Dewtail Genetic Roulette, Chapter 13

Dennis starts off this update with a quick diaper change for Devony.

Bank to Mansion Baron, they need about §40,000 in value added to the house. So, they are working on more Masterpieces, which are the only paintings that they will hang on the walls.

Devony is ripping right through her skills. She has mastered communication, movement, and potty. And she is level 4 in imagination and thinking.

That means she is already a Happy Toddler and she still has four days until her birthday.

Little Casey is growing up. He comes over every day after school and he is very helpful around the house while the other kids are doing homework.

Time moves along, and I am just letting them mostly do their own thing. Destiny masters dancing (and she has completed seven aspirations).

Devony masters all of her skills and she becomes a Top Notch Toddler.

All of those pregnancies will take a toll on the sim-body, so Destiny tries to get on the treadmill pretty regularly.

Homework around the Altar of the Toddler

Debora has her birthday before bedtime and she becomes a young adult. She rolls Perfectionist, Squeamish, and Goofball. Her aspiration is Nerd Brain. And she moves out.

Before she moves out, she helps Dimity with her aging out of the bassinet into toddlery goodness.

Dimity is another Independent toddler. She has Destiny’s hair and Dante’s eyes.

That is really freaky Dimity. Stop now, please. (Now, Debora moves out)

Everyone comes home after getting Debora settled into her new house. She moved in with a single sim around the corner. The toddlers are starving and Dimity is warning Devony off of the hot dogs.

Destiny and Dante are ready to fill the empty space in the house, but first they have to run everyone out of their room. Dennis puts Dimity to bed and tries not to think about it too hard.

Dennis woke up really tense the next morning, but a little yoga and some wind chimes and he is feeling much better now.

Dennis is so responsive to Devony’s needs (and wants). It seems like he follows her around asking what she wants all the time.

With everyone at school, the toddlers are home with Dante and Destiny. Destiny is making a bunch of breakfast meals so that the fridge will be stocked. From this angle you can’t see her green cloud, but she has it again.

I don’t know what it is with her and getting stinky. Also, she mastered cooking now.

She is pregnant although this angle doesn’t show it. Dimity has started her skills training, starting with the potty.

Devony is found outside on the stairs in her swimsuit. Someone has been playing in the ocean.

These are the three that are working on something and not just taking up space waiting for their birthdays.

The privacy is a big cheat, but I really love it.

Dimity reminds Dante that she doesn’t know how to potty yet, even though she is independent and can go by herself. But she is laying on thick that she hasn’t been trained yet and that is why her diaper is green and squishy now.

Devony asks Destiny if she can watch cartoons. She has mastered all of her skills so it can’t hurt, right? Destiny lets her watch cartoons because it will keep her out of trouble for awhile.

Dimity was working really hard on the slide and almost waited too long to find the potty. She runs as fast as she can – and thankfully she can actually run because she was working so hard on the slide.

All of the paintings on the easels are masterpieces. All of the paintings on the walls are masterpieces. Curtains were added and Mansion Baron is complete for both Dante and Destiny.

Someone died – no idea who though.

For kicks and giggles, Delila is going to try to complete a childhood aspiration to move the Successful Lineage along for Dante and Destiny. So she plays three games with Dennis while Devony keeps them entertained. Later I will realize that Dennis completed the Mansion Baron aspiration which updates for Dante and Dennis, so Delila is off the hook, for now.

Dante and Destiny currently have the Angling Ace aspiration so they are trying to find three locations to fish without having the leave the neighborhood. They can only find two.

Dante gets credit for fishing at both locations but never leaves the boat.

Dexter started to work on his social badges but Devony is not in a good mood so he doesn’t get very far.

Debora didn’t waste anytime getting pregnant once she moved out. I will try to remember to show an updated family tree during this update.

Dimity! At least wake up someone old enough to help you get something to eat.

Dimity should have chosen to potty before she snagged a plate of food. Too late now.

Destiny just happened to get up and come into the kitchen in time to help Dimity out with her poopy diaper problem.

Why are you awake now? Hungry and must potty, urgent!

Or maybe a surprise birthday. Actually it was all three. And Devony is pissed that no one remembered her birthday. Devony rolled Active and took the motor aspiration,

Destiny is trying to put Dimity back to bed, but she escaped capture and is running away.

Nothing is going to keep this toddler from those delicious gummy bear pancakes.

Deciding it was time for the children to work on their outdoor badges, since there are three children now, the entire family heads to the park.

Destiny and Dante are going to be fishing, along with all three children. Dennis makes some burgers and deals with some urgent needs. Dimity follows everyone around and watches what they are doing.

At one point, she asks Dennis to read her a story.

As everyone finishes what they came for, they head home. Dimity is looking for Destiny, who moved to the front fishing sign.

Dimity found her. It is time to head home though because Destiny just went into labor.

Destiny gets home in time to give birth to baby boy Donald. Donald is baby #11 and the 7th boy of the challenge.

Devony tries to be social with Dimity, but it takes a few tries to get Dimity laughing.

Delila has completed all of her badges and becomes a Llamacorn scout, and then promptly quits.

Dexter and Devony look at each other and realize they can talk to each other for the badges. They don’t actually need Dimity.

They are both getting tired, but these are the last two badges Dexter needs.

Dimity comes back to join in the socializing, but Destiny isn’t far behind her because it is bedtime.

Dexter has done it – Llamacorn scout completed.

Destiny tries the fishing again. Last time she just couldn’t catch a fish to save her life. This time goes much better.

Dimity is home with Donald and Dante is sleeping. This is while Destiny is out fishing. Dimity is on her way to mastering imagination. She is also running out of time. Apparently, she has been a toddler longer than I realized.

They both took the Waterproof trait since I knew they were going to be out fishing for the Angling Ace aspiration. They each have to fish for ten hours.

Dimity has mastered everything except thinking. So she tracks down Dante and Destiny at the lagoon where they are fishing. It seemed like such a good idea at first, but it was a really, really long walk. And it is raining really hard now.

Dimity is regretting this decision. Dante and Destiny are busy fishing so they don’t pay her any attention.

Fine! Dimity will just go back home then. Besides she really has to pee and she is getting very tired.

Dimity is almost back to the house when Dante comes tear-ass past her. Apparently, he is done fishing for today.

Debora is getting big. She is married and even to the babies’ father. Babies, as in twins. Yep, so glad it is her and not Destiny pregnant with twins.

A top level view of the family tree. Dakota, Dalton, Damian, and Darwin have all reproduced. And we know Debora has twins incoming. Dante and Destiny currently have eleven children and six grandchildren.

Dakota and Luna have twins Kristin and Stephany. They also still have Pickles.

Dalton and Christine have a son, Donnie. Dalton also has another son, Kameron Newby, with Delaney Newby. Dalton! Delaney is the only child of Victor and Lily Feng.

Damian and Paige have a daughter, Cheyenne.

Darwin has a daughter, Julie Emerson, with Violeta. Violeta also has a daughter, Celia Diaz, from a previous relationship.

Aww, Nougat is all alone. This made me sad, so he was moved to live with Dakota.

There, that is much better.

And of course, Debora and her husband, Larry Coats. Larry is the child of Orange Bailey-Moon and Billie Jang. And their roommate, Kierra Shah, still lives with them. That house is going to get crowded when the twins are born.


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