Diamonds in the Rough: Gen 1.4

This story really has been tame as I read others and I am okay with that.  I am sure the time is coming when things will fall apart.  For now, I am enjoying the fact that they still have positive points.  I decided to also throw a little randomness into the mix with the random legacy roller.  Since I am already committed to Megan and Dirk as a couple and they already have three boys, Megan just rolled for the generational goal and the miscellaneous goal and not the full random roll.


  • Themed Display: Megan will create a themed display somewhere in their house or yard. The display must contain at least 10 items, plant and craft level excellent or higher, from at least two different collections or craft disciplines, and must contain at least one craft and one collected item.
    • The theme is left up to Megan, but examples include: space, botany, flowers, and animals.
  • Seasonal “Fun”: Each season Megan must decorate their house & wardrobe according to the season, as well as do something to celebrate the season.
    • Megan will make the changes on Sunday of each week.

Simon is still sad and moping around because of the newest member of the family.

After Dirk and Simon leave for the day, Megan has some play time with Sully.

After play time comes study time – Megan spends time teaching Sully how to use his words.  You would think that would be a good thing.

But when Megan went to do something else, Sully took the moment to kick the dollhouse to shit because he was angry about all the words.

Megan scolded him for the damage and then left it broken.  Sully doesn’t seem to care because he never got sad about it being broken.  He just left the room and went potty.

Of course, after he uses the potty he feels the need to wash his hands in the toilet.  It has been awhile since a toddler has played in the toilet.  Lately they have all wanted to make messes by painting the floor.

Damn, Simon.  Someone needs a serious soaking.  I don’t think a simple shower will do anything for him.  His sweater might actually be green but the overall look is pretty nasty.

Megan has some things to do, so instead of getting some sleep she drinks some coffee.  This will prove to be a bad choice.

Dirk comes home and while he doesn’t stand out in the street this time, he doesn’t come into the house either.  I don’t know how long he stood out there.  I wasn’t paying attention and had forgotten to watch for him, and at some point realized he was home from work.

When the call of the tub becomes really strong, then he heads in for a bubble bath.  That tub could call me anytime – I would spend a lot of time in it.

Trying to get everyone to bed – she should have just left them to figure it out alone, but she is trying to avoid failures – Megan has actions to put both Simon and Sully to bed.  She stood there watching Simon after he went to bed, and it took me a few minutes to realize she was hung waiting for Sully.  So, I went looking for Sully.

Unfortunately, Dirk jacked up the queue by deciding to give Sully a bath in the middle of Megan’s actions.  Megan was able to finally get the right actions canceled and made it to the toilet before she peed herself.  Then she put Sully to bed and changed Saxon’s diaper.

She did not make it to her own bed in time to sleep.  I should point out that Dirk is sleeping which means they went for the woohoo most likely which is probably why she is passed out.  Otherwise he tends to just nap until right before it is time to go to work, at which point he decides to get into bed to sleep.  -5 points.

Simon and Dirk meet in the kitchen for a middle of the night raid of the fridge.  I sometimes run into my son in the same place at the same time.  Of course, in our case I am waking up and he is getting ready to go to sleep, but the end result is the same – we eat and drink and have a little conversation.  They are both eating a high energy protein plate.

Dirk decides the dollhouse has been broken long enough and he repairs it before Megan wakes up.

Saxon is crying and Simon is blocking access to the bassinet, so Megan influences him to do his homework so that she can get to the baby.

Breakfast with the family on Saturday morning is a disjointed affair but at least Simon will have his homework done for the weekend.  Megan is still working on decorating the house for the season, but they are short on money and the box of decorations only spits out certain types of items.  She will change everyone’s clothing on Sunday of each week, which will be the first day of each season.

I have never seen them play with a helicopter and the dollhouse at the same time.  I will start putting a random toy in each child/toddler’s inventory to see if the other kids will do the same thing.

Saxon will become a toddler on Sunday, so Megan is pushing Sully to reach happy toddler first.  She also has to go collect an award on Sunday, if I remember to take her.  Hopefully, Saxon will have his birthday early enough and they can all go together.

Fine, throw a tantrum, just don’t pass out.  Sully is tired and he is tired of playing with the blocks.  Actually, he is tired of doing anything that is productive so Megan puts him to bed.

Woohoo is a risky, risky thing.  Eventually it will catch up with them.  So far it hasn’t this time but it is the only way to get Dirk to sleep in the bed, most of the time.  And it is the only/fastest way to build Megan’s fun.  TV is too slow.

Saxon becomes a wild toddler and adds to the chaos of the household.  He also grow up with the same hair as Simon and Sully but enough of that and he got a different hairstyle.

Megan swaps out the decorations for the beginning of winter and puts up the fall decorations.  I am not one for decorating the house, especially seasonally so this will be a little bit of a challenge for me.

Sully is up and he is hungry.  Instead of asking for food from Megan, who is standing right there… he is heading in to wake up Dirk, who is sleeping, because if he is angry, everyone else needs to be miserable also.

Wah wah wah – Sully wants attention.

Megan comes in right behind him with a plate of food and tells him to go eat, but it is too late and Dirk has been woken up already.  Sully likes the idea of food though so he takes the plate and goes to eat.  Dirk is trying to figure out why he is awake.

Simon has spent his lazy Sunday playing with the chemistry lab.  Literally all day.  His needs are horrible now, but I can’t tell him to quit.

Dirk checks on Saxon who is sleeping away his lazy Sunday morning.  Growing up is hard work.  Since they will be going to the award show in the evening, it is good for Saxon to be sleeping.

Megan is still hoping Sully can become a happy toddler, but he is not really caring about all that.  She keeps him on the potty until he masters it, leaving just thinking at level 2.  Then she puts him to bed and heads to bed herself. +5 points for master potty

Dirk is waiting for someone who wanted him to play dolls, but since they never came he just played with his phone instead.  At some point, he loses a celebrity star due to becoming irrelevant.  Because he had high enough celebrity, he will never drop below level 3, but he doesn’t do anything to actively maintain his fame.

Saxon is finally awake and snags some pancakes, which he eats while Sully sleeps.  All of these boys are so cute and adorable.

Dirk checks on Simon who is still experimenting on the chemistry lab.  He has gained two full levels of the mental skill.  Dirk is asking him about school and Simon replies that school smells like a dirty sock.  Seriously.

Saxon wanders in for a hug and then wanders back out to play on the tablet.

Dirk makes himself useful and cleans up while Megan is still sleeping.  Since she is sleeping, I am just watching.

And the wild sneaks out – Saxon is going for a naked walkabout.  It is the first day of winter, and time to leave for the award show, so Saxon won’t be outside naked for long.

Megan and the family head down to Studio PBP at 7 pm to see if she can receive an award she was nominated for several weeks ago.

Saxon is continuing his nakedness because he can.

Megan suggests that they all head inside and find somewhere to sit.  I am amazed that they all are able to sit down.  I am even more amazed that Saxon put his clothes back on.

At this point, I think the ceremony is over and a waste of time.  Megan hasn’t won and Sully is making messes.  Saxon needs a diaper change so Megan does that while Dirk heads over to check on Sully.  Then I look at the clock and it says the ceremony lasts until 11 pm and it is only 9:30, so there is still time.  Megan tells everyone to sit back down. (They don’t)

Dirk distracts Sully with some communication skills.  No one ever cleaned up the mess though.

Finally, after I thought it was over, they finally announced Megan as a winner of the Starlight Accolade for Best Acting!  She needs to level her acting skill and she will complete another aspiration tier.

Sully was so over the whole event though and he tracked down Saxon just so he could hit him.  Sully is a major handful – and he is the silly toddler.

Saxon was not impressed although after his initial reaction both boys started giggling.  Boys are idiots.

With the show over, Megan takes everyone home.  Sully sums up the entire evening.  He has to potty and he is starving, but he is not tired.

Megan picks Saxon up and takes him to bed, leaving Sully to find the potty and some food.  Saxon, on the other hand, is exhausted.

Instead, Sully kicks the shit out of the dollhouse first.  Again, I should say.  I believe this update basically started with Sully destroying the dollhouse.

Then he heads to the potty where he throws a tantrum before using the potty.  Megan walked in, laughed at him (seriously), then went to bed.

One need down (potty), one to go (food).

Finally, with all of his most urgent needs resolved, Megan gets up and puts him to bed.  Maybe they can all get a little sleep before Monday morning starts.

Scoring: 30

  • +5 master potty – Sully
  • -5 passed out – Megan x1


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