Cracked, Chapter 5

Cherry is back from her visit with the aliens, and she is starving.  Thankfully she could afford to order a couple of plasma packs from online sources.

The volcano in Sulani sends its greetings.

Everything is broken.  All the plumbing, all the electronics.  Cherry will repair something when she needs it, otherwise it is up to the inmates to repair something if they want to use it.  This includes the toilet.

Quince needs sleep.  I believe the last time he tried to get some sleep, the Sulani volcano threw up.

Cherry works her way to charisma level 5 and when she reaches the level, she completes her first aspiration – Leader of the Pack.  Cherry spends her club perks to pick up all the Social Bonuses and both Club Vibes for Comradery – they are all in this together.  Now back to the painting aspiration.

Lilith invites herself over, and heads straight to repair the tub.

Maybe Cherry will repair all the plumbing when she finishes reading the Ultimate Vampire Compendium

Since Cherry is not actively working on the club aspiration, she changed the activities to Water Slide, Dancing, Romancing, Kissing, and Woohoo.

Nectarine and Peaches decided that was their cue and they find some alone time in the observatory.

Lemon is the next to proposition Cherry.

They head out to the observatory for their fun time.

Soon after, Nectarine and Peaches take another run to the observatory.

Then it is Lemon and Quince.

Then Quince and Prune.  It is probably a good thing there isn’t room in the house for a nooboo.

The next new pairing is Peaches and Avocado.

Nectarine takes her first bath and gets to stretch out her tail.

Cherry even manages to come home with a promotion.

Mango gets his first turn in the observatory with Prune.

The volcano was extra productive.

Cherry earns another promotion.

The toilet remains broken all the time.  Every so often, Cherry will go around and repair everything.

The inmates are always filthy – this group doesn’t make any repairs.  Despite setting all the fires in the last attempt, at least they also were always trying to repair things.

Cherry is really close to finishing her second aspiration.  Then she has to decide what the third (and final) aspiration will be.

Cherry doesn’t need much social interaction but eventually she needs something.  She hits Prune up to take a spin in the observatory.

Then she heads back inside to finish the second aspiration – Painter Extraordinaire.

Quince and Lemon get to some kissing.

Cherry becomes a Grand Master Vampire.

Cherry is testing out the vampire aspirations.  For Good Vampire she needs to have permission to drink from two sims.  Amazingly, her fellow inmates agreed.

Cherry switches to Vampire Family and heads out to find five sims to turn.

Elsa Bjergsen

Max Villareal

Lucas Munch

Yuki Behr

Morgan Fyres

Back at the home, the clown comes wandering by.  This house does not have the painting, so he has apparently been wandering around.

Cherry switches to Master Vampire – she has 11 days to survive in order to complete the aspiration.  She is going to paint to see if she can complete Fabulously Wealthy sooner than the 11 days.  This attempt looks like it will probably be successful.

The volcano throws up all over the lot, leaving four bombs and one fire.  Master Vampire and Good Vampire both have countdowns which were reset to zero, so she now has 20 days to complete Master Vampire and 14 days of not drinking without permission.  She is trying to find another aspiration that will be completed sooner.

Cherry’s new baby vampires come over to visit and then they begin turning.  Morgan will be the last to turn and the only not pictured.

Cherry begins making friends with her baby vampires.

Work keeps interfering with Cherry’s day – but at least she brings home another promotion.

The inmates continue on as they began.  Lemon spends most of the days running around naked.

Cherry needed a boost to get through the next thousand paintings, and Mango is more than willing.

Cherry’s completes her third aspiration – The Curator.  The asylum is complete, successfully this time.

Final Points: 373 points

  • completed aspirations: 150 points
  • learned skills: 212 points
  • aspiration points: 31 points
  • fire penalty: -20 points



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