Drifting Along, House 001.1

I lost the connection with my last drifting family and decided to start over.  For those that are not familiar with this challenge, here is a link to the blog where it lives: Drifter Challenge.  I am not going to list out all of the rules, or even the most important ones.  But here is some information…

  • House 001 takes place on the Agave Adobe lot in Oasis Springs.
  • Household funds start at zero.
  • The Drifter is the only playable sims.
  • House 001 Goals:
    • 1-bedroom, 1-bathroom house worth at least §30,000
  • Birth and raise the next heir to Young Adult – the first baby born, or named in case of multiples is the heir.
    • The challenge for this house ends as soon as the heir becomes a Young Adult.

That means there needs to be a new founder for House 001.  Melody’s traits were randomly rolled and then she selected the aspiration of Soulmate.

  • Clumsy, Jealous, Perfectionist

Melody moves into her empty lot and she just stands there.  Because there is nothing to do.  While Melody is standing there, I take a moment and delete all of the other houses.  Before they can be bulldozed, I have to evict all of the current residents.  {mind-numbing boring}  Then I have to go into each lot and bulldoze the lot and then bulldoze the terrain.  Fourteen times I accidentally clicked into the gallery instead into build mode.  Yes, I counted.  Three times I went into CAS (create a new household to move in).  Once all of the houses and community lots have been bulldozed in Willow Creek and Oasis Springs, I then delete all sims from the game, except for Melody.  Even Count Clad was deleted – does this mean there won’t be any vampires ever?  We’ll see, but I bet there will be some generated by the game as time passes.

75 hours later… Melody is still standing at the edge of her empty property.  She is literally alone – the last sim in the world.  What comes next?

Oh yeah.  “Place a Restaurant on The Futures Past Lot in Oasis Springs.”  Chez Llama by Maxis was added to the Futures and then I added lot traits: Chef’s Kitchen, Party Place, and Romantic Aura.  I didn’t make any changes to the restaurant – it is as Maxis made it.

“Partake in science and taste test Chez Llama’s most experimental dishes. If it doesn’t look like what you think you ordered, then it is a successful and delicious meal! What? Don’t be scared, they only serve edibles.”

Before starting it is time to make sure the Game Options are correct: yes, they are.  Seasons length is changed to 14 days with rain and snow options for all weather.  And, the sims will begin opted out of the fame game.  I even turned on Show Whims.

Back with Melody once again, she gets the lot traits of Private Dwelling, Gnomes, and Penny Pixies (the amount of found simoleans is never very much).

Then I took away all of her simoleans.  Yeah, it is time to begin. {finally}

Since Melody is going to be fishing to start off, she takes a part-time job as a Fisherman – level 1 Goldfish Hunter.  She also switches her aspiration to Angling Ace.  She doesn’t have any requirements for this house other than to build the house and raise the heir.  So she is going to play fast and loose with her income opportunities.

With the preliminaries done, she heads down to the closest fishing spot and begins to learn how to fish.

She has a lot of learning to do.

The first sim to come wandering by is Kalani – the mermaid.  They glance at each other and then Kalani runs off leaving Melody to her fishing.  They didn’t even introduce themselves.

The first thing that Melody catches is not a fish.  It is a future cube.

Then she catches a second future cube.

Deciding to take a break from fishing for awhile, Melody heads across the stream to dig up a fossil.  A broken fossil.

This is getting embarrassing – she still has not caught a fish, now she has fished up a toy robot.

Okay, this box was a good one – she found a working digital sketchpad.  Yay for not having to buy one.  And she finally caught her first fish – a trout.

Her bladder is yelling now, so she is desperate for a place to pee.  She sells the future cubes, the broken fossil, a frog she caught, and a crystal she dug up.  She keeps the fish, robot, and sketchpad.

That gives her §862 to spend on a toilet, a fish trap, bookcase, and a cooler.  She is out of simoleans, but she can pee now.

She can also eat.  Now she needs to meet someone because she is getting lonely.

After trying to place the fish trap and realizing that she can’t put it in the water unless she can get in the water, she sells the fish trap for a loss.  She heads back out to finish collecting shit.  She stops to fish at one of the fishing spots because she needs to catch five fish for her current aspiration.

She is finally catching more fish than junk but she is running out of steam and it is getting late.

By the time she catches the fifth fish, she is sad with loneliness.  But she gets to go back to her empty lot – her home, now.

She is dragging and moping and heads straight for the bench out front.  She will sleep now and worry about selling her collectibles in the morning.

She is still stubbornly holding onto the toy robot and the sketchpad, but she was able to sell everything else and buy an air mattress bed.

Monday morning comes way too early.  Melody has to get up before the sun comes up, because that is the best time to fish.  I guess.

She heads off for her first day at work – oh, joy.

She takes some chances at work and really improves her work performance, but she doesn’t quite get enough for a promotion.  Maybe tomorrow.  For now, she is heading back to bed because she is literally minutes away from passing out.  Surprisingly, she actually makes it to bed without passing out.

Monday passes in a blur.  Melody was so exhausted that she slept almost all day.  When she finally dragged her ass out of bed, she headed over to try to catch some fish.  She didn’t even bother to change first.  She caught a few things but nothing big.

She was able to buy a sink to help fight off the filth, but she really wants a shower.  That is next on the list.

Tuesday comes and it is still way too early to be getting up.  Melody is hoping she can find another job soon.

The day at work wasn’t so bad because she earns a promotion.  Since this is a part-time job, the bonus for the promotion was small and the reward she was given is worth nothing.  Literally.  With her promotion, Melody is now a River Wrangler, level 2.  One more promotion to go and she will start looking for another job.

After getting some more sleep, Melody gets up in the middle of the afternoon and wanders around looking for someone to talk to…  She finds Kelly, who is actually her mailman.

She talks to him long enough to find out he is Paranoid, Active, and Good.  But he will lose his job if he marries into her household and since he can’t be controlled, he won’t be able to get another one.

Then Davin wanders by and she makes his acquaintance, but she doesn’t get to learn anything about him.  Once both of the men have left, she finishes making a collection run and then goes home to sleep.

And woo! Melody collected enough to buy a shower.  She splurged and got the one that matches her toilet and sink.  And, she is back to broke again.

Another day at work and the Melody comes home and goes back to bed.  When she wakes up later that afternoon, she calls and invites Davin over so that she can get to know him better.

Davin is angry when he first gets there and it makes it a struggle to have a pleasant conversation.

But Melody is patient and persistent and eventually she learns his traits (Paranoid, Self-assured, Foodie) and the fact that he is not currently employed. {sigh}  Also, the lottery is today and as much as Melody would love to play, she can’t afford the ticket, and she would be devastated to have to give all of the simoleans away if she happened to win.

Kelly stops by – he was out for a walk and just happened to be in the neighborhood.  Neither sim stays around much longer and Melody is off to fish until bedtime.  She is really hoping to pick up something with some value.

Exhausted and needing to pee, Melody heads home.  She hopes that she can get there before the bladder gives way.

She is so close.  But not quite there.  She is lucky in that even though she passes out, when she wakes up she is able to get to the toilet without making a mess.  And then she heads to bed.  This first week has been a challenge, but she is making progress.  Not on the house yet, but on the spouse.  And it is only Thursday morning, so she still has plenty of time.

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  1. Whew that first week really is rough for a drifter isn’t it? Man, I still want to try it though and she isn’t doing TOO bad yet. 🙂

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