Drifting Along, House 001.3

Melody gets some sleep in her new bed and then she takes a shower in her new shower.  She is feeling a lot better now, except that she is hungry.

She heads over to the park down the street and grills some hot dogs for an early morning breakfast.

The hot dogs are bad, but they are hot, at least.

This gives her enough strength to collect what is available.

She even puts in several hours of fishing and is halfheartedly working on the Angling Ace aspiration.

When no one is looking, she takes a break to play in the sand and try to start a sand castle.  But she doesn’t have time for that.  She needs money and then she needs a spouse.

It is time to head back to the lot to pee.  And sleep.

Today’s collecting and fishing was a good one.  She found a camera that takes poor pictures (has to be the camera, couldn’t possibly be an user-error).  With everything that she found and sold, she has just enough for the laptop.  Now she can begin freelancing.

Melody wakes up and goes on another collections run since she only has §3 simoleons to her name.  She can’t even take a gig yet because she can’t buy the canvases that will be required.  She is also getting very lonely so it is time to get to know some potential spouses.

Jacobo is the first one to come over, and he is heading straight for the laptop.

She tries to distract him and it works for a little while, but then he is determined to use the laptop.  She learns that he delivers pizza and knows that he will lose his job when they get married.  She just wants a guy that has a job.

After asking Jacobo to leave, she invites Adrien back over.  He is standing behind the wall talking to himself.  Melody makes a bet with herself that he is Erratic, and she wins.

He also heads for the laptop while Melody continues to get to know him.  He is unemployed which puts him in the same category as Jacobo.

Once she can get him distracted from the laptop, she puts it in her backpack.  It can come out later when everyone is gone.

But he has a phone and he ignores Melody until she asks him to leave.  She just wants a man with a job and she was hoping to not break up any marriages.

And no vampires, even though there are many of them living in Forgotten Hollow.  Or at least, they were living there.  At this point, they probably still are all shacked up with Vlad and the Vatores.

Even Caleb is out taking a stroll in the desert.

Vlad shows up and stands around singing.

Then he gets some water, and breaths are being held.  But he drinks the water and then leaves.  No harm done tonight.

Melody gets to sleep through until morning without any disturbances.

Today is the day when Melody registers as a freelance artist.  Her first gig is the portrait of a deceased relative, which means she only has to spend §100 for the canvas and she will make §130 for the gig.  Maybe she will get a bonus also.

And, she receives §156.  It is a hot, sunny day and she has nowhere to get in the shade.

She quickly completes four more paintings of her own – she wants to get out of here for a little while and she needs to have simoleons in the bank.

As the last painting sells, she realizes that all of the males walking by have been Adults – she would like someone her age if possible.  It is time to go out.  Melody has more than §1k in the bank and before she buys anything, she is going to the restaurant.  Maybe she will meet someone new there.

Chez Llama. The only other building in Oasis Springs.

Yeah that didn’t work out so well.  Everyone there was female, or married, and too old or too young.

Melody did notice that while most sims were there as a family, Victor and Katrina appeared to be on a date.

After fishing and then collecting, Melody is ready to call it a night.

She missed the call from Adrien inviting her to the Bluffs for a party, but maybe next time.  It is time to go home.

After carefully reading the rules related to clubs, Melody decides that she can use the club as an introduction to unmarried young adult males.  Now her contact list is full of men, she tries to decide who she is going to invite over first.

This guy is the lucky guy to have first options.  Vincent rose to the top of the list because he is not a sim that has been used before.  Additionally, he is not married and he has a career.  Now, the question is whether they will get along or not.

While they are getting to know each other, they both decide to build a sandcastle at the same time.

Then they decide to collaborate on one castle and build it together.

There is some cloud gazing and some picture taking.

Then they start flirting.

They get to the kissing stage and Vincent agrees to become her boyfriend.  She knows that he is Creative and Good, and he has a job as a Painter at an art gallery.  She hasn’t discovered his third trait, but the fact that he has a job and is not married goes far.

That is good enough – he is the chosen one.  She asks him to spend the night and they celebrate.  Of course, she still needs to get him to move in and get married, but this is a good place to be.

What is happening?  Crap – Neighborhood Brawl day.  Thankfully the fighting is not a relationship killer.  They actually enjoy the fighting.

So much so that when Melody proposes, Vincent accepts.

Since they can’t go anywhere, they decide to elope immediately.  Of course, that is what all of my sims do.

Vincent and Melody Pope.

While Melody is able to have a successful holiday, none of the fights are registering for Vincent.  Maybe because she is starting them, not him.  Whatever.  Before they get married, Melody has §2,465 in the bank.  After they get married, and Vincent moves in, they have more than that.  So they poof away §19,002 and once again have §2,465 in the bank.

They spend the money in the bank to add a fridge and counters plus another place at the island for Vincent to sit.  He also gets an easel, which hopefully he will use.  And they finally get a trash can.  Vincent is skipping for today apparently since he just moved in – and because I can’t send him.  He is a Hungry Artist, level 3 Painter, so hopefully he won’t lose his job because he skipped today.  Oh, and his third trait is Erratic and his aspiration is to become Chief of Mischief, so that isn’t happening.  Since I don’t see anything in the rules about not being able to change his aspiration, he is switching to Painter Extraordinaire.

Now to un-pause the game and let them begin their day.  Melody heads over for a shower and while I thought vincent was going to make something for them to eat, he just picked the empty glass up from the ground and set it down on the island.

The sand castles are going to get old quickly.

After taking a shower, Melody makes them some brunch and calls Vincent over to eat.

One thing about not having walls yet – random visitors.

Melody takes another gig making a loading screen splash art for a game.  Vincent painted one painting and then went to take a nap.  They need an heir, but not yet.  They won’t have any trouble with the value of the house since Melody is an artist, but she is trying to plan the heir so that it will be spring when he/she/it becomes a young adult and moves out.

That evening, Melody sleeps and Vincent stands guard.

Vincent spends the night talking to the counters.  At some point I realize the lot traits were reset when Melody started over.  This time they get Private Dwelling, Home Studio, and Natural Light.  While looking at the house in build mode I notice there is crap in their inventory.  Vincent sells the books for §1 each plus the career rewards for his first few levels.  Not sure how he got those because he came into the household with the career already, but no one is arguing here.  They only have half of what they need to buy the initial house, so everyone needs to work hard.  The plan is for Melody to get pregnant with the heir on Saturday morning of the first week of summer – each season is 14 days long, so right smack in the middle of summer.  I did math to figure that out and I hope I did math right.

Once they sell the crap from inventory, they have enough to add a stove to the “kitchen”.  And Vincent finally goes to bed.

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