Drifting Along, House 001.2

Melody is dragging through the week.  Being a fisherman is just not working for her.  She is hanging on by her fingernails trying to get that last promotion.  But then she comes home and has to sleep all day.  She is never going to have a life this way.

After getting some sleep, she is back at the fishing spot trying to see what she can catch.  Then she makes a round of the neighborhood on a collection run.

The last day of work for this first week comes, she checks the check, and then loses the promotion at the last minute.  Which totally sucks.

Melody sells all of the collectibles taking up space in her backpack and then she tries to build a house, or a shack, or walls.  Something.  Instead she decides to get a laptop and buys a counter and stool so that she can use the laptop.

Then she decides to check out the odd jobs and takes one cleaning up the beach.

Right after she agrees to do the job, she realizes that she can’t travel anywhere and she cancels the job.  Kenya is not happy with Melody but understands that shit happens.  Although she does think that Melody is flaky, and that might be pretty accurate.  She also realizes that all of the odd jobs will require traveling so they are not an option.  And since she is over the fisherman thing, she decides to quit her job and become a freelance artist.

Melody looks through the jobs available, there are only three that she is qualified to take, but one pays more than the other two, so she accepts that gig.  She needs to create some Icons for Sims Forever by Tuesday morning.

She contacts the customer to chat about the requirements, and the customer is rude as hell.  That really sets her off and even though she tries to start on the sketches, she realizes that first she needs to get some sleep.

After getting a short nap in, Melody decides to try to finish the sketches.

She gets one approved immediately and reworks the second one.  Then the third one is approved and she reworks the second one again.

Finally all three are approved and Melody gets paid.  At some point, Melody is going to be able to smile for longer than a few minutes.

Melody meets another single young male – and realizes that even though it has been almost a week, MCCC is not populating the world.  And, Stratton is angry and is taking it out on Melody.

Melody decides she need more options.  Any options that would be better than this.

Magnus is determined to be a little bitch.  Melody tries to apologize for whatever is pissing him off, but he doesn’t want to listen.

She tells him to leave.  She has other things to do.

At this point I realized that the world was basically dead.  I had cleared out all existing households but there aren’t hardly any new ones being made.  So, she is going to kind of start over, and I am going to spend a little time on the world first.  I considered having her start over from the beginning since she is still in the first week, but she is only four days in and there is still time to fix whatever is going wrong.  That is what I am telling myself.

First, I added all five of the large households created by Maxis on the gallery.

Then I went through the 4-6 sim households and picked five more to add.  And I left eight housholds that were created by the game – deleting the households that are composed of a single child (there were five of these).  Even though this says they live in Newcrest, everyone was kicked out of their lots and all are homeless now.  It will be up to MCCC to move them into new homes or apartments.

So Melody goes back a couple of days, and it is Thursday morning.  That is where this update started.  That means she is still in the fishing career and only knows Davin and Kelly.  The hope is that the infusion on Maxis sims will find more of a variety walking by her house.

Wait… what?

The aliens return Melody just in time to go to work.  This replay is not going much better than the last one, yet.

Coming home from work, she heads straight to bed, where she sleeps away the day.

When she wakes up, she begins her collection run and she meets Stratton.  They talk for awhile since he isn’t angry and she is able to learn one thing about him.

He is a jealous bitch.  When he walks away, she lets him go.

After finishing her collecting, she reads to try to improve her mood – she needs something fun to do.  By the time she finishes the book it is time to go to work again.

This time around, she earns that last promotion and becomes a Deep Sea Fishing Master.  Now she is going to switch to freelance artist again.  The reward she receives for her promotion is also worth nothing.  EA needs to fix that.

And now the save is glitching.  Sims will start to walk down the street, and then they will flicker and disappear – every sim all at the same time.  And they are not anywhere near the portal.  So, this has been a busy week, but Melody is going to be starting over.  From the beginning.

Since Melody is starting over from the beginning, she tweaks her traits and aspiration to take into consideration the things I have learned.  She is Clumsy, Perfectionist, and Creative.  Her aspiration is changed to Super Parent, and she will be starting off in the Freelance career – as soon as she can afford a laptop and sketchpad.

This time, I didn’t evict and delete all of the premade sims.  And every empty lot now has a residence on it.  All homeless sims were placed into houses and then I went through the Maxis households.  I only chose a few this time and since they couldn’t afford any of the empty houses, they were randomly merged into existing households.  I just realized there are apartments in San Myshuno that they could have moved into.  Okay, they were all stuffed into houses where there was room.

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While I was in the gallery, I found the house that Melody will be “building” once she has accumulated enough simoleons.  Because my building skills suck just enough to stress me out.  Now it is time to let Melody begin again…

…and her simoleons have been thrown away.  She is starting with nothing except a mailbox.  She doesn’t even get a trash can to start.  This time she isn’t going to get a job at first.  She will wait until she has the tools to begin freelancing – laptop and sketchpad.  But, she still has to fish to get started.

She fishes for awhile and then she makes the rounds of the neighborhood looking for collectibles.  Until she needs to pee.  Unfortunately, she hasn’t collected enough to buy the toilet yet.

She is refusing to collect anything else until she pees.

However, she does see some young male sims and she heads over to meet them.

She is not impressed with this mohawk but Adrien seems nice enough.

She finally can’t hold it any more and she pees on herself in front of Adrien.  He decides it is time to go.

Since she doesn’t have to pee anymore, she is willing to continue gathering.  She finally has enough for the toilet, but not for a sink or shower.  So she fishes.  She also catches items other than fish – a future cube and a sketchpad.  That is great.  She needs the laptop so she can chat with her customers, but the sketchpad is half of what she needs, and she doesn’t have to buy it.

She can’t keep her eyes open any longer so she camps out on the bench near her place.  Soon she will have everything she needs.  She just knows that it has to get better.

Monday comes and she has been on her own for 24 hours.  She has been able to add a sink to go with the toilet.  That will help her hygiene just a little.

She decides to begin making paintings on the sketchpad to see if she can sell them instead of going on collecting runs.

She sells her headphones for a display wall and adds the three paintings to it.

She is needy for simoleons so she marks everything up 300% and slowly draws a crowd.

It takes several hours but she sells all three paintings but doesn’t have enough yet for the shower she wants.

She gives in and goes on a collection run.  She is still eating the plants because she hasn’t put a cooler or fridge as a priority.  She is very tired and these are the last three items to collect, but she refuses until she takes a break to eat.

With the collection run complete, plus the simoleons she received for her paintings, she is able to get the basics – toilet, sink, shower, bed, and a counter and stool.  Now she just needs to collect enough for the laptop.

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