Cracked, Chapter 4

Attempt #2

The first attempt crashed and burned when the caretaker died in an unfortunate accident in the swimming pool.  So, it is time to try again.  Some things won’t change, and some things will.

Boolprop is highlighting the asylum challenge as part of their Halloween and October events.

I will still be using the newly updated rules from @simswithcheese and @EuphorialQueen that have been posted on the official Sims Forum. One of the big changes with this new update is the addition of three modes – easy, medium, and hard.  This time I will be using the Medium Mode.

The challenge issued by Boolprop suggests an option to “spook it up” by starting off with ten graves (ghosts) already in the back yard. And to use supernatural and occult sims as inmates.  I thought about creating a new world with ten new ghosts, but decided instead to move the new group of inmates into the same game and lot as the last group.  That means they will be starting off with fourteen ghosts in the cemetery.

This is going to be fun.  Again.

Medium Mode:

  • Starting Funds §500
  • Complete three aspirations
  • The caretaker can take any job, plus two inmates can join the criminal career, if they choose.
  • Limit of 4 skill building objects
    • Easel
    • Telescope
    • Woodworking Table
    • Water Slide
  • Limit of 5 beds – double counts as two
  • Limit of 6 seats
  • Lot traits must include two negative traits
    • Vampire Nexus
    • Haunted
    • Volcanic Activity
  • Aspiration rewards are allowed
  • Hiring services is not allowed
  • Many other restrictions

The Sims:

The main sim is Cherry Lee.  She is Erratic, Loner, Evil, and she is a Vampire.  She has to complete three aspirations to earn her freedom.  She is hoping to complete the following aspirations:

  • Master Vampire
  • Painter Extraordinaire – 1 skill object (easel)
  • Fabulously Wealthy

Joining Cherry are seven sims that have gotten a little bit fruity.  They are all Erratic and have a variety of traits that makes their lives, and those around them, miserable.  There is one vampire, one alien, one spellcaster, and one mermaid – those are the females.  The males are all regular sims, just in case there is an abduction, so that pregnancy is an option.

Grim and the toddlers are free to leave.

The Asylum:

The asylum is one that I found on the gallery, downloaded, and then remodeled and renovated to meet the needs of these patients.  This lot was created by Dark_star1113.

Before – as it was downloaded

After – as the challenge begins

Ten Graves:

This attempt is being built upon the ruins of the last attempt.  Therefore they will inherit the original ten graves along with graves of the four sims that died in the first attempt.  Fourteen ghosts are going to piss me off, but at least they can’t kill the inmates.

Day 1, Moving In:

Here you come again, and here I go.  The new set of inmates move in and the surviving four from the previous attempt are granted their freedom.  Cherry takes a job in the Painter career and then heads inside to begin painting.

Avocado West – regular male – Erratic, Gloomy, Clumsy

Lemon Lin – female spellcaster – Erratic, Lazy, Kleptomaniac

Nectarine McCarthy – female mermaid – Erratic, Jealous, Noncommittal

Mango Parsons – regular male – Erratic, Slob, Glutton

Peaches Hammond – female alien – Erratic, Mean, Paranoid

Prune Harris – regular male – Erratic, Hot-Headed, Unflirty

Quince Sherman – regular male – Erratic, Squeamish, Hates Children

The water slide is going to be the new swimming pool.  These guys haven’t even been into the house yet.

Cherry takes a shower to trigger the inspired emotion and then she begins working on her first aspiration.  She also needs to paint for her career task.

The line for the slide is getting longer.  It is funny how they actually stand in line.

Prune decides to head inside and he is the first to find the Llama Stick game table.

Quince went straight for the computer and is still sitting there.  At this point, I realize the computer isn’t the cheapest, but decide not to worry about it.  After all, they can’t have a television at the same time.

Nectarine is the first one to visit the telescope.

The boys are having a get together in the bathroom.  This will be a popular place to hangout.

Peaches is able to make breakfast without starting a fire.  This attempt is already doing much better than the last one.  It is the Cursed lot trait – that is why there were so many fires the last time.

Cherry is working hard to get through her aspirations.  She completes the first tier of the painting aspiration with a picture of the Social Bunny.

Then she begins researching vampire lore.  As a vampire, she decides this might be a good thing to do.

The beds are all full.

Quince takes the couch leaving Avocado with no where to rest his weary head.

Lilith comes over to visit, so Cherry tries to get to know her.  She needs to participate in vampire training, but Lilith was in a pissy mood, so that will have to be another night.

The ghosts are out tonight – Haunted is making itself known.

Cherry calls in and takes the first day of work off as a vacation day.  She needs to track Lilith down and the only time she can travel to another house is between 9-3.  Since her work shift from 9-5, the only way she can go is by taking the day off.

Cherry tracks Lilith down and discovers a full house.  Then I remember that this is not a new game, just a continuation to the previous asylum.  That means Caleb and Lilith are married (to other people, of course) and everyone is living in the same house.  Lilith is in a better mood so she agrees to provide some vampire training for Cherry.

This is Caleb’s son – and those ears.

Back at the house, Cherry is continuing to read about vampire lore.

Cherry needs to make several friends so she begins spending time with the inmates.

She takes another day off from work so that they can all head out to the museum.  She makes everyone view the paintings with her, then they all head home.

Peaches has been naked for a long time.  Avocado is also another that enjoys being naked.

Cherry masters vampire lore – fifteen levels.

She needs to win three matches and Caleb shows up.  I couldn’t figure out why she wasn’t getting the option with Lilith, but later I discover that Lilith is pregnant.

They continue to spar because Caleb is winning three out of four.  The inmates come to watch the spectacle.  Peaches still hasn’t found her clothing.

Finally Cherry wins her third match.

Avocado and Peaches are practicing naked dancing in front of the mirror.

Cherry is leveling charisma.  It is a good thing she doesn’t want to check out her appearance.

Cherry is interrupted by the local aliens who want to have a chat.

Current Score: 110

  • Skill Points: 100 points
  • Aspiration Points: 10 points


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