Drifting Along, House 001.4

As the sun comes up on Sunday morning, Melody is one week into this challenge.  She decides today they are going to work on making money.  She begins making paintings with the sketchpad and even Vincent provides a painting or two for the yard sale.  The goal is to have the basic house no later than the end of the week.

They are selling the paintings this way because she can add a 300% markup, which will add up quickly.

While Melody is distracted by the yard sale, Lily snoops through the laptop.  Snoopy little bitch.

At the end of the day, they sold eight paintings and have two left for the next sale.

Vincent and Melody have some couple time as they clean up and prepare for the next day.

Afterwards, Melody sleeps and Vincent takes watch again.

While Melody sleeps, Vincent adds another painting to the inventory.  Then he finally heads to bed.

Monday is part of Vincent’s weekend, so he doesn’t have to go to work today.  Instead, Melody asks him to come fishing with her for the morning.

After she is done fishing – she was working on the second tier of the angling ace aspiration and she wanted the points so she can buy a trait – then she began drawing some more paintings.

When she got back to the house, she had another yard sale and sold all of the paintings.  They now have enough for the shell of the house, but they will have to give up all of their belongings to get it.  Melody decides to wait a little longer because she wants to keep the items they have already purchased.

Melody begins creating more paintings and Vincent adds one also.  They are so close to getting the shell.

When all of the paintings are done, and the table is full, Melody calls for another yard sale.  Even in the middle of the night, she has a lot of customers and everything sells.

It is time for the house.  The house was found on the gallery – by Zoellaz – and they will be placing it unfurnished.

The house is established and they have moved their belongings into the appropriate rooms.  Of course, they ran out of money as they started upgrading this and that.

It is nice to have a house with walls and a roof, but still Vincent stands guard while Melody sleeps.  Most nights he will eventually lay down to sleep but not tonight.  Maybe he is excited about going to work in the morning.

Vincent wandered the house talking to all the furnishings and then it was time to go to work.

While Vincent is off working, Melody checks out the gigs available.  The one that pays the best is, apparently, forgery.  But money is money, and Melody needs more of it.  She takes the job and begins to work.

She did such a great job that her submission is accept on the first attempt and they paid her extra to keep her mouth shut.  There is money in the bank once again.

That was such a great deal that Melody looks for another one.  Since she is wanting to also be creating paintings to sell, she makes three forgeries and then submits them one at a time until one is accepted.  That leaves the other two to go on the table for the next yard sale.

After she receives her payment for another job well done, she starts to get queasy.

She suspects she is pregnant and this really was not the plan.  She is not supposed to get pregnant for two and half more weeks.  She goes to take a pregnancy test, and yes she is pregnant.  So much for the planning and the math.  (this really was a surprise as they have not tried for a nooboo yet.  yay, risky woohoo)

Vincent comes home from work soon afterwards and Melody meets him outside to tell him the good news.

The timing might be off, but they are both happy about the nooboo.

Melody is exhausted and apparently, so is Vincent, so they both go to bed early.

While they are sleeping, all of their simoleons are spent on the house.  At least they get a better bed out of the deal, but they are broken broke now.  Melody can’t even begin a painting because they don’t have enough for the canvas.  And it is so tempting to buy a lottery ticket today, but they will ignore the holiday and be sad tomorrow.

There is no simoleons for canvasses which means Melody isn’t going to be taking any gigs today.

She is going collecting.  Despite being pregnant, her needs play nice and she is able to get everything gathered up.

She even has time to fish for a little while before her bladder sends her rushing home.

Dude!  Vincent earned a promotion on his own.  He has been painting randomly and had built his skill up to qualify for a promotion.  It will be interesting to see if he can do it again.  He is a Watercolor Dabbler, level 4 Painter.

With a little bit of simoleons in the bank, Melody takes another gig.  Vincent is home today and providing the entertainment.

This particular gig requires that Melody meet with the client and she heads out once she finishes the painting.

While she is gone, Vincent begins painting.  He paints a lot and there are plenty of paintings to be sold in the next yard sale now.

Melody comes home from the meeting, early maybe.  She didn’t complete the meeting and is miserable so she takes a bubble and bath and heads to bed.  I believe even Vincent went to bed at some point.

He is working on more paintings.

Melody gets up for breakfast and Vincent takes a break to come cheer her up.  She is in her third trimester and she is miserable all the time.  After eating she heads back out to meet with the client and finally finishes the meeting.  She gets paid well for the gig.

Today is the day for a yard sale.  All of the paintings are from Vincent and Melody is back home from her client meeting.

She has one painting left when she goes into labor.  But, the paintings brought their household funds up to over §10k, so there will be some work done on the house.

After the baby is born.

It is time.

Polly Pope makes her appearance and as soon as she is moved into the other room, Melody goes back to bed.  It has been a long day.

And that pile of simoleons went fast.  The good thing is the house is over the required minimum (currently §31,242) and now they are waiting for Polly to grow up.  Melody will be adding some paintings to the house, if she or Vincent ever paint a masterpiece.  Otherwise the house will get some more decorations when Polly is older.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Melody is tired from everything and she goes to bed and closes the door.  Vincent can take care of the new baby.  And Vincent actually does pretty good, although he does tell her to shush before changing her diaper.

Vincent has been a very good addition to the household.  He is right on top of the messes and the repairs and he is always checking on Polly.

One more gig for Melody today – it is a high paying job for some character concepts.  She needs two pictures so she makes five.  The remaining three go into the inventory for the next yard sale.

By the time Melody finishes her gig and heads over to check on Polly, Vincent has already taken care of everything, so Melody just snuggles and plays with her.

For the moment, everything is quiet.  Vincent watches TV and makes sure that Polly is taken care of.

Melody takes another gig so they can work on the house a little more.  Then she realizes that they don’t have enough simoleons for her to buy any canvases.

Which means she heads out for a collecting run.

That is much better and she is able to create several character sketches.  Unfortunately as she is submitting them for approval there is an exception error and even through she gets credit for completing the gig, and she gets paid for the gig – it is still showing on her panel.  She eventually cancels it and takes the hit on her performance.

With the latest redecorating, Melody decides she wants one of those VIP buckets for the bedroom.  That means she needs to have a gold date with Vincent.

Easy-peasy and the bucket is hers.

It is time for Polly to become a toddler so Melody cuddles her one last time as a baby.

Polly learns how to walk first, and even though Melody fed her a few minutes ago, she is still hungry.

They celebrate the fact that Polly can now walk with a toss up high – and they will probably regret her walking shortly because Polly is a wild toddler.

Even though Polly is hungry, Melody gets her to the potty for her first lesson.

Then Polly eats some leftover fish tacos that are just about to spoil.

Melody is tired from the previous day – and Polly graduated from the bassinet in the middle of the night – so they are both going to bed to sleep for awhile, at least until mid-morning or lunch-time.  Vincent has to go to work so they expect to have a quiet morning to catch up on their sleep.

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