Dewtail Genetic Roulette, Chapter 5

Welcome back in time to watch Dalton poop his diaper. He slept too long and was running to the potty when he just couldn’t hold it any longer.

Well, he doesn’t have to go potty any more, so he asks Destiny to change his diaper instead.

Damian has his own green stink cloud following him around, so I guess he also didn’t get up and go to the potty. Destiny will need to clean him up also.

Well, it looks like Dakota got out of the tub on the wrong side.

So far, they have been successful in getting one toddler to Happy Toddler before the next baby is born. Damian pushed the envelope as he just reached Happy Toddler at about the same moment as Destiny went into labor.

Now, back to Dakota’s predicament. It takes him three attempts to get out of the tub on the correct side.

Labor pains suck. And Destiny has to do this ten more times.

Dalton doesn’t care that Destiny is in labor, he wants someone to play with him. Dante went to work once again. He could have taken vacation, but he didn’t. Maybe he can get a promotion if he actually shows up at work. Interesting idea.

There is no way I would have been on my knees, playing dolls, nine-months pregnant, not to mention – in labor.

It is time for the baby to come and Dalton comes over to chat with Destiny.

Dude – busy now.

Darwin is the fourth boy of the challenge. I am trying to not influence their gender since gender doesn’t matter, but come on – give me a girl, please! Dalton is still talking.

He is crying now but not because of the new brother. It is storming again outside so he is scared.

Damian is doing okay though. He has mastered communication and movement. At least the porch has a roof over it so he can play on the slide without getting wet.

Dalton finds himself a little taller than he was before. He rolled Cheerful and took the Social aspiration. Then he joins the scouts.

Damian notices the new arrival and eats his dinner nearby. He is excited because tomorrow is Winterfest, otherwise he would be really pissed about the new brother.

The neighbors have a tendency to bring over food after the family has gone to bed. At least, most times, they leave the plate on the porch.

I tweaked the roof yesterday and I am liking the picture from the neighborhood screen much better now.

Darwin is missing from the selection screen, but he is here. Waiting for his turn to become a toddler and get counted. The genetic points don’t actually count until they are Young Adults, but since I don’t plan on them dying or being stolen by social services, I am pre-counting their genetic points.

So, I was checking on how people have been scoring for this challenge and realized that one person has completed and she has a pretty good score. Destiny and Dante need to get their acts together and begin completing some aspirations. Between them they will need to complete approximately ten, assuming all of the genetics are from mom and dad. Genetics from earlier generations will reduce the number of aspirations that they need to complete. Which means, Destiny is going to work on completing the Painter Extraordinaire aspiration so that she can catch up with Dante.

Dante is switching to Bodybuilder, because while Destiny will have to drink potions to keep her youth, he can still make babies until he dies – he just has to have a long life.

Dakota is finishing up his fitness badge and then the only one he will have remaining is the outdoor badge. Which sucks that the fishing in Sulani doesn’t count towards the badge.

Damian really needs a bath. Someone? Anyone?

He decides to wake up Dante, because he wasn’t doing anything important.

Tired, has to pee, but bathing the toddler must take priority.

Dakota heads out to sea. The child version of sending a toddler on walkabout – send them to the farthest point on the map from the house, and then leave them to find their way home.

Or not.

Damian is working on the last little bit of imagination and thinking. He is switching between reading, playing dolls, and watching someone.

Dalton is working on arts and crafts. He is making one of everything type of craft to decorate the front of the house. And he is working on the arts and crafts badge.

Dakota is a strong swimmer since he has been out in the deep water for hours. I would have drowned ages ago.

Did I mention it is Winterfest? Dante made a grade breakfast, which everyone ate. There were decorations and there is a tree. After opening presents, Dakota was the only one not in the gold. He came home in time to talk to Father Winter.

When Father Winter gave him a present, that just made his holiday. Everyone got a gold today.

Father Winter helps himself to a plate of spoiled food. Great idea there.

Another kids got out of the tub on the wrong side and took three tries to get out correctly. So I found something to put back there.

Damian is the only toddler home, and I can’t remember what this was about. Maybe Dante and Destiny were thinking about they need to do today.

Dante is back on the treadmill. He needs to go to the gym and Destiny needs to go to the art museum. And the kids need to go fishing.

Damian has reached Top Notch Toddler and Destiny isn’t even pregnant again. In fact, Darwin is still a baby.

Speaking of, it is time for Darwin to become a toddler, which means it is time to get pregnant again.

Random picture of Damian crying because of the thunder storm.

Darwin becomes a Fussy toddler. He has Dante’s hair and eyes. That means of the four toddlers, they have mixed and matched Dante and Destiny in every combination.

  • Dakota has Destiny’s hair and Dante’s eyes
  • Dalton is a Destiny clone.
  • Damian has Dante’s hair and Destiny’s eyes.
  • Darwin is a Dante clone.

My default reset behavior – send everyone to bed.

Destiny has a minute to take a pregnancy test and baby #5 is on the way.

When the boys get home from school, they pack everyone up and head off to find a gym. The boys need to fish but it isn’t going to be here.

After Dante “works out at the gym” they pack up again and head off to a warmer place. The boys can fish here.

Darwin is not happy about being dragged all over the place.

While Destiny view paintings in the art gallery, Dante checks on both toddlers.

Damian is impressed with the milk in a sippy cup while Darwin is not.

Oops, apparently Damian had to potty, and wasn’t able to wait until they got home.

Back home, they carry the toddlers up the stairs to save time. And Darwin can’t do stairs yet.

Dakota is completely done. He has earned his last badge and will be left to free will until it is time to move out. Unless he gets in the way or something.

Those that are hungry grab a quick plate of leftovers, and then everyone is sent to bed.

The toddlers are put to bed three times between the two of them. The older boys are sent back to bed a total of five times.

And still Dakota gets up before I can say everyone is asleep at the same time. By the time I can say that it is 5:30 am.


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