked, Chapter 3

Back again to see if the nuts can manage to function, and maybe Pistachio will be able to complete her first aspiration. If she ever wakes up.

While Pistachio paints her way to level 9, Almond and Macadamia are chatting in the kitchen.  He is sharing melancholy thoughts and it makes her cry.  They are both still starving but have not fed on anyone.

Dammit Peanut!  They just replaced the fire and he determinedly started another fire.

After the fire is put out and the new stove is delivered, Peanut tries again.

Macadamia started to put him out, but when she got there, she just stood and watched.  I could have had Pistachio put him out, but they have been really diligent in doing that on their own, I just laughed when no one helped him out of the fire.

Everyone else has left the house, but Macadamia is still watching Peanut burn.

Once it is apparent that Peanut is toasted, Macadamia heads outside to be with the other inmates.

The fire is still burning, but finally Chestnut comes in to put it out.  After Grim takes Peanut’s soul.

Pistachio is given the task of cleaning the floor, because that seems to be one thing no one will do voluntarily.  Peanut has been moved out to the cemetery.

After the fire was put out, almost everyone headed to the pool.  And since it is storming, they all took turns falling in the mud puddle.

The inmates should have been named after fire instead of nuts.

Hickory survives and cleans up outside although he is still charred.

And then, Pistachio starts three fires in a row.  The sad part is that she has cooking skill 4 so she should not still be starting fires.

Not sure when Almond got charred.  He might have been struck by lightning but I am pretty sure he he didn’t start any of the fires (vampire).

I am ready to give up.

Seriously, this is all that happens.  Pistachio can’t work on her aspiration because of all of the fires.

Finally, the first aspiration is completed.  Painter Extraordinaire is done.

Pistachio moves on to her next aspiration – She is going to try to complete Leader of the Pack next.  All she needs is to get charisma

Another fire in the kitchen, and it looks like it is Hickory once again.

Almond decides to repair the fridge and even with his Handiness skill at level 4 he manages to fatally electrocute himself.

His grave is moved into the cemetery and I just realized that they need to remove one of the beds for Almond and one for the last idiot that died.  That means they are now down to one bed and one chair in the house.

The inmates are starting to show wear and tear – and they are missing the other beds.

Pistachio starts another fire, Dumbass.

She is working on getting charisma to level 5 – and she is almost there.

Cashew is wondering how the hell she ended up in this place.

She is also wondering where the smell is coming from.

Pistachio is trying to talk to the other club members for the aspiration, but she probably shouldn’t have gotten into the pool.

Hickory tries to bed for her life.  But Grim rejects his plea.

Pistachio is truly dead, and so is this challenge.

Final Score: at the point of Pistachio’s death…

The challenge score is -351 points. That is a Negative 351 points.

  • Pistachio is dead… -20
  • Everyone has a collection of skills… 69 points
  • Walnut is dead… -20
  • Almond is dead… -20
  • Peanut is dead… -20
  • Seventeen (17) fires… -340  <dumbasses


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