Crowning Achievement

For the first challenge in July, the entire focus is simply on earning achievements. I pretty much sucked at this as I didn’t even try to obtain the achievements for the careers.

Seeking the Crowning Achievement

July 3-9, 2023

To start off the challenge, Phoebe Hills visits 25 lots to complete Knock, Knock.

Next, Phoebe wants to earn over 1 million simoleons. So she makes friends with Judith Ward and moves in with her. Judith’s house just needs 3 windows to complete Mansion Baron and Fabulously Wealthy is completed when the households are combined. Both Phoebe and Judith complete both aspirations. This gets her halfway to a million.

Then Phoebe uses the aspiration points to buy traits so that she will have at least 12 traits.

Then she works on fat to fit using Insta Large and Insta Lean potions to complete My, You’ve Changed.

She is going to end up with an 8-sim household so she starts off with a Science Baby, Penelope.

Penelope aging up does not complete Older & Wise. Judith will earn that achievement aging to an elder.

Phoebe takes care of Penelope for a bit then I remember they are in a challenge.

Phoebe is trying for All Nighter (24 hours awake) and she has to take a Moodlet potion but that must reset the timer because she still hasn’t gotten the achievement.

Tummy time with Penelope.

Deciding not to load the house up with infants, Phoebe adopts a kitten (Pippa).

Then she adopts a puppy we name Puppy.

She scheduled a holiday to Meet Father Winter so now she has to make friends with him before he leaves.

She was trying to pass out and he left. But he was in her contacts so she invited him back over.

Father Winter moves in and now they are just short of §1,000,000. Damn.

Penelope is probably not going to have the Top Notch Infant trait. They haven’t been threatened with social services, but she is Intense so she cries a lot.

Phoebe decides Johnny will be the next to move in. He should bring just enough to put them over the million.

The last sim to join the family is Paris. She is a science baby between Phoebe and Clement.

I am running out of real life time but hope to complete a few more in the time I have today… Johnny continues to take care of the girls while the rest of the adults work on achievements.

The three Simstagram achievements must be completed with a pet so Pippa was chosen.

It takes a while but eventually she completes all three achievements. Puppy hangs out in most of her pictures.

Clement has completed mixing 100 drinks and is now going to work on mastering mixology.

Penelope was so exhausted but she insisted on going to sleep next to Pippa. Despite putting her in the crib, she kept calling to Phoebe to put her down so she could creep to Pippa. Then she fell asleep without fussing and she was happy.

Johnny continues to take care of the infants, working on getting their tummy time done so they can reach milestones. It is a madhouse.

Phoebe finally earns the achievement for staying awake for 24 hours.

And Puppy has grown up and is an Adult female dog – a Bichon Frise I believe. I couldn’t remember her gender when she was named, so she is just Puppy.

That also means Pippa has grown into an Adult female cat.

I did not realize the pets would also use the playmats. Well, Puppy did but Pippa said nope.

Puppy is a beggar. Clement gave her nothing.

Both of the infants can sit up and creep but that is as far as they are going to get for this challenge. While Penelope was Intense, Paris is Calm.

To close out the challenge, Judith takes Puppy for a long walk. I am out of real life time and am ending the challenge early.

Total Achievement Points: 780

The Total list of Achievements completed

  • Beyond Repairs – max Handiness
  • Channel Surfer – watch all TV channels and listen to all Radio stations.
  • Full House – 8-sim household
  • Introvert – avoid social for 24 hours
  • Knock, Knock – visit 25 different lots
  • My, You’ve Changed! – be both max fat and max fit
  • Older & Wiser – age up a sim (doesn’t work going from newborn to infant)
  • Piece of Cake! – max Baking
  • Rosebud – gain §1,000,000
  • Smooth Talker – max Charisma
  • Most Interesting Sim in the World – have 12 or more traits
  • Simstagram Starter – 25 followers
  • Simstagram Influencer – 250 followers
  • Picture Perfect – max Photography
  • I’m the Mix Master – mix 100 drinks
  • Simstagram Celebrity – 1500 followers
  • Tungsten Chef – max Cooking
  • Just Getting Started – play for 5 hours
  • All Nighter – stay awake 24 hours
  • What Makes a Sim Turn Neutral – stay Fine for 48 hours
  • Connoisseurus Rex – max Gourmet Cooking


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