Diamonds in the Rough: Gen 1.1

The ISBI challenge is a legacy that is played by controlling only one sim each generation – the TorchHolder. There are points gained by completing tasks and points lost by stupidity. It is lots of fun.


I’m Surrounded by Idiots Challenge

Founding Torch-holder

  • Megan Diamond
    • Traits: Outgoing, Gloomy, Loves Outdoors
    • Aspiration: Master Actress

Megan starts off this challenge by taking a position as an Uncredited Extra and joining the Everyday Extras Talent Agency.  This will be the first time playing the Acting career.  Wish Megan, and me, luck. 

Megan gets a house.  Well, the beginnings of a house.  And, I built it myself – can you tell?  She is now broke, and ready to start the challenge.

Megan checks for auditions and has two choices.  One requires level 2 in guitar, the other requires charisma.  She can’t afford to buy the guitar yet, so she takes the audition that requires charisma.  She spends a little time in front of the mirror waiting to see if there will be a welcoming committee (there isn’t, unless you count all of the cats).

She greets each of the cats, and some are friendly while others aren’t.  She resists the urge to adopt all the cats.  Maybe there will be cats, or dogs, later in the challenge, but not on the first day.

Then she heads down to the local bar.  She meets a lot of sims, male and female – and she raises charisma to level 2.  She was looking for someone new, someone that hasn’t been played, by me, before.

Megan met Dirk Dreamer while she was at the bar Sunday evening and after texting back and forth, he suggested they meet early Monday morning before her audition.  Well, of course, she agreed.  She wants to be an actress and he is a celebrity.

It seemed to go well, even if there were a lot of fans gawking while they were talking.  This will take some getting used to, but Megan wants to be an actress so this goes with the territory.

Then she left for her audition, which she passed.  And they were very impressed that she didn’t even have to bribe anyone to get the job.  She has a gig on Tuesday – a commercial for Salty Suds.  

When she gets home from the audition, she works on her prep tasks for her commercial while she waits for Dirk to answer her text.  He finally is available and he even agrees to come over.  Woo!

They spend the evening getting to know each other better with stargazing.

And then there is the flirting and the sexy stuff and the kissing.

Dirk even suggests they take a selfie together.

Then, they move the party inside.  Dirk doesn’t seem to be fazed by the lack of furnishings and decorations inside – he only has eyes for Megan.

You could call it a successful evening, indeed.

Of course, the next morning Megan attempts to propose and that was not successful at all.  Megan ended up going to work very embarrassed.

She was a professional though and performed her scenes well.  They were very impressed with her work.

Afterwards she hung around to finish eating and was pleased to hear that she would be considered for background acting roles now.  She was exhausted so she headed home as soon as she was done with her pizza.

Well, crap.  She didn’t leave soon enough, apparently.  -5 points

Megan gets home and calls Dirk over while she pees.  She hopes he gets there before she goes to bed, so he can spend the night.

He gets there quickly and she invites him in and asks him to spend the night, and then she heads straight to bed to get some sleep.  He can find his own way around the empty house.

When she wakes up later, she finishes her pizza, while he sleeps a little longer.  She must have stuck it in her bag before she left the set, instead of finishing it.  Unseen off camera, Vlad is frustrated because he didn’t get into the house while they were sleeping, so he doesn’t get anything to drink tonight.

Megan wakes up Dirk and she goes for round two on the proposal.  This time goes much better.  Then she goes back to bed, because she is still tired. 

When the sun comes up, they head down to the park to get married.  That was fun with all of the fans crashing the wedding.

Yeah, get your camera out of my picture.

Dirk has the Phone Fanatic quirk.  He takes a few minutes out of the ceremony to check his social media accounts.  Four-star celebrity has to stay in touch after all.

They are finally married.  The ceremony seemed to take longer than normal.

Then Dirk saunters off, to work, without moving in.  Umm okay.

After Dirk finally gets off work, Megan invites him over again.  She greets Dirk in the bathroom because that is where he headed directly.

Then they walk back out to the front porch where she suggests that since they are married, maybe he should move in.  He agrees that makes perfect sense.

Reading the rules related to the spouse, and I realize I have already lost hard mode (not that it was ever a serious consideration).  Things have been moved by the “Hand of God”.  Oh well.  That means service sims are allowed.  Anyways, introducing Dirk Dreamer…  Bookworm. Genius, and Clumsy.  He has the Computer Whiz aspiration (+Quick Learner) and already has a job as Development Captain (level 6) in the Tech Guru career.  He does not have the skills needed for his next promotion, so we’ll see if he ever earns another promotion.

Dirk’s is a  Proper Celebrity (level 4) with a Good Reputation and has the following perks and quirks…

  • Corporate Partnership
  • Networking
  • Noticeable
  • Influencer
  • PR Agency
  • All-Nighter
  • Giving Back
  • No Touching
  • Phone Fanatic

Megan decides she should build some skills so she can take gigs other than the commercial for Salty Suds.  She works on acting, guitar, and fitness.  They used the money Dirk brought with him to add some furnishings to the house.

And then Dirk comes home from work.  He stands out front and plays on his phone, and then just stands out front for the rest of the evening.  Megan has to call him in for woohoo to get him into the house and into bed before he passes out.  This will be a theme for the first few days.

Calling Dirk to woohoo is about the only way Megan can get him into the house and bed to sleep.  The house is apparently not appealing to Dirk just yet.

And then, he doesn’t get up in time to go to work.  

All of the woohoo eventually results in the pending addition of another Dreamer-Diamond.  It took forever though, not like some of my sims that get pregnant on their first risky woohoo – Megan didn’t get pregnant on risky for four days.

Megan shares this news with Dirk, and he is excited.  That is his excited face.

Yeah, they are really excited.  The ISBI is about to get real.

Scoring: 0

  • Self Wetting (-5):
  • Pass Out (-5): x1 (-5)
  • Failing School (-5):
  • Accidental Deaths (-10):
  • Fires (-10):
  • Social Worker Visit (-15):
  • Single Birth (+5):
  • Twins (+10):
  • Triplets (+15):
  • Negative Character Value Traits Earned by NTHs (-5):
  • Positive Character Value Traits Earned by NTHs (+5):
  • Any sim in the household completing Any Aspiration Milestones (Child and Adult) (+5): x1 (+5)
  • Any sim in the household completing Aspirations (Child and Adult) (+10):
  • Toddler Skills maxed by NTH toddlers (+5):
  • Skills (Child and Adult) maxed by NTH family members (+10):
  • NTH children (Child and Teen) earning an A in school (+5):
  • NTH sims reaching the top of a career (Teen, YA/A/E) (+10):
  • Randomizing every trait and aspiration for an entire generation (+10):
  • Not using spares’ Satisfaction Reward points for an entire generation (+10):
  • Every 100,000 simoleons earned (+20):
  • Immortalizing the Torch-Holder (+5):

House Notes

Cottage Style House Plan



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