Dewtail Genetic Roulette, Chapter 17

I have a dream that I can finish this challenge in 20 chapters. Dorsey doesn’t have any faith in my ability. She might be right.

I believe this project is for Donald. Everyone tries to help get it done (eventually they all attempt to help) but they don’t finish before school starts.

Dorsey masters communication and Dante is over there hoping she will want to play with the dolls. Maybe if he just sits there she will be inspired to come and play.

She wasn’t. Dante reads her a story and then Destiny decides it is time for her to take a nap. And she turns off the television.

Dorsey is not impressed but she is too tired to argue. At the moment.

Dante and Destiny end up finishing the project for Donald. Dorsey had a brief moment where she considered destroying the project but Destiny distracted her with bed.

At this picture, I realize I didn’t get Donald’s makeover done. But he earned an A in school, so he joins the rest of the siblings just waiting his turn to get out of the house.

Maybe the bathroom is a little bit too big as the neighbors drop by and they all stand around chatting while Dimity and Dorsey pee.

Poor Dorsey. For one reason or another.

Now the party has moved into the bedroom where the kids work on homework and Dorsey staves off the social services (eats).

I am trying to collect excellent versions of each of the projects, so they are working on the electrical doodad and the bridge.

Apparently I have never completed the electrical doodad because this is new to me. And the project created two devices – one excellent and one good.

Today is Night on the Town, so everyone heads over to get some free food from a local stand before going to school.

While eating, Destiny goes into labor and Donald has a little accident. Destiny heads back to the house to pop out the last child of the challenge.

Donald heads to school. He doesn’t have time to shower, so he is going to have a sucky day.

Dorsey wakes up and realizes she is home alone. Where did everyone go?

That feeling when you forget how to walk because you are sad you have to pee. #toddlerlife

Dante is freaking out that Destiny is in labor (really, dude, this is #14). He is so freaked that he runs past Destiny so that he can stand on the porch and watch her waddle home.

The last baby is a girl – Dulcie. The family is complete, now we just need the last genetics, and all of the kids to grow up.

Dorsey actually has moments where she does smile. Her tummy is full, her diaper is empty, and she is wide awake.

She is watching Destiny. She hasn’t registered the presence of the new sister. Yet.

With the baby making done, Destiny decides to work on getting her figure back. Dorsey is working on thinking, and she is thinking Destiny is weird for running on the treadmill.

Dante spends time with her reading several stories.

A second picture of her listening to the story as she is now a Happy Toddler.

Her reaction when she asks Dante to play and he says yes.

I love when they play.

Destiny discovers the hard way that the treadmill always wins.

It must be bedtime. Dorsey has mastered communication and potty, she is a walk to the kitchen away from mastering movement. Thinking and imagination are both midway through level 3.

It is Friday evening, but the teens work on finishing their homework and extra credit before bedtime. Devony doesn’t quite get it done. Donald really needs a shower. That is still from his accident before school, hours ago.

If only it were that simple – run on the treadmill all day and the baby fat is gone. I could commit to one day on the treadmill. It is the second day that kills me.

The boys are having a boy moment. Dorsey is completely entranced with her spaghetti.

Completely into that spaghetti. I can appreciate her enthusiasm.

Dorsey is working on imagination. Getting closer to mastering the skill.

Oh but a tantrum comes before she gets there.

Dante recognizes that it is time for Dorsey to take a nap.

Devony is happy because today is her birthday. Just waiting for the sparkles.

Devony ages up during the night and becomes another Dog Lover. That is three of the kids so far. Where are all of the Cat Lovers? The rest of her traits are Active and Insider. Time to move out.

Devony stops at the shelter and picks up a pooch to take with her. This is … They move to a new house that was just built in Del Sol Valley. Closer to the celebrities.

Donald and Duncan choose to eat spoiled food.

Donald is not going to get Emotional Control, that is for sure.

Dulcie becomes an Angelic toddler and a clone of Dante. That makes it official – 14 kids, 14 pairings of genetics from Dante and Destiny. None of the kids received genetics from previous generations.

Dorsey reached Top-Notch Toddler (I might have mentioned that already) so the focus is on Dulcie for the moment. Well, until Dorsey becomes a child and begins working on scouting.

Dulcie is about to go to bed, but skills training is sneaked in wherever possible. She is listening to the story and playing with her food. Then both toddlers are put to bed.

I am not the only one up way too early. At least they are staying out of trouble, and the size of the household is beginning to dwindle. No more pregnancies. Dimity will move out in 3-4 days, Donald will be about 5 days behind her. Duncan should become a teen today.

These two never sleep any more because they loaded up on the needs based traits. Between the two of them, they have completed sixteen aspirations, so they had plenty of points to spend.

The baby is awake. She is heading for some food and then she will be working on her skills. The Last Toddler.

While they wait for school to start, Dorsey entertains Dimity and Duncan.

And Duncan has his birthday before leaving for school. Which means he will be staying home today.

He rolls Childish and Self-Assured.

Donald finally gets his makeover but it was mostly just color matching, so nothing extreme.

Everyone is checking on Dulcie. She has asked for three different things.

Destiny wins with play time.

Not to be left out, Dorsey gets Duncan to play with her.

She is hung up – she wants a bath but everyone is busy.

Eventually she will get her bath.

The day passes and Dante comes home from work. He only works two days a week now so I forget he works until I realize he is gone from the lot. Dorsey is making the long descent to greet him.

Just as she reaches the bottom of the stairs, the thunderstorm begins.

They skip the hugs and go straight to get the hell back inside the house.

The thunderstorm still rages and Dante is trying to get Dulcie to sleep. Dorsey finally dropped off.

The kids bring home projects and since they are two that have not been completed excellently, they set them up and begin working on them.

Neither is Excellent. They are just good.

After everyone goes to bed, Debora just stands there for hours. Jacking up speed 3. Thanks Debora.

I forgot to put out food for the toddlers but Dorsey managed.

Now the food is out and here comes Dulcie.

Dorsey has already mastered imagination and she needs to do other things in her free time.

Dante explains this to her, not that it will make a hill of beans.

Dulcie is choosing good activities, but of course at this stage everything builds skill.

Dulcie was watching either Dante or Destiny when autonomous woohoo kicked in. I do not know why autonomous makes them use the kids bed. Dulcie did a u-turn and headed back into the other room.

Then she tried to go to bed and they were still going, so she went back out of the room and stood outside of the door.

Dulcie has reached level 3 in all of her skills and she really needs to pee and she really needs to sleep. Thankfully, she will get to go both in the proper order.


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