Dewtail Genetic Roulette, Chapter 14

This chapter starts off with a birthday! Dennis rolls Ambitious to join Glutton and Slob. At least it wasn’t Lazy. Of course, his aspiration is Beach Life, so I am not sure what he is going to be ambitious about. I see Dexter in the background – apparently he is having a bear phase.

Dennis is moved out immediately. He finds an empty lot off the grid and embraces his new beach life. Of course he has to ask for help getting it set up, but when he moves in, it is a really great place for a beach bum. Dennis is also the last of the first six kids, so there will be a gap in moving out until Delila is ready to go in a little over two weeks.

Dante knows what it means when one kids moves out. That means it is time to begin working on the next kid.

There are no teens in the house which means there is no one to help out with the littles. Although Delila’s birthday is tomorrow, and then two weeks until she grows up and moves out.

Dimity is working on mastering her last skill, and she has the green fumes streaming off of her.

Dante and Destiny are finished with their business so now it is time for Dante to clean Dimity up. Dimity is also a Top Notch Toddler now. Her birthday is also tomorrow.

Her bath was interrupted when Destiny came in to tell Dante she was pregnant. Dimity really wants her bath.

Dante comes home, but not home. He earned a promotion today to level 9, but he is really tense and avoiding the house full of kids for a few hours.

He takes the boat out for a sail, then he goes fishing.

Back at the house, it is time for Donald to become a toddler. And Destiny is the only one there that can help him out. And, Donald is clingy. Destiny’s hair and eyes.

Since everyone is up, again, the toddlers get something to eat and then everyone is sent back to bed, again and again, until they all stay asleep.

Dimity is up and notice the big smile on her face.

She is fake sad now because she wants Devony to wake up and talk to her. So she cries and wakes up everyone in the room.

Donald gets up and starts working on his skills. He tackles communication first.

Dante made a poor tasting fish before he left for work. Dimity thinks it was really icky.

Daddy’s home! And he waits patiently for her to come all the way down the stairs.

Although he has the Carefree trait now but he still comes home stressed. At least he carries her back up the stairs before putting her down.

These kids know that they are loved.

Today is Harvestfest, which means the entire family will be home all day. The only ones working on something are Donald and Devony.

Delila masters the motor skill by playing on the game pad. Cool.

And then, she becomes a teenager. She rolls Cheerful and Genius and takes the Spellcrafter aspiration. And she is definitely getting a makeover. And she is going to become a spellcaster, apparently.

Delila gets what is probably the biggest makeover of the challenge. She gets makeup and everything.

Donald is doing his best to end the challenge early – he tells Dante so many jokes that someone is now hysterical. Dante is quickly sent to the other room to calm down.

Destiny gathers the toddlers up for storytime.

After storytime, the kids have time to enjoy each other. Donald is watching Devony, who is working on her last badge of arts and crafts. Dexter is chatting with Devony and distracting her from finishing. Dimity found the tablet.

Llamacorn scout!

Guys! That is not your bed.

You have a bed that is in the other room where one of your toddlers is not sleeping.

Once the house is asleep that night, Delila heads out to become a spellcaster. She passes Dakota but doesn’t seem to notice him.

She meets one of the sages and asks how she can begin the process.

He sends her out to collect motes, and he gives her a special vision so that she can see them.

It is quick and painless.

Unless you are exhausted.

She is now a spellcaster so she stops at Casters Alley to find a broom and wand. She also collects a fairy familiar although she hasn’t learned any actual spells yet.

Delila heads home and everyone is sent back to bed. Except that Donald is “rescued” and hell no. Thankfully, I had saved and was able to reload to before Donald was stolen away and he eats and pees and then goes back to bed.

While Donald is eating, Dimity becomes a child. She rolls Genius and joins the scouts.

A lot happened at the same time. As Dimity was finishing her sparkles, Destiny went into labor with the next boy, Duncan. For the count – 12 kids, 8 boys and 4 girls. 11 have parents genetics, and we are waiting to see about Duncan. That leaves two more kids to completed the challenge, but they have to wait for Delila to become a young adult and move out = two more weeks.

Dante left the boat out in the middle of the lagoon the last time he took it out. Destiny swims out to get it and bring it home.

Dimity hasn’t had a makeover yet, but it is coming. Probably. In the meantime, she is working on badges. Who would have guessed.

Donald gets some play time with Destiny.

Duncan woke up desparate again. Having barely escaped from being stolen once already, he goes for the food first. And his diaper takes the load.

He has his priorities straight. He goes to Dante for a diaper change.

Then he goes to Destiny for a bubble bath.

Delila is spending her time practicing her magic. She has learned two spells although I am not sure how they work.

She finds a little bit of time for her homework, while Duncan is working on thinking. He is a Happy Toddler and is working to become a Top Notch Toddler.

Dexter and Devony are out for a nighttime swim. They have to be told to come home and go to bed.

The next few days are going to be busy. Sunday (today) there are two birthdays – Dexter and Duncan. Monday is Dante’s birthday (no, he can’t become an elder yet). Tuesday is Donald’s birthday. And, Wednesday is Winterfest.

The first thing to do is for Dante to take a potion of youth. Done.

Then it is time to help Duncan out of the bassinet. Duncan rolls Silly (actually he rolled Independent, Clingy, Independent, Clingy, then Silly). He is a Dante clone – gold hair and brown eyes.

Dante gives Duncan a little play time before starting on his potty training. Donald isn’t sad about that – he is scared because of the thunderstorm. Winter in Sulani.

Delila offers to read Donald a story which helps him feel a little better.

Even Duncan brings his dinner out so he can listen to the story also.

Dimity is not impressed with the idea of playing on the monkey bars in the storm.

Duncan has had enough. He is done with today so Delila puts him to bed.

This could be part of the reason Dimity did not want to play on the monkey bars. The lightning strike was from when she was outside, and the bars were fried and had to be replaced.

Donald is a Top Notch Toddler and he is heading to bed.

Dante scolds Dexter for making a mess on the floor. After all, he isn’t a toddler any more. He should know better.

Dude, but why?!?

The older kids are off to school, Dante is off to work, and Destiny is off fishing. That leaves the toddlers at home alone. In any other world, this would be a bad thing. Duncan is busy working on his skills while Donald watches, and “supervises”.

Brotherly hugs, and I forgot to put up the walls.

Duncan mastered communication and is heading out to the slide for movement. Donald has decided he is going to find Destiny.

There she is!

Crap! Have to crap. Run home fast, little boy.

The kids come home from school – Delila and Dimity both improved their grades, Dexter and Devony are just biding their time. Dimity is angry about something.

Hey! Hey! Hey! I am here!! I am coming!!!

Dante comes home from work, where home is a misnomer. He appears on the other side of the island, so he is sent to join Destiny at the fishing sign. Oh, and he was promoted to level 10 – Master of the Real.


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