Dewtail Genetic Roulette, Chapter 2

The teens gets a good night of sleep and then they have to get up for school. They are both really sad and grieving, and I just realized that they left the urns in the apartment. I wonder if they can go back to get them. I wonder if it is necessary (goes to check the rules).

Yep, it looks like they were supposed to keep the graves on the lot. So they will see if they can get back into the apartment after school today.

Since the apartment was still empty, a new sim had to be created to move in so that Destiny and Dante could go visit. Now they are going to try to pick up all the urns…

Since they couldn’t pick up the urns, control had to be switched over to Mabel. She picked up each urn and then gifted them to Dante. One at a time.

As soon as she had given all of the urns to Dante, control was switched back to the young couple and they went home where they setup a small cemetery for their ancestors.

With everyone where they belong, finally, Dante and Destiny attempt to do their homework. They need to get their grades up to an A, and that is going to take a few days.

Dante smells something and realizes it is himself. He can’t even finish his homework because of the stench. After he takes a shower, he is able to finish his homework.

He needs to go to bed, but he has to do something fun first. While he is playing a game to relax, Dominic and Dorothy come out and gang up on him. Probably chewing him out for forgetting their urns.

The ghosts might not last very long if they keep this up.

Dorothy broke the sink and then immediately fixed it.

Eventually, Dominic comes back to fix the shower that he broke.

I checked the lot traits and made sure that Good Schools is one of them. That will help them get their grades up faster. The lot has Oceanic Paradise locked in, plus Good Schools and A Study Spot. Anything to get them ready to start this challenge.

They had a good, but tense, day at school and each brought home a B. One more improvement in their grades and I think they will be ready to go.

Since they were both sucking for fun, they decided to have some fun the adult way. (that entire sentence is just bad)

After having their first woohoo, they settle in to work on their homework.

They also have company, which they try to welcome because Oliana brought food.

It is time for bed and Destiny is feeling like a repeat of the afternoon fun. But they are both very tired, so they just go to bed instead.

Daniel is having a boring night. He broke the toilet, repaired the toilet, broke the toilet again, and now he is repeatedly mopping the floor.

Daphne, on the other hand, is relaxing on the water float.

Daniel then broke the sink. But before they left, everything had been repaired and cleaned. It was like they were never there.

More woohoo, because it seems to be the only way to get their moods to improve.

Tonight it is Dylan’s turn to come out. And, he breaks everything and repairs nothing.

When Dante gets up to pee, he has to repair the toilet first. Then he repairs the sink. Destiny repairs the shower and the tub. What a way to start the day.

The teens bring home their A on Friday. It is time to blow out some candles and officially start this challenge.

Dante goes first, and he adds Romantic to Art Lover and Snob. His aspiration is Painter Extraordinaire and he takes a position in the Painting career at level 3 (Hungry Artist)

Destiny blows out her candles and she adds Dance Machine to Paranoid and Goofball. Her aspiration is Super Parent. She will be staying home with the kids and making money with side jobs.

As they are now adults, Dante can finally make a batch of Kava.

They are both exhausted and he didn’t get to drink him before passing out.

The kids make another payment against the loan… and they are ready to start the challenge officially.

Once Dante wakes up, they begin trying to get pregnant. This is about 14 kids and since they need to be single pregnancies for the points, they can’t waste any time.

Afterwards, Destiny lets Dante know that they were successful and the first of fourteen babies is on the way.

Realizing they skipped a step due to their exhaustion, Dante proposes to Destiny.

She accepts on the first attempt. Thankfully, because they both need more sleep.

They have a quick elopement and then they go to bed. Dante doesn’t start work until Tuesday, four days from now, so they are going to sleep until they wake themselves up.

She is a goofball, so playful is a common mood for her. This could be a bad thing for the challenge.

She talks herself into calming down and the challenge continues.

While Dante works on some paintings, Destiny is researching parenting methods.

Painting as a couple with a view to die for.

Pregnancy is hard.

Tonight’s ghosts are Dorothy and Daphne. They will be the last haunting ghosts as Destiny will be releasing their spirits in the morning.

Mopping without repairing accomplishes nothing.


There will be sim nudity for the rest of this update because Destiny refuses to get dressed.

Destiny went out to sunbathe in the nude.

She did put on sunburn protection, at least.

She is really enjoying herself and isn’t even bothered that there are other sims in the area.

When she heads back inside, she never gets dressed. She is feeling pretty good with the nudity.

After finishing a set of paintings, Dante takes the rest of the day off and goes sailing.

Destiny is back in the water looking for dolphins. She doesn’t find any and she is still letting it all hang out.

As the day winds down, Dante is trying to produce an excellent painting. Destiny is doing her best to distract him.

Later that night, Dante is asleep and Lilith comes to call. Destiny was all about meeting her and was outside before I could suggest another action. Lilith is a little distracted due to Destiny’s nakedness and she leaves without getting anything to drink.

She is laughing at the television, despite what it looks like.

Dante wanted to have some fun, and Destiny was feeling flirty.


Destiny has finally gotten dressed so there shouldn’t be any more nudity this update.

It is almost time for the baby to come – and Destiny has finally found something that fits. Dante is cranking out paintings and moving through his aspiration.

That night, Dakota Dewtail, joins the family. 1/14 born.

Loan balance: §56,000 -§20,000 = §36,000


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