Dewtail Genetic Roulette, Chapter 15

Last time we left off with Donald trying to get home, and no one saw him coming. He climbs all those damn stairs by himself and makes it to the potty in time.

Dante and Destiny both have needs based traits, so they can fish in long stretches. They are working on completing the Angling Ace.

At the house, the kids are taking care of themselves. The project belongs to Dimity and everyone is helping her as she still need to improve her grades to an A.

Dexter takes a break from helping to have his birthday. Surprise! He rolls Squeamish along with Child of the Islands. And then he takes the Computer Whiz aspiration.

Donald keeps Duncan company while the tummy gets filled. I am playing fairly fast so there are all sorts of time jumps in the pictures.

Duncan heads off to potty leaving Donald sitting alone. Just sitting there. Alone.

Donald decides to play in the ocean.

He is hiding it here, but he is miserable. The water is so cold. Apparently, it is winter and he shouldn’t be in the water today. But it is so pretty.

He trudges back to the house. He just wants to be warm again.

Delila spends a few hours reading to the kids. Even the girls come to listen to the story.

Devony and Dimity head off to do their homework and Delila reads another story (the same story) to the toddlers. Duncan needs the imagination skill, Donald needs the attention.

Dante and Destiny are still fishing. They have completed everything for the aspiration except mastering the skill.

Dexter is stressed from school and Duncan watches him try to do yoga.

Duncan is smirking at Dexter’s lack of flexibility.

Dante and Destiny are still off fishing. Delila made dinner and everyone is getting their chow on.

Still fishing. They are only at level 7, so this is going to take awhile.

Dante is a magnet for the lightning. This is the second time he has been struck while fishing. He is getting the hell outta dodge.

Destiny realizes he left her standing there alone, and she is running right behind him.

Everyone comes together for a grand feast for breakfast on Winterfest morning. This is as good as it gets.

Donald is really scared because the booms are so loud.

Duncan was working with Destiny on his thinking when Donald stole her out from under his nose to read him a story. The storm is scary and he was hoping the story would make him feel better.

Duncan came to listen to the story also. But Donald is still sad. Dante puts him to bed after this to sleep through the storm.

Donald slept a few hours and then he had his birthday. As a child he rolls Neat and takes the creative aspiration. Then, because everyone else is still sleeping, Donald moves over to share the big bed with Dexter and goes back to sleep.

Duncan gets up to potty and the house is so quiet because everyone else is asleep. He plays with the dolls and then he begins making messes.

This is a full level – from 4 to mastered – of messes. He just needs to work on thinking now.

The rain stopped so Destiny heads out for more fishing.

It is a little bit cold and she decides to change into something with more fabric than her swimsuit.

Yeah, the storm came back.

Dante thought about joining her for fishing, and then he changed his mind.

Delila and Dexter each take a teen job with the hope that one of them can earn one single promotion. They are starting at level 2 and I think topping the part-time job counts for the Successful Lineage aspiration. Delila goes into Fast Food because she already had cooking skill. Dexter goes into Retail because I am comparing the two.

The entire family gathers before bed. Apparently I didn’t take a picture of Dexter in his work uniform, but there is his back. Destiny is still electrified from her lightning strike.

Donald is trying to get things done. And then I forgot about him. By the time I remembered him, and found him, he had multiple needs in the red. Since I still don’t want anyone stealing him away, he had to get something to eat before bed. He passed out before he could eat.

Then he passed out a second time after he ate but before he could pee.

Then he passed out after he peed and before he could get to bed.

The weather clears up so Dante and Destiny go fishing again.

Duncan is working on thinking and he needs someone to watch. Everyone else is at school, so he heads off to track down Dante and Destiny.

And done. Duncan becomes a Top Notch Toddler, strips down to celebrate, and runs home.

Destiny is done fishing for now. She is level 8 at 98%.

Dante is trying to catch up with her. He is level 8 at 48%. Maybe they will be able to master fishing tomorrow.

Saturday is New Year’s Eve. And it is Devony’s birthday, but that won’t happen until later tonight. Donald is still working on badges. Dimity still needs one – the fishing one – but they are going to wait to go to the park until Duncan is a child and can complete his badge at the same time.

Devony is feeling sick, so it is time to self-isolate. She goes to bed and spends the day in bed sleeping. No comment on the fact that she shares a bed with Delila.

Delila spends the day working on her spellcasting. She is close to Acolyte but not quite there yet. She remains a Neophyte for another day.

With nothing in particular to do, Devony – wait, why is she up? Hmm. I must have sent Dimity to bed for the day instead of Devony. Oops. This was supposed to be Dimity fishing while Devony slept off her sickness.

Delila learned a new spell and she tried it out on a dirty plate.


In-fern-i-ate, instantly incinerate

Inferniate must set things on fire. Interestingly, no one in the house panicked about the fire. Delila put it out, cleaned up the mess, and never said a word to anyone else.

Everyone is watching the countdown to midnight and ready to close this year out.

Devony has her birthday in the middle of the night. She rolls Insider and Active and decides to become a World-Famous Celebrity. It was the hair that decided it.

Donald finally gets his makeover. Like a long time ago, but I realized I have never shown him specifically.

And Devony after her very minor makeover.

Sunday is a fairly quiet day, again. Dexter reads to Duncan.

Donald works on badges.

Dante and Destiny are on their last level to skill. Delila is going to build sand castles with Duncan, but she forgot to bring him so he is running the mile.

Cool turtle.

Duncan monster stomped the turtle so they had to rebuild it.

It was a long day of sandcastles, and now it is time to go home.

Destiny has completed Angling Ace. I really expect that will be the last aspiration she completes.

I was wondering why Delila wouldn’t come back to get Duncan. She trapped herself underneath the foundation and desk. And she is stuck now.

Dante masters fishing and completes Angling Ace. I also believe he is done with the aspirational work.

Devony needs a skill and instead of acting she is working on charisma. She has to stay up until she get to level 3 and then she can sleep, if there is time.

And it is time for little bug to become a child.

Duncan rolls Self-Assured which means he takes the social aspiration. Then he joins the scouts and begins his journey to Llamacorn.

The other kids went to school leaving Duncan home alone today. Dante is working and Destiny is playing video games. By the time the others get home, Duncan has earned two badges and the family is ready to go to the park.


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