Dewtail Genetic Roulette, Chapter 6

There are so many boys. It is morning and I stopped trying to get them to stay in bed. Destiny is telling Darwin it is time to learn to potty.

Darwin does not think this is a good idea. Destiny is wondering how she drew the short straw and ended up in this challenge.

Damian is a top notch toddler, so he is getting to explore the world around the house. He didn’t actually stay outside for very long before he was back in the house following Destiny around.

Dante needs to jog for two hours and he has a lovely place to do so. I am not much for beaches, but I could definitely convince myself to live in Sulani.

Destiny is working on the painting aspiration and just needs a couple of excellent and then the masterpieces to be done.

The toddlers are playing “together”. Damian is killing time until his birthday and Darwin wanted to do something fun. So, I let them play.

Apparently Damian is evil. Not really, but he is tired of playing with the dolls.

So he kicks the dollhouse.

Then he smashes it to bits. Darwin is giving him that sideeye, wtf is matter with you look.

Now they are both crying because the dollhouse has been smashed.

Destiny was just around the corner so she knows how the dollhouse got smashed and she scolds Damian.

Damian swears it was someone else. Not him, no!

Destiny doesn’t buy it and she decides Damian needs a time out. She puts him to bed for a nap.

Dakota and Dalton come home from school to find the destroyed dollhouse. More crying.

Dalton is working on badges, so he uses Darwin as his target for social and humor.

Dante has been jogging, but his muscles are sore so he comes home and repairs the dollhouse. Dalton and Darwin are still going strong.

Dakota takes a bubble bath and confirms that the plant will prevent them from stupidly getting out of the tub the wrong way.

Oh the unfairness of having to learn to potty.

Destiny was coming to put him to bed, but he just had to have a little nap on the floor first.

Another day done, everyone is going to bed. Tonight, the house was asleep by 2 am.

Damian wakes up the next morning and he decides it is his responsibility to wake everyone up.

After getting Dante and Destiny up, he just stands in their room for an hour. Just standing there.

Moving on, he needs a bath (they both do) and Destiny has been told four times to give him a bath. She doesn’t want to and keeps dropping the action from her queue.

Dalton is working on the last two badges – today is starting fires. I mean science stuff.

Dante is on the ball and comes quickly to put out the fire, while Dalton just stands there in the fire and Darwin cries.

After the fire, everyone is a little tense. Dante and Destiny have a plan to work off the tension.

Darwin has mastered the potty and there isn’t any peepee on the floor.

Dante gives Darwin a bath and then they play a little. Then everyone heads to bed early.

Except for these two, who went swimming. They got caught out in the rain and are trying to get back to the house.

They went to bed so early that they almost missed watching the Countdown to Midnight.

As it was, only three of the four enjoyed the evening. Destiny had her accident for this pregnancy, and Dalton left to pee and missed the fireworks.

Speed 3 is really a myth in large households. Just as everyone gets to sleep, that one sim must get up to eat or pee. Tonight it is Damian.

As Damian finishes eating and heads back to bed, it is time for Darwin to get up and deal with his needs.

Morning comes and now everyone is awake again. Dante is still working on the the bodybuilder aspiration and Damian is trying to find something to do with his time. Currently he is crying about a nightmare he had after he went back to sleep.

One bathroom is rough with a large family.

Darwin needs to get to level 3 in movement, although I would like to see level 4 so he can run around instead of just walk.

Today is New Skill Day, so he masters movement really fast.

Damian is sent out to sea. Or rather, he is told to go play in the ocean. Whatever.

Dante delayed going to work as long as possible. He is so late that his boss is calling to see where he is and if he is coming to work today.

Darwin has become a Happy Toddler, continuing the tradition of achieving the goal before the next baby is born.

Damian has a birthday and is now a child. He rolls Loves Outdoors and takes the motor aspiration. It looks like he was coming back from playing in the water and grew up on the stairs.

Darwin is the only toddler in the house for the moment. But Destiny just went into labor.

Finally, they have a little girl – Debora.

Damian gets up for a 1 am snack and realizes the bassinet has an occupant. He is happy about having a new sister. Then he eats and goes back to bed.

Dante takes another day of family leave. He has gone to work maybe three days since the challenge began.

Darwin has been working hard today and has mastered everything except thinking, which he is getting close. Dakota is home from school sick and he has mastered mental and is now working on logic.

Darwin becomes the fourth top notch toddler in the challenge.

Destiny completed Painter Extraordinaire and is moving back to Super Parent for now. Actually, she is going to do Leader of the Pack first.

Dante just needs to max his physique and master fitness and he will be done with Bodybuilder. But he has to keep stopping to take care of the kids, take a shower, pee, eat, etc.

Dalton still needs to collect his last badge, but he has earned it. So, Dakota and Dalton have both earned all of the badges and made it to Llamacorn scout. They will only be worrying about making an A in high school, but that won’t be any trouble at all.

Damian had two desperate needs – to pee and to sleep. He chose to use the toilet and then passed out on the floor in the bathroom.

Great yo’ ass out of bed yourself.

It is almost time for Debora’s birthday which means it is time to tell Dante another baby is on the way.

Destiny is working on Leader of the Pack so she creates a club of family members. One of the approved activities is woohoo between club members. Which means Dante and Destiny, of course.

While the older boys do their homework, Destiny reads to Darwin. He is so ready for his birthday.

After homework, everyone pitches in to help Damian finish his project. They do all help even if they aren’t there now. Darwin can’t help but he can talk while they work.

Debora becomes a Charming toddler with mom’s hair and dad’s eyes.

After grabbing a bite to eat, Destiny tells Debora it is time to start potty training. She is agreeable, for the moment.

Destiny was trying to get Debora to sleep when she passed out on the floor. Dante called it quits on his exercising to come and read Debora a story so she would fall asleep. When Destiny woke up, she went straight to bed.


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