Diamonds in the Rough: Gen 1.2

Megan checks to see what Dirk is going to need to keep him happy and inside the house – he needs a computer, which they have.  So, this is all up to him.

Megan is about to leave for work and she gives Dirk this look.  Dirk turns and looks directly at the camera like who is this crazy chick.

The things Megan sees on set.

She heads into hair and makeup to get ready for her commercial.  She feels like she knows what to expect since she has done this before.

She may be the only one who knows what she is doing because her makeup does not look so hot.

He tries again and gets everything looking much better.  After she is ready, she runs through her lines while she waits for time to start shooting.

She walks over and lets the director know that she is ready to begin.  Let’s get that gold… She didn’t – she got a silver because she went for the risky instead of the safe but she hadn’t completed all of her pre-performance tasks.  But, she did get promoted to level 3, Commercial Spokesperson.

Back home, Dirk is drinking in the bathtub.  Maybe that is water, or maybe it is vodka.  Who knows.

While Megan makes and eats dinner, Dirk is running around outside in the rain.  I would say that at least he is dressed… and he didn’t get struck by lightning.

Megan is always so enthusiastic when she is with Dirk and he always looks at her like she needs to calm thefuck down.

Megan is in her third trimester so Dirk decided he needed to research some parenting methods.  But he does remember to go to work on time today.

She decides she is going to focus on charisma and acting skills and only take gigs that use the charisma skills.  So she begins building charisma, for now.  She looks so excited.

Vivian is always the first to die.  Unless Vlad is being stupid.  But normally it is Vivian.

Well crap, Megan.  You were supposed to move faster.  (-5 points)

Dirk finds the new chess table.  Unfortunately, he doesn’t need logic – he needs video gaming and programming.

Megan heads off to her audition and then goes into labor.  She is able to finish her audition without being sent home and gets the part. {yay}  When she gets home, she has 32 minutes to pee before giving birth and she makes it with 6 minutes to spare.  She even has enough time to get out of the bathroom before having to stop to pop out that baby.

Simon Diamond – generation 2.1.  I don’t have a naming theme but my son chose the letter S, so this generation will be brought to you by the letter S.

Dirk came home from work and as normal, stood outside and played on his phone for awhile.  He doesn’t even seem to notice the the thunderstorm and the rain.

Now, he notices and he is complaining about it.  Like someone else made him stand outside in the rain.  I am waiting for him to get struck by lightning.

He heads inside and goes over to meet his son and address his needs – after dealing with whatever is more important on his phone.  Admittedly, he got the right need on the first try and changed Simon’s diaper.

Megan spent the better part of the last day raising her photography skill to level 5 so she could take her own picture to immortalize herself.  She asked Dirk to be in the picture with her and then she framed it and hung it on the wall.  (+5 points)  I am also already counting the points for randomizing traits and aspirations for the first generation (+10) and for not using NTH’s aspiration points for the first generation (+10).  If for some reason that changes, then I will deduct the points.  But, I don’t plan on it at this time.

Random walk-by in the middle of summer.

Followed by a cute cat.

Megan has a few minutes so she repairs the kitchen sink, but she doesn’t have enough time to clean up before leaving for her gig.

They need to hire a new hair and makeup man, because he sucks.

Megan takes a few minutes to practice the scene with her coworker.  She really wants the gold today.

She goes all out and does the risky on everything.

She probably should have peed before telling the director she was ready, but she made it through the filming without losing any points.  After finished up, she rushed to the bathroom.

Before leaving for home, she found out that she was nominated for an award (check out the award ceremony on Sunday), she was promoted to Guest Star (level 4), and she is now a Notable Newcomer (one star celebrity).  On top of that, she completed another tier of her aspiration (+5).  And, she picks up the Networking fame perk.

Who the.fuck are you?

Megan promptly asks him to leave.

She must have said something scary.  He left.

Simon becomes an independent toddler, and he is too adorable for words.  So, here are many pictures.  He is sad because of the thunderstorm, which makes him more adorable.

Megan starts Simon off with his potty training.  He is agreeable to her assistance, at least for now.

Dirk comes home and once again stands outside in the thunderstorm to play on his phone.  I am still waiting for him to get struck by lightning, and it will be his own fault.

When he finally comes into the house, he finds the new bookcase.  He does everything on his own except play video games or practice programming.  Yeah, his aspiration and career are going to be stuck for life.

Simon was willing to go along with Megan’s potty training three times.  Then, he had enough.

After spending a lot of time on his potty training, Megan asked Simon what he wanted to do, and of course he wanted to play.  I would have moved out of the bathroom, but whatever.

Since it was getting close to bedtime, Megan took Simon into his room to read him a story and start settling him down for the night.  He was not in the mood for a story though.  Toddlers can be such a challenge.  I was going to say independent toddlers, but generally it is all toddlers.

Needless to say, he listened to the story anyway.

Then, Megan read him a second story while he fell asleep.

Megan gets up in the middle of the night to pee and while she is up, she wakes up Simon to also make a trip to the potty.

Simon gets out of bed and walks around Megan…

And when he is out of her reach, he says NONONONO.  But he is not far enough away because he still has to go to the potty.  After Megan takes him to the potty she puts him back to bed.  Because everyone needs more sleep.

Oops.  I wasn’t paying attention, and just as Dirk was about to leave for work, I popped them into CAS to give Simon his makeover.  Now Dirk is standing out front without the action to go to work.  I guess Dirk is taking family leave since it is still an option for him.

Free actions: “You may choose to take vacation days or family leave for NTHs via the phone.”

Simon is waiting to talk to Dirk.

The reason Simon is waiting to talk to Dirk is because Megan has his attention first/second.  By the time Megan gave the big news to Dirk, he forgot he was going to ask Dirk for food.

“Each Torch-Holder must have at least two children.”

Well, now what?… Oh, wait – food magically appeared on the table.

Simon doesn’t question the magic and goes to get something to eat and heads over to the couch to eat yummy eggs and toast.

After he finished eating, Megan was trying to get a photo of him for the wall.  He refused to cooperate.  She kept putting him on the couch and just as she would take the picture, he would get down.

He wanted Dirk to teach him to talk, so she got a picture of them – again of Simon’s back.

Dirk spent a long time with Simon teaching him to talk but it didn’t quite get him to level 2.  Hopefully he finds the teddy cat soon.

Megan lost her fame, and then I remember about posting to Simstagram to maintain it.  She posts as soon as she gets home from her audition (she got the gig).  This time she will be on a TV show called Wild Flames.  She needs to practice romantic scenes and develop her comedy skill.  She was going to stick with charisma, which is still the plan, but the only charisma gigs were commercials and she needs a TV show for her aspiration.

When she gets home, she calls for Simon to come outside so she can take some pictures of him.  Then it is time for them to both potty and head to bed.  Got to save the points for later.

Scoring: 30

I am keeping the detail in a spreadsheet and will post it periodically, but not in every post.


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