Dewtail Genetic Roulette, Chapter 7

Destiny is working on Leader of the Pack and apparently it has a Charisma requirement that I forgot. She purchased the Great Kisser trait in preparation of the Popularity aspirations so she puts it to work now.

Disrupting their flirty time is Debora calling for help getting out of bed.

They ignore her and continue their flirty time. Until Dante has to leave for work because he didn’t take the day off in time.

That leaves Destiny home with the toddlers. Debora needs to potty training so that is what they do.

I almost forget about Darwin and find him playing quietly with the tablet.

The boys come home from school just a little bit tense. They are sent to do their homework and extra credit work immediately and then they are free to do whatever. Damian finishes the arts badge, just leaving the fitness and outdoor badge to complete.

Debora is not having fun on the slide, but she is kept there until she learns how to run.

She gets something to eat after she finishes on the slide, and then she takes a nap on the floor while she waits for Dante to finish taking out the trash so that he can put her to bed.

Oh, Damian finished the arts badge earlier, then he finished the science badge, and then he was down to just two badges remaining. All five kids are in this picture, including Debora sleeping on the floor.

Everyone is sleeping except Destiny. She is making drawings on the tablet to sell.

They hired a caterer and while he did make four or five meals, he also left three on the cutting board.

Destiny was able to finish those up the next morning when she got up.

Another school day and the boys are out of the house. Darwin is getting close to his birthday and Debora needs a diaper change and more time on the potty.

Someone smashed the dollhouse again and Darwin is the only one in the area.

Dante scolds him and then puts him to bed for a time out. Darwin sleeps through the rest of the day.

Debora has mastered communication and the potty. She is level 4 movement and level 1 in both imagination and thinking. She probably has about one day to become a Happy Toddler before the next baby is born.

Darwin is just standing there pooping his diaper. Just ignore him.

Oh the birthday surprise. I mean, I knew that it was Dakota’s birthday, but without cake you never know exactly when they are going to get taller and older. Dakota rolls Erratic plus Geek and he takes The Curator aspiration.

Darwin is worried now. He has bubbles also, and he really doesn’t want to have his birthday with a poopy diaper.

Darwin spends his last day as a toddler doing fun stuff. Debora tags along watching him.

Darwin isn’t sure he likes having her follow him around just watching him. But Debora is now a Happy Toddler.

Which is good timing because Destiny is in labor with baby #6.

Dante plays with Debora to improve her movement skill, this time while Darwin watches.

Dennis joins the family – baby #6 and boy #5. The house is full so they will have to wait until Dakota moves out before they can begin having babies again.

Both toddlers are happy to meet their new brother. Darwin is just happy because today is his birthday and he is going to get taller soon.

Debora masters movement, plus communication and potty. Two more skills to go.

Dante is supposed to be working out, which is good that swimming builds fitness. It seems like it takes forever to get the last few levels in fitness.

Dakota doesn’t have school today since it was his birthday, so he is helping out with Dennis while Destiny works on some paintings.

He also puts Debora to bed, where Darwin has put himself to bed. Last nap as a toddler.

Dante is looking good, if he would just master the skill.

Darwin wakes up a little bit taller and realizes he is a Dog Lover. Sorry, boy, no pets in this challenge, but maybe when you move out.

With Darwin becoming a child he is able to join the family club, and quickly allows Destiny to complete the Leader of the Pack aspiration. Her next aspiration will be Friend of the World.

Dante is finally to level 9 in fitness. Destiny is keeping the family club active and she purchased several of the skills boost (fitness was one) to see if that will help him master the skill.

Dakota went swimming, and I love that they will randomly go swimming in the lagoon.

Damian is still working on the fitness badge. Soon, boy, soon.

Darwin is just starting on his badges, but it is Saturday so he should make good progress over the weekend.

Debora is working on imagination and thinking. She has three days until her birthday, so she has plenty of time.

Destiny masters parenting – six kids in, I would hope so.

Dalton is is working on mastering mental since he was already at level 9. Debora takes a break from playing to talk with him while he is practicing.

Dante has finally mastered fitness and completed Bodybuilder. This just means he will live for a very long time once he is an elder. It also means that he will probably not be taking any more potions of youth. We’ll see how I feel when it gets close to his birthday.

Dalton masters mental and switches over to leveling logic. If he can get to level 3 logic then he will already have his skill in place for this teen grades.

Dante and Dakota meet and greet each other with a hug.

Darwin wakes up Debora so that he can work on his two social badges.

A wild Saturday night in the Dewtail household.

Once Darwin is done with his badges, Dakota is elected to put her back to bed with a story.

If only she could have stayed, but after he left she realized she should have gone to the potty first. So this time Destiny is putting her back to bed.

As I was loading the game, I noticed this cool fella living on one of the neighboring islands.

Well this looks like a great start to the day.

Dakota is there to give her some attention and a quick hug.

She asks Destiny to let her watch cartoons so, okay.

Dennis becomes an Angelic toddler with dad’s genetics – gold hair and brown eyes. That makes six of six kids with their parents’ genetics.

It doesn’t seem as though I am taking that many pictures at the moment. Dakota has done everything he needed to and is just helping around the house as needed. Well, he does still need to get an A in high school but he can’t do anything about that until Monday. Dalton is in the same place, but he is just waiting for his birthday to become a teen. Damian down to one last badge, but they will need to travel to a park for that one. Darwin is working steadily on his badges – boring. Debora is waiting for her birthday. And, Dennis just became a toddler. Destiny and Dante are painting a lot at the moment as they try to complete the Fabulously Wealthy aspiration together. Anyways, more next time.


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