Dewtail Genetic Roulette, Chapter 16

We start with a quick check in on each of the kids that have moved out, starting with Dakota.. Dakota is still married to Luna and they have three kids. Pickles has passed away leaving Nougat, who looks like he is aging as well. Their newest toddler is Aria. The children are Kristin and Stephany.

Next, we check in on Dalton… Dalton is still married to Christine. They have two boys – teen Donnie, and toddler Charles. Dalton’s son with another mother is Kameron and he is a child now.

Damian and Paige are still together with new toddler twins. Cheyenne is their daughter and the twins are Jessie (son) and Arielle (daughter).

Darwin and married to Violeta and they have two kids, Frederick and Julie. Violeta has a daughter from a previous relationship, Celia.

Debora is married to Larry Coats and they have twin children, Kade and Amina. Larry has two daughters from two other mothers, Stella Lewis and Anna Flemming. Stella’s mother is the daughter of Eric and Alice Lewis. Anna’s mother is the daughter of Akira Kibo and Kayla Flemming.

Dennis… Ahh, Dennis. Dennis is married to Delaney and they have one toddler son, Jermaine. Delaney is the mother of Dalton’s son, Kameron. And she has an older daughter, Katheryn Becerra.

Now, back to the challenge. The children need to go to the park to complete their outdoors badges. All that red hair.

The children are sent over to fish.

While Dante and Destiny help the teens with their homework. Devony was about to pass out so she was sent home early. Look at that, I forgot to raise the walls again.

Dumb-freakin-ass Dexter sets the grill on fire. And he sets himself on fire.

Dexter puts himself out and leaves the grill fire to Destiny and Devony.

Another dumbass, comes home from the park and materializes under the porch.

Once released from the porch prison, Donald plays on the monky bars and then does him homework before going to bed.

Devony starts her project but it is really late and she needs to get some sleep before school starts in five hours. Duncan gave up on his project an hour ago.

The kids are all off to school leaving Dante and Destiny home alone. This is going to be fleeting because Delila will be moving out tomorrow. His sneer is because he is still thinking about the fire.

Dennis comes over to visit for a bit.

Everyone is home, and everyone has improved their grades if they were not already at A. Duncan is up to a B. I am ready to start moving some of these kids out.

Delila receives a promotion to level 3 but it doesn’t count for the parent’s aspiration. I thought it did, but it didn’t. That means they won’t complete Successful Lineage or Big Happy Family. Their sticking points are Child Get Married and Child Reach Top of Career. That being the case, Delila and Dexter both quit their jobs. Dexter was also promotion to level 3.

Devony waited a little too long and made a big mess in the dining room.

Where is the boat?

Seriously. Where is the boat?

This caterer is worthless. She started five meals and finished one.

Dexter keeps refusing to do his homework because something in this room is trashy. But he also refuses to do his homework in another room. He is the only one feeling the trashy vibe.

As expected, Delila comes home from school to have her birthday. She rolls Foodie, Cheerful, and Genius. She wants to master Spellcraft & Sorcery and is well on her way as a Spellcaster. She will be moving to Glimmerbrook once the rest of the kids finish school today.

Since Dante had to work today, Delila gets to spend time with Destiny watching movies.

Delila found a cute little house in Glimmerbrook and she has moved in.

That means it is time for some baby making activities. Dante and Destiny get right on that.

Dimity keeps things moving when she ages into teenhood. She rolls Vegetarian to join Genius and Takes the Archaeology Scholar aspiration.

Dimity gets to stay home from school because of her birthday and Donald is home because he thinks he is sick. Dante is watching a movie and ignoring the kids.

Since she needs a skill at level 3, she buys an archaeology book and spends the day reading it.

Duncan is home from school and working on the last badge.

There are add-ons for the aqua-ski. And Destiny adds them all.

She updated the paint pattern along with adding streamers, music player, lights, fireworks pod, and flame vents.

Then she takes it out for a spin. She has a lot of fun, and her pregnancy isn’t a problem at all.

Dante is going snorkeling and meets up with a dolphin.

And, woo! Duncan has completed his badges.

The family decides to have a day at the beach. Because it isn’t like they actually live on the beach. But here we are.

Dante and Destiny relax in the chairs while the kids go swimming.

Dante finds another place to snorkel and the kids do some snorkeling also, but not much.

Dimity makes dinner and doesn’t start a fire.

Duncan is done. Just done.

Dexter lays down on the towel and he falls asleep also.

Overhead shot of the lagoon.

It is time to go home and Donald is the last one to leave.

Oh Crap. I forgot all about the pit. Dante started a meal yesterday, the day before. I can’t even remember. Destiny is coming to get the food though.

Oh Crap. I think the privacy mod has created something of a snafu. Dexter is re-routed to the shower and told to leave Duncan to bathe in peace.

Dimity is a vegetarian but she continues to choose items to eat that contain meat. She tries to fix this by stocking the fridge with some vegetarian meals. It doesn’t work, but at least she is trying.


It is a relaxed day and everyone is just piddling around the house.

Baby #13, Dorsey, has been born.

Some of the kids and spouses come by after Destiny gives birth to Dorsey. Dante and Damian look so much alike.

Homework club gets the homework done. Today is Dexter’s birthday, so he is just waiting for the transition and he is ready to move out.

I finally took the time to give Dimity her makeover. And that is weird.


Back to normal. Her makeover was minimal so you may not even see the difference.

Dante and Destiny enjoy a game of ping pong – Dante wins, so he enjoyed it more.

Dexter has his birthday and it ready to move out. He rolled Romantic to join Squeamish and Child of the Islands. His aspiration remains Computer Whiz. I realized that I stopped giving all their traits at some point. Dexter also purchased Great Kisser and Connections. And then he moved out to the empty house in Willow Creek called Streamlet Single.

It is time to begin working on the 14th and final child of the challenge.

As everyone wakes up the next morning and makes a mad rush for leftover breakfast, Dante gives up trying to get any out of the fridge and goes for the grill instead.

Destiny takes a pregnancy test and then lets Dante know the results.

So, we are at the stage where Dante and Destiny have done everything they are going to complete. So they are on free will throughout the day. The teens have received an A in school, so they are on free will. The children have completed their scouting badges and received an A in school, so they are on free will. Until Dorsey becomes a toddler and the last baby is born, everyone is on free will. I am just speeding along watching for disasters and trying to catch cute or interesting things. So, all that means, is time is passing.

And as I write that, it is time for Dorsey to become a toddler. She rolls Fussy and she is another clone of Destiny.

Her fussiness starts off fast and furious. She immediately defies Dante when he tells her that she needs to begin potty training.

Then she throws a tantrum after potty training when it is time to go to bed.

It looks like a gathering of the bears – Donald and Duncan.

While the kids are at school and Dorsey is sleeping, Dante and Destiny get out on the water for some relaxation.

And the, Dorsey is awake and hunting for food.

Two bears and a toddler. This is either the beginning of a fairy tale or someone’s idea of a joke.

Donald has his birthday, which wakes him up.

Donald rolls Snob along with Neat and takes the Mansion Baron aspiration. It is automatically completed so he switches to the Fabulously Wealthy aspiration next.

Destiny masters video gaming.

Ahh. Must be time for bed as Dorsey throws another tantrum. I think Dante and Destiny are trying to decide who is going to beard that lion.


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