Dewtail Genetic Roulette, Chapter 12

Dexter is working hard on his skills and he has now mastered Movement. Energized toddlers on the slide is the best way to improve the skill quickly.

Delila decides to eat by herself in her parents’ room. This has become the place to hangout.

Everyone is busy and Damian comes over to visit so Delila goes outside and keeps him company. I believe she is also telling him jokes.

Someone is a stinky boy. And this isn’t diaper, this is from playing on the slide.

For some reason it takes 3-4 requests to get the bath done.

After Dexter gets his bath, Delila comes along asking for one also. It take three tries to get her in the tub.

See? The place to hangout. What does it matter if they are sleeping?

Okay, this is actually where Dexter masters movement.

He is working on thinking and he was watching Delila when she decided to go to bed. Not creepy at all.

Dexter has reached level 3 thinking – Happy Toddler accomplished.

The newest baby is a girl, Devony. She is #9, five more to go.

Destiny has a surprise birthday party for herself, all by herself while everyone else sleeps. I did decide to let her become an Adult, along with Dante.

Whatever is wrong with Delila, it must be Dexter’s fault.

Delila is happy to find out she has a new sister. So was Dexter.

Dexter, when left to his own or asked what he wants, always wants hugs.

He needs to have someone read to him, so he asks Destiny. And that is when I realize Dennis is already reading to Delila.

Alternating the reading.

It is fun to watch them choose their own activities, most of the time. Darwin is playing with Delila. When asked what she wants, she asks for everything. Eventually, she gets something.

Waiting for school to start – at least they don’t have to worry about the coronavirus.

Destiny is still not impressed with Delila’s redecorating. And that makes Delila sad.

As Destiny puts Dexter to bed, Delila becomes a child.

She completes her homework and the first badge. Then she works on the social badges with Destiny, while Dexter sleeps and Dante upgrades items around the house.

Darwin is bubbling so he should be aging up soon. In the meantime, he takes care of Devony.

Dexter wakes up in the middle of the night, and there is absolutely nothing to eat in the house. Nothing. Not a thing.

He wanted to wake up Delila, but she wasn’t going to be able to help him out, so he wakes up Destiny instead.

She buys a high chair and gives him a sandwich, and then she stocks the fridge with several platters of food.

After eating, she reads to Dexter until he has almost mastered imagination. Literally, it was so close – like 99.9%.

Then he mastered imagination. Top Notch Toddler coming through.

Mornings before school tend to fairly relaxed in this challenge. Mostly because I really don’t care if they accomplish anything as teens. Delila is the only one working specifically on something, and she is working on the art badges.

Destiny has taken the Beach Life aspiration, because I kind of want to see if she can complete it. She also really needs a shower.

Dante is working on Renaissance Sim. We’ll see how that goes for him.

Destiny successfully got a suntan. First time I have gotten that without burning. Probably because I didn’t leave her out there until she was done – I brought her in after an hour or so. I don’t remember the exact amount of time.

Darwin’s bubbles finally had enough. He comes home early from school because it is time to become a young adult. He rolls Gloomy (along with Self-Absorbed and Dog Lover). His aspiration is Friend of the Animals. And it is time for him to move out. He will actually move out in two hours when the rest of the kids get home from school.

As Darwin is moving out, he stops and adopts a sweet dog, Nougat. Nougat is Loyal, Friendly, and Adventurous. She is a Welsh Springer Spaniel. Darwin finds a house in Brindleton Bay with a single sim looking for a roommate. So they move in with Aylin Dreamer.

With space in the house, Dante and Destiny get right to work on the next baby. She makes sure to tell Dante with some distance between them.

One of the tasks for completing the Beach Life aspiration is to host a Gold Kava Party. OMG! Destiny needed to make a toast and she had to be standing to do so. She wouldn’t stand up long enough to make the toast. I would tell her to get up, she would walk around to another chair. I finally sent her far away from any chairs and she was able to get it done. Gold medal, in the bag.

Devony becomes an Independent toddler, with red hair and turquoise eyes. She is a clone of her mother.

Dexter is giving Devony tips on how to get her skills up.

Dante is about to put Devony to bed, but first he asks her to play so she can get a bump on her movement skill. She didn’t want to but Dante wins out.

I love me a baked potato too, but I tend to avoid throwing pieces of it around the room.

I pretty much gave everyone Saturday off. And I didn’t take a lot of pictures. Dennis checked on Devony and she asked him to help her learn to talk better.

Random, autonomous hugs.

Dennis was trying to put her to bed, but apparently she pooped her diaper. So that gets changed and then Dennis walks away. So, Destiny finally gets her to bed.

The aspiration for Beach Life include exploring the cave and collecting a treasure item. Destiny waited until everyone was in bed before heading off to explore the cave. It took her five tries but she found the treasure inside. Well, she found something.

Who da’fuk is Alec?

This must be Alec. Weird that she got the notification while exploring the cave.

Back home, everyone heads back to bed and Dante is nominated to run down Devony and get her back to sleep. Destiny was exhausted – so exhausted that she crawled into bed with Delila first.

The last thing Destiny needs to do for her aspiration is to Doze Off while relaxing. And once again, she needs a shower. People are going to think she never gets clean, but she does. It also takes three tries to get her to stay on the float long enough to doze off.

See, she finally did it.

Devony is testing the emotion berries to see if they will trigger the energized emotion for her. They don’t.

So she gets on the slide with merely a Happy emotion.

She didn’t master movement, but she wanted to do something different, so she is playing dolls with Dexter.

Dennis is trying to put her to bed with a story and she gets on to Dexter’s bed. Dexter is standing there just chilling, waiting for her to get off his bed.

The minute Dennis picks her up and moves her, Dexter plops his chunky ass in the bed. He is so cute.

The next baby joins the family – another girl, so they are starting to catch up. Her name is Dimity.

Closing out this update is Dexter’s birthday. He becomes a Child of the Islands and takes the Motor aspiration.


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