Dewtail Genetic Roulette, Chapter 18

There is just under five weeks remaining in the challenge. Dulcie has four days left as a toddler, then two weeks each for child and teen. I would like to finish this in three updates. I think that is still doable.

Since they are up, Dulcie is put to work on her skills.

Happy Birthday Destiny. Dante should be having his birthday shortly also. While I doubt Destiny will make it to the end of the challenge, Dante completed Bodybuilder so he should still be around when Dulcie reaches young adult and completes the challenge.

Dulcie has mastered communication and movement and potty. And it looks like she is now working on imagination. Dorsey is waiting for Dante to scold Dulcie, but he doesn’t.

It is time for Dorsey to become a child. She rolls Neat and joins the scouts.

And then she gets a makeover.

Harvestfest comes around again. I would like to believe we will be done before the next holiday season, but I think it will be around next Winterfest and New Year’s.

Dante joins Destiny as an elder. He has 28 days remaining and Destiny has 9 days remaining. So Dante will almost make it to the end of the challenge and Destiny won’t get close.

While Dorsey works on her badges, Dulcie is working on her skills. After she finishes eating.

Dulcie has mastered everything except imagination, but she will have to wait until tomorrow to become a Top Notch Toddler.

Everyone heads to bed leaving Dorsey up alone. She will have to go to bed soon though as it is getting really late.

Dulcie worked really hard today. She is close to mastering imagination – level 4 +85%.

Ahh Dorsey. She didn’t quite make it to bed.

Again? Damn – you guys have got to start using your own bed for that.

And while Dimity is standing there, waiting to get back into her room, she ages into a young adult. Which means, she is moving out. She rolls Materialistic, Genius, and Vegetarian. Adios.

Dulcie mastered imagination and became a Top Notch Toddler with a story from Destiny.

There she is, the last toddler of the challenge. Fully skilled. All fourteen toddlers reached Top Notch Toddler. She still has two days remaining as a toddler.

While the kids are in school, and Dulcie is sleeping, Destiny and Dante enjoy some time out on the water.

Dorsey spends time on the monkey bars working on the fitness badge.

This is later as she is sleeping while everyone gathers around to talk. It is a good thing that sims can sleep in the light and with others talking around them.

I never do remember that beds are upgradable now. Dante is going to work his way through the beds on the lot, and this should be the last upgrades he has to do.

Such a sweet, angelic face. Standing in a mess of paint.

Such a sad, angelic face.

Dorsey takes a break to complete her homework. Then she is back on the monkey bars.

Dorsey keeps getting distracted by the thought of shiny buried under the sand. But she finally completes the badge.

From one bedroom to another.

Donald! Shame on you!!

Apparently I must have installed sprinklers at some point. I really don’t remember, but maybe kind of I do.

After the fire – no clue who the stranger is. Didn’t even check.

Dulcie is winding down her carefree toddler years. Soon she will age up. Soon.

It was a lazy Sunday and everyone piddled all day long. They are in a lull where everyone has done what they can, and now they just wait and live free.

Monday morning breakfast before everyone leaves for school. No clue what is so interesting about Dorsey and her breakfast.

Dulcie ages up after everyone leaves for school. And we have our last child. We are done with babies and toddlers.

Oh, she rolled several traits before I let her keep Creative. She is going to be the one that gets saved to the gallery and I want her traits to be appealing. And I project she will age to young adult in four weeks, on Winter-Monday. The next one.

Dulcie joins the scouts and begins working on badges. And her homework.

Creative sims are a pain in the ass.

Dulcie is sent to be creative in an appropriate manner for her age.

She spends the day drawing pictures and when the older kids come home from school, they do their homework nearby.

They are still trying to get an excellent rocket, but this one isn’t it.

Another day, another day closer. Dulcie needs to finish the cleaning badge which is difficult in the household where everyone is cleaning things up before she can. So Dante and Destiny are sent fishing so they leave the dirty dishes for Dulcie.

The family has a rash that is going around.

After completing their homework, the girls head out to the park to complete the fishing badge. Woot!

Dorsey is done with her badges – Llamacorn scout.

And, then she quits.

These guys. At least this time they used their own bed.

The family received notification that Dakota had passed away. Noooo!!! At the time of his death, Dakota had three daughters (Kristin, Stephany, and Aria) and one granddaughter, Kelsey. He was still married to his wife, Luna.

Winterfest is here, again, and everyone is opening presents.

This was a disappointing round of gifts. Three empty gifts, two fish, and a carrot. They end the holiday as soon as it is possible.

Destiny makes a grand feast for the family, and everyone does their own thing. Again.

Dulcie is out on the monkey bars trying to figure out what triggers the badge.

She doesn’t make a lot of progress for some reason. And then Donald has his birthday and becomes a young adult. He rolls Hot-Headed and Snob and Neat. And then he moves out. Bye-bye Donald.

So, apparently, if you move out a sim on a holiday that has been ended early, then when you return to the family, the holiday comes back. So, they are trying to hurry and complete the traditions again before the holiday ends.

Destiny received her first notification of impending death. Well, she is going to go out playing.

Apparently the recent lightning took out two of the bicycles.

No one has even used the bicycles so Destiny goes for a ride around the island.

Dulcie completes her last badge, becomes a Llamacorn scout, and then quits the program.

Dante and Destiny enjoy one of their last days together. It is a quiet day at home as the kids are all at school. Although since they are down to three kids at home, the house is a lot more quiet as a matter of principle.

I remember that I was going to have Dulcie complete her aspiration, so she gets with it. She is actually already on the last tier, so she is not that far away.

It is New Year’s Eve and I find those old enough to drink, drinking and toasting.

And then they dance the day away. I love how the three of them are sticking together.

Dulcie is working on her creative aspiration and the older sims are still hanging out. Not sure what Dorsey is doing in the background.

It is only four in the afternoon and they have been drinking all day. They all have hangovers already.

Dulcie completes the Artistic Prodigy aspiration. And she completes her resolution. And it isn’t even midnight yet.

The countdown has started. And a new year begins.

Dude! You are old enough to get unspoiled food to eat. But no, let’s eat some random spoiled food that is sitting out on the front porch.

The time has come to bid farewell to Destiny. She has mothered fourteen children and her hair genetics were strong. 9/14 had red hair and only 6/14 had turquoise eyes. She completed nine aspirations and mastered seven skills. RIP Destiny.

And that was her view as she passed from this world.

Dorsey enjoys a swim and the being alone.

Dulcie switches to the Whiz Kid aspiration and she plays three games with Duncan.

Of course, it takes a long time to play the games since Dante and Dorsey distract them with chatter.

Morning comes very early and the girls have a wonderfully appropriate breakfast of beans and franks.

Duncan has his birthday just before school starts so he will be moving out momentarily. She rolls Dog Lover (fourth one in the family) along with Childish and Self-Assured. Duncan moves out all green and stinky.

Duncan stops and picks up a dog of his own – Nika. She is a mixed breed – couch potato, hunter, and glutton. Then Duncan moves in with a roommate in StrangerVille.


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