Dewtail Genetic Roulette, Chapter 1

The Genetic Roulette is a challenge from Boolprop’s 14th birthday party.

You are from a very colorful family – the last three generations bringing in a new and different color to your family genetics – your history.
Your sim could have been born with any one of the four colors from your family line, but no, by some quirk of nature they were born completely white!!
However, that doesn’t end your family line, it carries on! White makes five colors in your family genes and your sims spouse brings in a 6th different color.

So how are their 14 children going to turn out … there are a rainbow of colors that could come out in their genes!!
You will earn a range of varied points for each different hair and eye color that comes out in the children … depending on what genetics come out.

We are only concentrating on HAIR and EYE coloring ONLY.

For this challenge the four generations are created in CAS using the play with genetics option.  Once the eight sims are created and have moved into their new lot, the older generations are killed off and the founding generation become Young Adults.

Generation A is Daniel (black/black) and Dorothy (blonde/green).

Generation B is Dylan (blond/black) and Daisy (brown/brown).

Generation C is Dominic (brown/brown) and Daphne (gold/gold).

Founding generation is Dante (gold/brown) and Destiny (red/turquoise).

The household is dumped on an empty lot in Newcrest, in the middle of a spring rain.

Every one spreads out and then the couples start pairing up to chat.  Even Destiny finds herself drawn to Dante even though they aren’t officially a couple yet.

I decided to move the family to an apartment in the city, and they were lucky to move into the large apartment in the Alto Apartments.  They had to take out a loan to get into the apartment and will need to repay the loan before the end of the challenge.  The challenge was restarted to place them directly into the apartment.  I justify this by noting that the challenge is genetic and not money based.  The family has §34,000 as they come out of CAS.  The apartment has a weekly rent of §3,400, a deposit of §15,500, and the furnishings of §100,080.  The loan that they have to repay is §81,580.

Everyone heads inside and scatters.  Actually, everyone is sent to bed to sleep so that they stay out of trouble.

Daniel heads into the kitchen to bake a birthday cake and then he goes to lay down since he can’t blow out any candles at his age.

Dante and Destiny find a quiet bedroom and begin to get to know each other.  I hate the idea of them growing up with bad grades, so they will remain teens until they get their grades up to an A.  The challenge will officially begin at that point.  This is just the prologue – I tried just killing the older generations but I couldn’t get invested in the kids, so hopefully this works out.

Dylan and Daisy are the first to blow out candles, moving them into the elderly age and closer to their demises.

Dominic and Daphne take their turn at the birthday cake, and they are able to blow out the candles twice each.  Now all of the older generations are older.  It is up to the teens to get their grades up so that they can have a birthday cake.

Dante and Destiny continue to build their relationship and decide to go steady.

Then they begin working on their homework for school.

Dominic is the first to die.  The three elderly couples were having marathon woohoo sessions, and he is the first to succumb.

Daisy follows Dominic by minutes.

Dorothy completes the trifecta and that cuts the number of elders in half.

After collecting the three souls for the day, Grim takes a break to watch some TV.  Maybe he was waiting to see if someone else was going to die before he left.  The remaining family heads to bed, and the first day ends.

The next step is to decide how the remaining elders are going to die.  To begin with, traits are added to the apartment for Cursed and Creepy Crawlies.  The hope is that the elders get poisoned and Dante and Destiny remain healthy.  While the elders get a good night of sleep, Dante and Destiny work on projects to help build their school performance.

The kids have cake for breakfast and then head off to school.

Daphne doesn’t waste any time before setting a fire (thanks to the Cursed trait).  Daniel and Dylan rush in and they all stand in the fire.

And then there is a surprise when the hidden sprinkler does off and puts out the fire.  Damn.  So, the two traits are removed from the apartment.  They will have to work a little harder to find their way to die.

The seniors do some remodeling and install a sauna in the large closet.

After spending hours in the sauna, Daphne is the first to tap out.

While Grim is collecting Daphne, Daniel and Dylan call it quits at the same time.

Dante and Destiny come home from school and head straight to bed.  They sleep right through all the dying.

Grim collects the last two souls, and the kids are now alone in the household.

Just a note, but it is hard to take pictures in the apartments.  So, the kids found a house in Sulani and they moved to the beach.  They pick up a large and sparsely furnished house on the beach.

The house was downloaded from the Gallery, created by sssWolfie

The kids move in, and get back to work on their school project and homework.  They have some work to do before they can start the challenge.  They also make a payment against the initial loan, dropping the balance by a third.

Loan balance: §81,580 – §25,580 = §56,000


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