Dark Perfection, Chapter 4

Layla is looking pretty in pink today

Tambra needs to play some games of chess, so she ropes Lorcan into to help.

Once that is done, she gets Layla to read to her.

Lorcan is back in the makeup again.

Dude, Mr Maid, if you are still here when Layla gets home, you will be dinner.

He just stood there for 2 hours waiting for Layla to come feed.

Tambra has also gotten into Layla’s makeup.

And she went back for more.  They were apparently playing with the makeup while nowhere near the vanity.

Dude, no . more . makeup.  The vanity was deleted at this point.

Lorcan completes his aspiration and has the rest of his childhood to play.

Tambra stayed home from school two days this week due to illness.

Lorcan is the first to pass out, and I wasn’t even pushing him.  Much.

Layla has eternal sadness.  It is a good thing she is not gloomy also. Hmmm…

Someone must not be very sick.  Tambra decided to go swimming.  This was between the first day and the second day.

Yep, she is sick again.

But feeling much better now.

Hang on – before you drink my blood – I need to post this on Facebook.  No one will believe me.

With writing mastered, Layla moves on to yoga.

After a strenuous workout, Layla relaxes in a mud bath.  I am not so sure that sitting in a tub of mud would be relaxing for me.  I mean, how do you keep it out of the cracks?

In addition to wellness, Layla is also working on mixology.

Now Lorcan is sick and home from school.

Layla is progressing nicely in wellness.  She can now float for several reasons.

Rieko and Alexander are pregnant.  This made me excited.  Tambra is going to have a half-sibling.  And she looks due any day.

Someone forgot the rest of his shirt.  I thought this went out in the 80’s.

Layla heads out to grab a drink.  This guy is the third one to reject her attempt.  I forgot it is the middle of the day, but have never had her rejected befor.

Apparently it is common for vampires to not be able to perform during the day.  Layla is not impressed.

Lorcan is ready to become a teen.

Sparkly.  Due to a glitch introduced by the recent patch, vampires and aliens lose their dark form and disguise if entering CAS.  This can be for hair, clothes, or whatever. So until it is fixed, we are getting the aliens and vampires as they are randomized.

He has a long talk with Layla about being a vampire.

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah, it is what I want.”

“Here goes.”

“Bottoms up.”

“That was good.  I think.  So I am mortal now?”

“Thanks Mom.”

After watching the vampires come and stalk Layla’s door, she makes a bunch of garlic braids and heads around to the challenge houses.  She leaves one at every front door. (Yes, this shows two, but she only left one.)  The only family that did not get one, because she was out of garlic, is the Mayer-Lobo household.

Layla Danto

  • Aspiration: Master Mixologist – Electric Mixer
  • Career: Social Media – Director of Communications
  • Traits: Genius, Materialistic, Noncommittal
    • Business Savvy
    • A True Master (Master Vampire), Poetic (Bestselling Author)
    • Savant, Creative Visionary, Night Owl, Frugal, Carefree, Connections

Lorcan Danto

  • Toddler Trait: Wild
  • Traits: Music Lover, Creative
    • Happy Toddler, Creatively Gifted
    • Muser

Tambra Danto

  • Toddler Trait: Inquisitive
  • Traits: Genius
    • Happy Toddler

Aspirations Completed by Layla

  • Master Vampire
  • Bestselling Author

Skills Mastered by Layla

  • Vampire Lore
  • Writing

Careers Maxed by Layla

  • None

Achievements Completed – 835 points

  • Introvert – 25 points
  • Just Getting Started – 25 points
  • Harvested Interest – 25 points
  • Splice of Life – 25 points
  • You-Reek-A! – 10 points
  • All Nighter – 25 points
  • In the Game – 50 points
  • Older & Wiser – 10 points
  • What Makes a Sim Turn Neutral? – 25 points
  • Whimsical – 50 points
  • Green Thumb – 50 points
  • Triple Play – 25 points
  • Knock, Knock… – 50 points
  • What Would It Be Like? – 10 points
  • Full House – 10 points
  • Literal Genius – 50 points
  • No Excuse – 10 points
  • 50-Mile-High Club – 10 points
  • It’s Not Brain Surgery – 50 points
  • Very Special Delivery – 50 points
  • Code Monk – 50 points
  • Fired Up – 50 points
  • Honorary SimGuru – 100 points
  • Mael-Strum – 50 points
  • The Most Intriguing Sim in the World – 50 points


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