Dewtail Genetic Roulette, Chapter 4

Because most of the meals come from the banquet table these days, the toddlers are eating a lot of vegetable tempura.

There is sleeping and reading and playing and watching.

One of the goals for Dante and Destiny is to own at least one masterpiece from every size and style of painting. While Dante is working on everything available on the sketchpad, Destiny has been working on landscapes. This is her first masterpiece.

Dalton is working on learning to potty today and he is crying every two to three attempts.

While Dalton potties, or maybe he is sleeping… he is sleeping and so is Dante. That leaves Destiny to watch television and Dakota to play on the tablet.

For variety, a caterer is called and she is doing a pretty good job.

She completed four meals and left the fifth on the stove. Unfortunately, no one in the house can complete the meal that is on the stove and it will be thrown out.

Dakota has been a Happy Toddler for a few days, but he has been pretty good about leveling up the other skills. Once he has most of then to level 4, then he was encouraged to master them.

Dakota is watching Destiny and Dalton is watching Dakota. Dalton is still working to become a Happy Toddler.

Congratulations to Dakota – he is a Top Notch Toddler.

As a reward, Dakota is sent out to play in the water. Dante tags along and Dalton is watching him.

Today is Harvestfest and Destiny made a ham.

Dalton has reached level 3 in all skills and is now a Happy Toddler.

I thought she was going to make it this pregnancy, but no she didn’t.

Malcom Landgraab? Really? He is one of the last sims to need more money.

Harvestfest appeased gnomes and some fun, play time.

Destiny is ready to have the baby. This will make 3/14 born.

Damian, a third boy, joins the family.

Destiny has a day before she gets pregnant again – she has been getting pregnant after she receives the notification that it is almost the baby’s birthday and when the it actually is time for the baby to become a toddler. She will spend most of today on the treadmill.

Dakota just met his newest brother, Damian. He is really sad that there is another one.

He is feeling lonely so Dante comes over to chat with him. Dakota mentions that it is not necessary to have any more brothers, he has enough brothers, thank you very much.

Dante explains to him that there will be fourteen kids in total, and Dakota just wants to know “WHY?”

That conversation is over and Dakota deals with his disappointment as toddlers do.

Dalton also meets his new brother, and he is pissed. Dakota explains the plan and it doesn’t make Dalton any happier.

The boys spend time together, Dakota talking and Dalton glaring.

They get a distraction when they play with the dolls.

Dakota wakes up and it is time for him to become a child.

But one last time, he heads in to wake up Dante first.

Dakota becomes a child and rolls Geek. He takes the mental aspiration, but he will be spending his time on the scouting badges, as will every other child in this challenge. Scouting and good grades.

Two double beds are added to the kids’ room. The monsters only show up under single beds, so there will be no single beds in this house.

An overview of their large house that is mostly empty. But there is plenty of room for eight sims, which they will get to eventually.

So at this point I noticed something that I had not noticed before. Despite the focus on genetics. Dante has black eyes. He is supposed to have brown eyes. To fix this, I went into CAS Edit and changed his eyes to the brown they are supposed to be, and will only count Dakota’s eyes as brown (+5) not as black (+25). Dalton has Destiny’s eyes, so he wasn’t effected, and we will see about Damian when he becomes a toddler. Then, any black eyes starting with the fourth child will be counted as Gen B.

Dakota is just a chattering. Nonstop. The entire time they were eating.

He does his homework and earns his first badge.

Moving on to the next badges, Dakota begins talking with Dalton and making him laugh.

Dalton does not like being alone. But everyone is busy.

Dakota needs things to clean up, so Dalton makes a bunch of messes. While Dakota is waiting, he begins making a bunch of arts and crafts.

Eventually bedtime comes and tomorrow is Damian’s birthday – there is about to be another toddler in the family.

The next baby is on board, baby #4.

Dante slips out of the house and heads off to work. He was told to take a day of family leave, but apparently he didn’t. Dalton asks for attention and Destiny works on his communication.

Then there is dancing. Dakota is working on the fitness badge and Dalton is working on movement. At the same time, they are making friends with each other, which will be important as they will be sharing a bed as children and teens.

Damian becomes an Independent toddler. He has Dad’s hair (+5) and Mom’s eyes (+5).

Destiny gets Damian started on his potty training, but because he is Independent, she doesn’t have to hang around. He is much happier doing it by himself.

I told him to take the day off and not to go to work.

There are enough beds in the house for everyone. Destiny gets Damian off the stool and puts him to bed in his very own toddler bed.

Today is the Flea Market, and for whatever reason, I decide they are going to go. Brytani Cho was out selling some wood carvings and Destiny bought two lamps, but otherwise, it was a little disappointing.

Dalton ran wild up and down the street. At least he stopped to look both ways, and then he stayed on the sidewalk.

Dakota found a basketball and was dreaming big.

Damian just wanted something to drink. Thankfully Destiny had a cup of milk in her back pocket.

When they got home, everyone headed upstairs to get back to whatever they were doing. Except for Damian, who can’t climb the stairs yet.


Destiny rescues him and brings him upstairs so that he can work on becoming a Happy Toddler.

Damian is listening but Damian doesn’t want to be listening. Damian is hungry, and he has to potty, and he is exhausted. Why can’t everyone just let him do it by himself.

Once Damian got loose from Destiny’s clutches, he was able to take care of everything except for the exhaustion. He decided the floor in the kitchen was good enough. Of course, Destiny came and picked him up and took him to his bed.

Kava, damn right she is drinking kava. And yuck, because it was poorly made.

It is winter, which in Sulani means a lot of thunderstorms. Which mean a lot of sad, scared toddlers.

Dalton is working on mastering his last skill – thinking.

Damian is still working on becoming a happy toddler, but he is getting close.

With most skills at level 3 or higher, it is time to work on that pesky thinking skill. Dalton is working on flash cards just because. He has already mastered everything and is a Top Notch Toddler.

Brothers chatting and both are in a good mood. Dakota is working on his school project. He came home with a B today, and is hoping to get an A tomorrow. We’ll see.

Dante and Destiny help Dakota finish his project.

Damn thunderstorm woke up Damian, who then woke up Dalton.

It was a clusterfuck but eventually Destiny was able to get both toddlers back in bed, and asleep. Hopefully, they stay there until morning.

Loan balance: §26,000 – §26,000 = §0.00

The loan has been repaid in full.


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