Dewtail Genetic Roulette, Chapter 8

This will be another chapter without any new babies. At this point, they are waiting for Dakota to become a Young Adult and move out. Then they can begin working on more babies. All of the six oldest kids are about four days apart, so once Dakota moves out, then four days later Dalton should move out and on down the line.

There is work that needs to be done while waiting on Dakota to reach his birthday in ten days. Dakota needs to achieve an A in high school.

Dalton needs to have his birthday to teen.

Damian needs to complete the last badge – outdoor.

Darwin needs to complete his badges – four to go – plus he needs to improve his grades in school.

Debora needs to master her two last skills – imagination and thinking.

Dennis needs to reach Happy Toddler at a minimum, but anything less than Top Notch Toddler will feel like slacking.

Dante and Destiny need to complete both Fabulously Wealthy and Soulmate.

Debora does her part by mastering the two last skills while the older boys are at school.

As for this group, Dakota improved his grade to an A and Darwin is now sitting at a B. Dalton and Damian go to school just to get them out of the house for the moment.

Gotta love Mondays.

Dennis begins working on his skills, starting with communication, which is the easiest and fastest.

Debora finds the tablet and she plays one of the games.

Mornings are a madhouse and somehow Debora never got a chance to ask for a bath. Destiny and Dante went back to bed while the boys all went to school. Dennis is still sleeping also.

Destiny catches Debora making a mess and they have a pleasant chat that ends in a hug. Debora doesn’t promise that it won’t happen again though.

Dante and Destiny are working on Soulmate because that is actually a fairly quick one to finish when already married to best friend and soulmate.

Dalton comes home from school early as he is too old for elementary school now. And he seems to be having trouble with his hair line. And fashion sense. Also, he rolls Self-Assured plus Cheerful and takes the Party Animal aspiration.

Dennis is finally awake and begins working on his skills.

Since Dante and Destiny are still working their way through seven dates, Dalton sits down to do his homework where he can chat with Debora.

Dennis is an angelic toddler so he does what he is told.

He finally catches someone’s attention and gets his diaper changed.

Still working on those dates. They are both exhausted and hungry but they must complete the dates.

Dalton talks to his doctor about hair implants and other treatments and they are able to fill in the balding spot and thicken his hair up a bit. He also updates his outfits to something not awful.

Okay, I took the day, slept, and recovered from a flu-like virus. Now it is time to make some progress. Starting with the toddlers… the oldest toddler is Debora. She has already mastered all of her skills and today is her birthday. She is already bubbling so the sparkles shouldn’t be far away.

That means Dennis is our sim of focus. He already has done a lot of work no his skills but he is not a Happy Toddler yet. So today, he is going to be working pretty hard.

Damian and Darwin are the two children and they both already have an A in school. Damian has one badge remaining while Darwin has two badges remaining. They will be working to complete their remaining badges later. For today, they will be on their own – and going to school.

Dakota and Dalton are both teens. They have both completed all of their badges and Dakota has an A in school. Dalton still has a B but that will be remedied today when he goes to school. Dakota still has eight days until his birthday, so the goal is to get eight days played.

Dante and Destiny are on the last tier of their Soulmate aspiration. Destiny needs one more gold date and they both need to complete a lot of romantic gestures.

Debora comes in to check on Destiny and Dante. She has been calling one or the other over to play with dolls for awhile, but they aren’t coming.

Why are they ignoring that poor miserable forgotten toddler? Seriously, Debora is just sad because no one has talked to her in the last few hours.

Dante and Destiny continue with the romantic gestures, ignoring Debora, until they both complete the aspiration.

Dalton brings home an A, so all of the school age kids now have an A.

Debora comes out to meet Dakota and asks for a story.

Dennis really stinks and he is really sad.

Dalton comes over to give him a bath but Dennis just wants a hug. Spoiler: he also got a bath.

It takes forever but finally Dakota and Debora hook up for a story.

I am just keeping them busy so that they don’t get into trouble or make messes. Darwin is working on the fitness badge and Damian is keeping him company. Dennis is watching them.

Destiny and Dante are working on Fabulously Wealthy now. They are creating paintings and selling the ones that aren’t masterpieces. They are keeping one masterpiece of each size, style, and composition to decorate the house. Which means their bills are increasing weekly.

Dalton is elected to read Dennis to sleep. Debora puts herself to bed at the same time. After the toddlers are asleep, the rest of the kids work on homework and extra credit.

Debora doesn’t sleep long before she finds herself becoming a child. She rolls Perfectionist and takes the Mental aspiration. Oh, she is going to need a bed also as she will no longer fit into the toddler bed.

I heard someone crying in their sleep and found Debora whimpering because no one remembered her birthday.

Dennis has mastered the potty! One down, four to go.

After mastering the potty, he begins watching Destiny paint. He reaches level 3 and becomes a Happy Toddler. Look at the happy face.

Destiny takes a break from painting to read him to sleep. He is not a happy toddler, he is a sad toddler.

Dante manages a promotion which is amazing since he rarely goes to work. He is level 7, Artist en Residence – Master of the Real branch.

His painting skill is mastered but he is lacking in the logic.

Dennis is awake because he had to potty. Now he is asking for a story.

Destiny reads him three stories before he gets sad about too much reading. Then she plays with him for movement, and works on his flash cards for thinking, before putting him back to bed.

Dante completes the Fabulously Wealthy aspiration and Destiny is not far behind him so she expects to complete the same aspiration later today. Just a few more paintings.

Dante is wandering around the house looking for something to do and Dennis is wandering around the house watching Dante.

Dennis likes being the only toddler at home. That means he gets all of the attention.

Since Dante and Destiny completed Fabulously Wealthy they both switched to Super Parent. Dante needs to do the scolding so that he can get to the last tier with Destiny. So, Dennis belches and farts so that Dante can scold him – ask him nicely to stop.

Dennis really doesn’t want to do this anymore. He really wants to sleep now.

The kids come home from school and after watching a movie together, they all work on their homework. Somehow it gets late and everyone is sent to bed around midnight. I guess they ate after completing their homework, but I didn’t notice.

The first two boys to wake up get assigned cleaning chores. Then there is a kerfuffle over the one bathroom. I added half walls but they don’t count for privacy so the walls were removed.

It is Saturday morning and I remember they still need to go to the park for the fishing badges. So, everyone is woken up and off they go.

Ready, Set, Scatter

While everyone else heads into the park to begin doing things, Dakota checks on Dennis to see why he is sad.

Dante and Destiny are making lunch – chicken and baked potatoes.

Dalton adds his own touch with some burgers.

Dakota was able to give Dennis some milk to tide him over until the food is ready.

And, the children are fishing for the outdoor badge.

Dakota keeps an eye on Dennis and keeps him company.

The food is ready.

Dante left early to go to work and once the children have completed their fishing badge, they are each sent home. Thinking that everyone has left, Destiny picks up Dennis and they head home also.

Except Darwin hadn’t left yet. He was still fishing and ends up being the last one to leave.

As they get home, Dennis notices another kid his size standing out front. She (he?) looks really hot in that coat. The toddler’s name is Casey Michaels.

Dennis is shy around the stranger but he makes an effort to talk to her/him.

He even gets her to build a sandcastle with him.

Casey is most likely a boy based upon his chosen outfits.

Inside, Damian completes his last badge and becomes a Llamacorn scout. Darwin collects his badge and heads over to dance for the fitness badge. Debora still needs a few to go.

Apparently at some point, the swingset took a lightning strike. Damn thing cost §3,000 to replace.


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