Dewtail Genetic Roulette, Chapter 19

Everyone is still really sad, and at first I believe they are still mourning Destiny.

Then I actually look at their sadness – sibling. Well crap that must be Dalton. Dalton was still married to Christine at the time of his death. He leaves behind four children, (Donnie Hostetler, Brittni Dewtail, Charles Dewtail, and Kameron Newby) and two grandsons (Davion Hostetler and Donte Newby).

Dulcie completes her homework twice while focused. That is a laser focused look she is giving Dante.

While the girls are in school, on days he doesn’t work, Dante plays with the game pad so much that he masters video gaming.

Dulcie masters the mental skill and completes the Whiz Kid aspiration.

Now she is working on Rambunctious Scamp.

Destiny pops out for a visit and checks on Dulcie while she is practicing typing. She really needs to go to bed because she has school in a few hours, but she is so close to the four hours.

Dorsey heads off to her last day of elementary school. There isn’t a lot remaining to do, basically nothing but growing up, so a lot of the time is spent on speed 3 watching Dante play with the game pad and the girls chatting.

Dorsey becomes a teen later that evening. She rolls Hot-Headed and Neat and takes a Deviance aspiration – Chief of Mischief. Then she trolls the forums until her mischief skill reaches level 3.

Dulcie is working on character traits, which means as a child, Dante is teaching her conflict resolution and manners. She will work on Empathy and Emotional Control as a teen.

The girls work on their homework, because why not.

Dante is still spending his time teaching Dulcie manners and conflict resolution.

After she has manners and conflict resolution in the positive zone, she begins writing in a journal for emotional control. She needs help with this one as she is pretty solid in the red.

They receive notification that another sibling has died. This time it is Damian. This is the part that actually makes me sad, although the older kids all lived their lives. Damian and his wife, Paige both died close together, as they are both dead now. Damian and Paige had three children, Jessie, Arielle, and Cheyenne, and a grandson, Chad Goth.

I sent Dante out to ride the Aqua-zip while the girls were at school and then I forgot about him.

Finally, many many hours later, he decides to put the aqua-zip up and just hang out in the water.

Destiny is out to visit and Dante finds something for them to do.

The weekend comes and everyone is sad and there isn’t anything to do. So they mope around.

Then I remember that Dulcie was working on the childhood aspirations. She gets back to the typing with all the distractions from Dorsey.

I had to send Dorsey and Dante to watch something on television because they both kept wanting to talk to Dulcie, which just slows the process down.

Dulcie just needs to master motor now, and this is a motor building activity.

Staying focused on Dulcie and she masters motor and completes the aspiration. That makes 3/4 complete.

Now, on to the social aspiration. She has less than 24 hours before she ages up, so she probably won’t complete this one, but she is going to do her best.

Dulcie meets Lola and they become best friends forever.

And with a lot of work, Dulcie masters social and completes the fourth aspiration.

Dude!! At least he repaired it after he destroyed it.

Dulcie takes Monday off from school since she is expecting to become a teen mid-morning. She spends her last few hours as a child writing in her journal.

Dulcie, the last of the fourteen children, becomes a teen and begins the last two weeks of the challenge. She rolled Perfectionist along with Creative and after a lot of thought, she takes the Renaissance Sim aspiration. She decided that having the Quick Learner trait would be an asset in her future.

Isn’t this sweet – Dante and Destiny are chatting with Dorsey.

Okay, maybe they are actually stuck as neither one can get up.

Dulcie is working really hard – she is trying to improve her last two character traits – Empathy and Emotional Control. Well, at the moment, she is sleeping on the floor.

The girls head off to school, where Dulcie is hoping to get an A. Dorsey is just wondering how many days she has left before she can move out.

I don’t think the day went very well.

Dulcie heads out to jog for self-control and she takes her dinner with her. Priorities.

I am not sure where she lost the plate she took jogging but when she got home she needed more to eat, so she made some pizza rolls. Yummmm!

The fourth to be born has now reached the end of his life. Darwin and his wife, Violeta, have both passed on. Left behind are their two children, Frederick and Julie, and three grandchildren, Jaime, Nikita, and Vera.

Dulcie is spending a lot of time jogging to clear her mind, but she is going to get all five positive character traits. All I have to do is keep her away from asking Dante any character building questions.

Dulcie continues to write in her journal and avoid Dante. Dorsey is keeping Dante busy with ping pong, but that won’t last forever.

There, now she just has to hang on to that for another nine days.

As I am looking for things to keep Dulcie busy, she notices the traits for Chopstick Savvy and Spice Hound. Challenge accepted. She ate a lot of Pho and earned the Spice Hound trait. But she still had not earned Chopstick Savvy when she went home, after seven or eight bowls of Pho.

She just needed one more bowl of Pho because she earns Chopstick Savvy after eating one bowl at home.

Dulcie also decides to see if she can complete the Beach Life aspiration. She gets gold on the kava party, but it is raining so she is struggling with the easy objectives.

They finally found a rare necklace, giving them one rare of each item.

In order to move Beach Life along, Dulcie had to find a place to get a suntan. Since it is fall, it was hard finding a place where she could lay out.

She ended up in StrangerVille and laid her towel out beside the bar.


Hmm. I wonder which genetic line you are from.

The last thing needed was to doze off on one of the loungers. Complete.

With his days dwindling, Dante calls in and finally retires.

Needing to keep busy, Dulcie is now working on completing the angling ace aspiration. She actually wants aspiration points so she can buy some more traits.

The views in Sulani are really gorgeous.

Good progress was made today, and now it is time to head home to get some sleep.

Dorsey has reached her young adult birthday and it is time to move out. She rolls Bookworm, Neat, and Hot-Headed. She finds a place looking for a roommate and off she goes. She is also the last one to move out as Dante will not survive long enough to see Dulcie’s birthday.

Well sonabitch. When Dorsey moved out, it reset Dulcie’s count of types of fish caught. She was at 17/20.

Dulcie masters fishing and is back up to 8/20 fish caught. She is working hard to get there.

Dante has one day remaining, but he isn’t going to worry about that. Today is Harvestfest and he is about to make a grand fish feast.

Wait, I thought he had until tomorrow. Aww! Okay, Dante was the father to fourteen children, 8/14 had his eyes and 5/14 had his hair. He completed seven aspirations and mastered eight skills. RIP Dante.

Dulcie hasn’t heard about Dante yet. She is still trying to catch the missing fish.

Once she gets the news, she responds by leaving town. She is going to try fishing in other locations. She can’t believe she is all alone, just waiting on her birthday.

She is finally back to 18/20. Just two more new types of fish and she will head home to wait out the last two days.

And she catches the final fish, 20/20, Angling Ace is complete.

Back at the house, Dulcie reads the book she fished up. It is all bout vampires. Weird.

She spent a lot of time fishing and was trying to eat before going to bed. But, alas.

She moves into the master bedroom and then she takes a potion to make her happy again.

Dennis is the next sibling to die. Skipped right over Debora. Anyways, Dennis only had one son, Jermaine. His wife died before him and has already been purged so I can’t look up her name. Dennis has three grandkids – Alexis Villareal, Duncan Moses, and Giovanni Lewis. I think Jermaine might just be a player.

Dulcie spent her last hours picking away at different aspirations. She wanted to earn another 4,000 points for one last trait. She isn’t going to get there.

And the challenge is over! Dulcie rolls Dance Machine along with Perfectionist and Creative. She has one of the Knowledge aspirations along with the Quick Learner trait. She has already completed several aspirations: Mansion Baron, Beach Life, Angling Ace. She has mastered Photography and Fishing.

And she has a shit load of traits.

Dulcie will be uploaded to the gallery under my USERID (tsmetana) and with the hashtags of #geneticroulette and #boolpropnet. And she will be used to found a challenge in the future.

The challenge ends with 300 points:

  • Genetics: 140 points as all 14 kids got genetics from their parents
  • Aspirations Complete: 160 points because Dante and Destiny had a goal
  • Penalities: None

And we never did find the boat.


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