Dewtail Genetic Roulette, Chapter 10

I decided, kind of on the spur of the moment, to send Dante to the jungle. He is going to try to collect a lot of crap to sell. I want them to complete Mansion Baron and they still need to add over §100,000 to the value of the house. And mostly, it gets me out of the house while we wait for the next baby.

Dante hangs around the marketplace until he has mastered Selvadoradian Culture. Then he stocks up on machetes. Too bad he doesn’t get anything else, but the tables were kind of sparse today.

Then he sets off into the jungle.

He gets poisoned on the first gateway so here is hoping that he can fight that off.

He is switching between the two aspirations as he goes along. I don’t think he will complete either, but the goal is lots of collectibles.

Dante begins exploring and he finds his first treasure chest. He isn’t even looking at what he is collecting – counting can be done back home.

There are a few more hours until he will know if he has fought off the poison.

Despite the marketplace not having much on sale, he was able to get some cheese bites and liquid rush.

And a few of the showers in a bottle.

Dante fought off the poison and is going to survive. This time.

He reaches the temple and begins exploring. There are traps that he must get past to get to the treasure of the temple.

And there are living skeletons. “Living”

Dante had one of the best runs through a temple in my experience. Every trap he examined he knew exactly how to get past. Except this one. He guessed wrong.

But once again he survived. And he finds the golden calendar plate to take home.

There were several stereos just sitting there. Since he couldn’t take the stereo as it was, he disassembled them for the parts.

The bees attacked him while he was working on the stereos. He used all of the flowers on his way to the temple so he just has to hope he doesn’t get poisoned again.

And then there are the spiders.

Back in the marketplace, his vacation is winding down. He assembles a totem.

He is whisked home before he can finish with the refined crystal, so he does that at home. Then he goes to bed, and everyone else is sent to bed.

Dumbass Damian dropped the boat in the middle of the house. Seriously?!?

Dante decides to setup a sales table when he gets home, after he gets some sleep. Of course, he has too much in inventory so the calendar plate doesn’t come out right away.

Inside, it is time for baby #7, Delila, to be born. She is only the second girl of the challenge.

Dante puts everything back in inventory and sets out only the calendar plate. Normally, my sims will come home with two or three of the high value items. Dante only brought home the one item. But it will be sold at 300% markup and will bring in §40,000.

Damian will be the kid that earns three positive traits. He has reached the highest level in Responsibility, Manners, and Empathy.

Casey is a boy, and Dennis brings him home from school on Monday.

Dante is still working through his inventory. He has a lot of items to uncover and authenticate also.

The neighbors come over with food again and this time Dakota joins them. He leaves the plate when he realizes everyone is sleeping.

Debora and Dennis meet their new sister, and they are both happy about it.

Dante begins working through the artifacts that he brought back from Selvadorada. He takes a day of family leave so that he can focus on cleaning and authenticating.

Dalton comes home from school for his birthday – he is ready to move out. He rolls Music Lover, Cheerful, and Self-Assured. His aspiration is Party Animal. He earned traits for Top-Notch Toddler, Scouting Aptitude, and Compassionate. Dude! He lost Responsible at the last moment.

Well crap. Dalton is mortified due to a teenage mood swing when he automatically ages up. Last time this happened, the sim immediately died after their birthday. I held my breath and send Dalton to the mirror to give himself a pep talk.

I don’t normally worry about teen mood swings because they don’t die from them. But young adults can and do. Dalton went and head under the covers four times. The mood swing is almost gone.

One last pep talk and Dalton is safe. Now, he can move out. He takes a job as an Entertainer and then he finds a new place to live. He moves in with one of the neighbors that had a couple of extra bedrooms.

With Dalton moving out, it is time for Destiny and Dante to work on the next baby. And, they have received the notification that it is almost time for Delila’s birthday.

Destiny gets pregnant right off the bat this time. Woo, baby #8.

I was pushing Dante to finish one more artifact but he just can’t get it done without some sleep.

Winterfest is here and everyone stays home from school. They get the presents open first thing, while Destiny makes a feast for those that are hungry.

The family now has a wood soccer table, which the younger kids test out.

The teens are playing with the new ping pong table. I really miss the pool table and hope we get that in one of the releases this year.

It is time for Delila to become a toddler and Destiny is free to help her out of the bassinet.

Delila is an Independent toddler and a clone of Destiny. Eventually I hope to get genetics from one of the earlier generations.

She immediately opens her Winterfest present and then she is off to work on potty training.

Debora and Dennis are engaging in a friendly competition.

Delila is hangry after sitting on the potty a few times. She is stalking the platter of food sitting out on the table.

No one seems to be paying attention to her at the moment. She finishes eating and then watches Damian work on his homework.

Dante has been chained to the archaeology table for the day, working his way through the artifacts. He takes a few minutes to test out one of the relics. This is the one that provides a small amount of money.

He receives a Blessing of Wealth.

Destiny tracks down Delila and gets her ready for bed.

Dante really is tired of authenticating the artifacts, but he needs to be finished before he has another yard sale.

Oh hello, Debora. She becomes a teen at bedtime, rolling Squeamish and Perfectionist. She takes the Computer Whiz aspiration. As a child, she mastered motor right before she had her birthday.

Dennis finishes up his last badge and becomes a Llamacorn scout.

Once the house is empty – all the older kids have left for school – Dante spends time with Delila. It isn’t so much for her sake as for his. He is trying to master Parenting so that he can complete Super Parent when Damian has his next birthday.

Delila is waiting on Dante to come get her for a bath.

Delila had a good first day. By the time Destiny took her to bed, she had reached level 4 in Communication and Movement, level 2 in Potty, almost level 2 in Imagination, and Thinking has just gotten started.

Dante finally finishes authenticating all of the artifacts he brought back from Selvadorada. He will be having a yard sale tomorrow.

After some sleep, everyone is up and about their business again. Delila masters the potty and then continues working on imagination.

Dante is downstairs trying to sell the artifacts. He was struggling at 300% so he lowered it to 200% and everything started selling.

Debora comes home with an A in high school. She is done and added to the queue waiting to get out of the house.

Dante has his surprise birthday as he is trying to get some sleep that evening. He is now an Adult. I decided to let him continue to age at this point, since he can continue to contribute to the baby making even as an elder. Of course, I might keep him as an Adult until the last baby is on the way.

The boys are all doing their homework in the bedroom and the only place Debora can find peace and quiet is out on the boat. She wakes herself up and heads upstairs – those boys are going to get off of her bed.

Baby #8 has joined the family. Another boy – Dexter. For those keeping score, that makes six boys and two girls.


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