Dewtail Genetic Roulette, Chapter 11

Delila wakes up to potty and notices something, or rather, someone new in the house. She is not impressed at all about this development.

Nope, she is not happy at all. Debora gets up and puts her back to bed – she can sleep off the bad mood.

Dante finally masters parenting. Only takes him eight babies to get there.

He needs to get into full parenting mode and the easiest way is to hug one of the kids that is either sad or angry. Since Delila is still angry, he wakes her up for the hugs. Again she is not impressed with this decision.

Four hugs and he has done it. All he needs now is for Damian to age up with three positive character traits. And that should be soon since Damian is at 0 days, but not bubbling.

Dante was going to continue selling today but it is a holiday and you can’t schedule an event during a holiday. So, he is upgrading in the kitchen. Delila is watching as it is the only skill she has left to reach Happy Toddler.

And that might be the quickest Happy Toddler in this challenge. She still has 4 days until her birthday. Now she will begin working on mastering all of the skills.

Since the kids are home today – holiday and weekend – the teens are all sent out to spend the day fishing. Apparently, squeamish sims do not enjoy fishing. I can relate.

Debora heads back to the house and lays out on the float for awhile. It takes a long time before she forgets how slimy the fish and bait felt.

The day ends with the family gathered around the television, watching the countdown to midnight. Everyone made resolutions – either to complete an aspiration tier or to raise a skill.

This really seems like New Year’s at my house – someone is slipping off to sleep and only comes back for the confetti. Then everyone heads to bed at 12:05.

After the late night, everyone sleeps through the night. Delila is the first one awake and she doesn’t get up until almost 6 am.

Sleeping through the night comes with a price. Delila never got up to potty and now she needs a diaper change.

Thankfully she has many big brothers.

Debora reads her a story. She has mastered three skills and is level 4 on the other two. She might just become a Top Notch Toddler today.

Since Delila has done so well on her skills, she is left to roam free today. She might be Independent, but she loves the attention that comes with being the only toddler in the house.

Damian has his birthday in the kitchen. WooT! He rolls Clumsy, Loves Outdoors, and Self-Absorbed. He earns Top Notch Toddler, Scouting Aptitude, Responsible, Compassionate, and Good Manners. Because of him, Dante and Destiny have completed Super Parent. He keeps the aspiration of Outdoor Enthusiast, and then he moves out.

Dante has to end the Yard Sale early since Damian can’t move out during an event. No one is complaining here. Damian moved in with Dalton, since the sim Dalton moved in with is no longer living in the house.

The very first thing they do after Damian moves out is the get another baby in the belly. Time is critical on this one because Destiny is bubbling. She is going to be allowed to have her birthday to Adult, but getting one more pregnancy in as a Young Adult is a good thing.

It only takes twice this time, and there is another baby on the way.

Debora is reading to Delila to finish up her imagination.

I forget what this was for… Oh, he mastered the motor skill.

Delila watches Debora to master thinking. Top Notch Toddler with 3 days remaining before her birthday.

Dante is down to the last of the collectibles. He sells what he can until he has to end the Yard Sale.

Damn! Dexter is Clingy and he has mom’s hair and dad’s eyes. Eight kids and they all have their parents’ genetics. I have nothing from the earlier generations yet. That being said, he is a cute chunk.

I took a short break from playing to complete one of the tournament challenges at Carl’s and now that I am back, I can’t remember what is happening. Oh yeah – all parent genetics. I remember now. Dexter is the only one that has something to complete – he needs to master his skills. All of the other kids are just waiting for their birthdays. Dante is working on logic for work. And, Destiny is baking the next disappointment. (just kidding – I love all of the kids even if they are not gaining me many points for genetic diversity).

Except for Debora if she starts a fire on the grill. She doesn’t, so I still love her too.

Delila enjoys her free, maybe just a little too much. She is excited to show Destiny her masterpiece.

Once Destiny isn’t quite as impressed.

Delila’s feelings are hurt now.

She goes over to tell Dante jokes, and that is good because it keeps her out of trouble.

Destiny is reading the toddlers a story. Delila doesn’t want to listen to the story, she wants to go to bed.

Dexter is listening to the story from in the living room, where he is also watching television.

There, they are finally in the same place. That plate is stuck to Delila’s hand and that will come back to bite her ass shortly.

And another story – as many as she can get them to sit and listen.

Remember that plate? Yeah. Delila gets in and then out of bed six times before I figure it out.

Deciding she needs to potty before she gets some sleep, she is pissed to find Dexter in the bathroom using the potty. Dexter doesn’t know what is happening – did he do something wrong?

Dennis gets up really early and while he is playing on the game pad, he experiences a dramatic upwards growth. The poor, poor boy. He rolls Slob which joins his previous trait of Glutton. I give him Beach Life as an aspiration.

Dexter has to pee really bad and darned if he can’t get out of the bed by himself.

There is no privacy in this house. He glared at them until they left the bathroom.

This is Dennis. He is the first sim I have wished for a Slacker aspiration. Slob, but taking out the trash, and Glutton. I am surprised he isn’t fat yet.

Dante is reading to Dexter but why get comfortable.

There is play time to get Dexter almost to level 3 in movement.

Meanwhile Delila is distracting Dennis from his project.

Clingy face – he makes such great sad faces.

Dennis reads Dexter to sleep while Delila puts herself to bed – because she is a big girl.

Another late night visit from the neighbors. This time I won’t complain as that is Dalton and Damian.

Then I realize who they brought with them. Paige Dewtail and Luna Dewtail. And apparently, Luna is pregnant, or thinks she might be. I am guessing these two guys got married. {must check on the others}

At first I was wondering Who-t-F was this wandering into our house with purpose. Then I realized she was the caterer that was hired. Kind of casual today.

Then instead of cooking, she cleans up all of the piles of trash (preventing Dante from looking for pieces and parts for upgrades), and then she takes the trash out to the curb. Go cook Jesminder. Geez.

For the first time, I don’t cancel the event early. Dante and Destiny spend time with the boys and the daughters-in-law.

Dante is finishing up the upgrades in the kitchen and he realizes that Jesminder made a single plate of french toast and then left.

Bottleneck at the potty chair. At least this time there aren’t any tantrums.

Dexter has mastered the potty and communication.

Dante and Destiny’s family bloodline, so far.

Dakota is actually married to Luna. She is the one that is pregnant so they will be having a child soon. Luna doesn’t have any family history, she is an orphan.

Dalton is married to Christine and they have a son, Donnie. Hostetler. Must be her maiden name and a birth before marriage. Christine is the child of Johnny Zest and Zoe Patel.

Damian is married to Paige. No kids yet. Paige is the child of Arun and Jesminder Bheeda. I can’t tell if she is the unborn baby when the game starts because she has two sisters. One is still in high school but the other is a young adult.


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