Dewtail Genetic Roulette, Chapter 9

Dennis and Casey are still having fun with the sandcastle. I am surprised that he stays long enough to complete it.

Now that is pretty adorable. Casey disappeared back to where he came from once the sculpture was complete.

Damian is waiting for his birthday by playing chess. He masters mental and reaches level 3 logic before the end of the day. And despite the uniform, he quit the scouts since he has already completed all the badges – I hate them leaving every weekend for the meeting.

Debora is home from her meeting, which she had to attend since she hasn’t completed the badges. She is working on the arts badge now and it appears Dakota and Dalton are keeping her company while she draws.

This is Darwin and he has just completed the last of his badges. He makes sure he received the trait and then he quits the scouts.

Dennis is up and chattering with Destiny while she and Dante knock out a bunch of paintings. They need a lot of value in the house to complete the Mansion Baron aspiration. My goal was twelve aspirations between them both – currently they have completed eight and are close on four more. That is combined, they are splitting the progress evenly.

Dennis masters his last skill and is now a top-notch toddler.

Debora realizes she hasn’t completed the two social badges so she tracks down Dennis and begins telling him funny stories.

Dennis is enjoying the feeling of being a top notch toddler. And not being told what to do.

The four older boys spent the day volunteering, to improve their empathy. For Super Parent, there needs to be one child that gains three character traits upon aging to young adult. And it gets them out of my hair. Damian comes home early for his birthday. And then, he is sent right back out to continue.

The neighbors come over and bring some food. When no one was watching them, they slipped off for a quickie in Destiny and Dante’s bed. Eww, really?

They leave looking pretty damned proud of themselves.

Damian gets a little makeover once he is home from his volunteering. Also, he rolled Self-Absorbed plus Loves Outdoors and took the Outdoor Enthusiast aspiration.

Umm, this is umm, Darwin.

Dennis and Destiny have some quiet play time while the older kids are in school.

Then, Dennis heads down to play in the water.

OMG, this is so adorable.

Dennis stays out until he absolutely must go to the potty. He ran the entire way, never even slowing down at the doors.

Afterwards, he takes a nap until the other kids get home from school.

This is the A-Team. Everyone has an A and all of the boys have completed their badges.

Debora is trying hard to get the fitness badge. I wish swimming worked, but I haven’t noticed that it does. Maybe she will try that tomorrow.

The kids’ room is upgraded with better beds and other pretty decor.

It has enough bedding for six children and teens and two toddlers. So far there has only been two toddlers at a time and I am pretty sure all pregnancies from here out will be singles.

Dude! Dennis, why are you waking up Debora?!?

Oh, I see. You could have done that without waking her up.

Anyways, Dennis will be sharing with Debora so they work out who gets which side, and then they both get some sleep.

Dennis gets back up to join the scouts and he goes back to bed. And he rolled Glutton and took the social aspiration.

I gave in and finally went looking for a no privacy mod for the bathroom. It is an old one but it seems to work. If you are using something, please let me know what – since this mod is from 2014.

Dumbass Dalton sets the grill on fire when there was plenty of food in the kitchen. Then he ran away.

When the rest of the family came to watch, he decided to not look like a coward and he put out the fire.

Then he ran downstairs and had a panic attack.

Debora is testing swimming in the ocean for the fitness badge. Spoiler: nope, doesn’t count.

On her way back to the house, she meets a dolphin. Cool. First one since Island Living released.

She is back to dancing for the credit.

And she has completed the last badge. She struts over to the collect her badge, become a Llamacorn scout, and quit the pack.

The kitchen is the happening place, the place to be.

Having the house all to herself for the first time in forever, Destiny enjoys a quiet day of painting.

Back home from school, all six kids are working on their homework. It will soon be time to say goodbye to Dakota.

Dante always looks so thrilled with his promotions. He is now a Professional Painter, level 8.

They decide to keep one of each project that is excellent. So, Dennis volunteers to work on a second project this week. It was only Good despite all of the help.

Dalton spends the day – it is Harvestfest – out on the water.

With everyone happy and at gold level for the holiday, Destiny and Dennis head out to the park to work on aspirations and badges.

Destiny is working on meeting and making friends for the Friend of the World aspiration while Dennis is working on the fishing badge. When he finishes, he heads home.

Hmm. Interesting.

Destiny needs to meet people in different areas and she has been using the Cheerful introduction and her reputation is great, so she is making friends instantly. Which means as soon as she meets a new sim in the third location, she completes the entire aspiration.

As Destiny completes her aspiration, she also earns a Pristine reputation.

She heads home and Dennis comes out to play on the monkey bars for the fitness badge. For some reason, he gets no credit. I know the monkey bar counts, so this sucks for him.

Dennis gives up and heads home.

As I am looking at the other aspirations that Destiny is working on, I remember she needs one of the kids to have three positive character traits. They had spent the last weekend volunteering and then never went back. Dakota is not going to give her three traits, but all of the kids are sent out for another stint in volunteering. One of them is going to be the one to do it.

Dakota tried to get a third positive character trait with a lot of compliments for his siblings. Not enough time, and he becomes the first young adult and will be moving out momentarily. His traits are Geek, Erratic, and Dog Lover. His aspiration is The Curator. He earned Top-Notch Toddler, Scouting Aptitude, Compassionate, and Responsible. See ya later Dakota!

The first thing that happens after Dakota moves out is Destiny and Dante begin working on the next baby. It takes four woohoos to get her pregnant.

She lets Dante know they were successful and Dalton stands there and just pretends he can’t hear her.

After a shower, Destiny takes a walk over to Dakota’s new house. Dakota adopted a dog, Pickles, when he moved out and they are living in a small house on the other side of the island.

Then she walks home. One done. Thirteen to go.

As Destiny gets home, Darwin comes home from school early. It is also his birthday and he is now a teen.

Darwin is pissed that no one remembered his birthday. Everyone else is always just sad, he is the first one I have had that is angry.

Darwin is a Dog Lover and Self Absorbed. He takes the Friend of the Animals aspiration. Ahh, the anger is from the Self-Absorbed trait.


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