Drifting Along, House 001.5

Vincent plays on the laptop while he waits for his work shift to begin.  And he has several conversations with himself at the same time.

They didn’t even make it to mid-morning.  Melody is up by nine to make breakfast while Polly is just beginning to wake up.

Polly isn’t hungry and she heads outside to explore and “wander”.

She literally made it to the bottom of the steps and changed her mind, coming back inside to watch Melody.

Melody heads off for a bath after she has her breakfast, leaving Polly to check out all the interesting gadgets on the table.  It has been a long time since I haven’t controlled the toddlers, so this is going to be interesting.

After trying to figure out the laptop, twice, Polly heads into her room to play with the toy robot that Melody fished up out of the river

Melody decides to get Polly back onto the potty for some more training, and soon she understands how to go potty by herself.

That doesn’t mean there aren’t accidents made and Polly is pretty sad about it.

She gets a plate of the breakfast Melody made but she can’t even finish it because of the crying.

Melody goes in to cheer her up and puts her into the high chair.  Taking a chance, the plate is also put on the high chair so Polly can, hopefully, finish it.

She does!

Or, she ate some of it and threw the rest onto the floor.

Melody gives her a scolding for it and then she goes to bed, leaving Polly in the high chair.

Vincent is doing really well for being uncontrolled.  He earns another promotion and becomes a Canvas Creator, level 5 Painter.  It helps that the only requirements, so far, are painting skill – and he is always painting.  He is expected to master painting before his time is up, whether he reaches the top of the painting career or not.  No comment on his hot weather clothes.  He has not had a makeover and we are all just accepting his fashion sense sucks.

All alone, by herself, trapped in the high chair.

But not for long as Vincent is there to rescue her.

Then they stood there for a long time.  Every so often, Vincent would put her down and then pick her back up.

They are still standing there, but that is about to change.

Vincent puts Polly down and he heads off for a shower.

Polly doesn’t like being alone.

She follows Vincent into the bathroom and she decides to take a bath in the toilet.

By the time Vincent gets out of the shower, Polly is sitting on the floor play with the toy robot, looking all sweet and innocent.

It is almost bedtime, so Melody plays with Polly a little bit.

After the roughhousing, Melody settles Polly down with a story, and then she reads her to sleep.  It was a long day, and Melody got nothing done.  Polly did pretty good on her skills for the first day: Imagination, Movement, and Potty are level 2, while Communication and Thinking are still level 1.

No one sleeps in this house, it seems.  Vincent is up at midnight for some breakfast, and then he never goes back to bed.

Melody gets up at five in order to make a taco casserole for breakfast.  Vincent rolls his eyes at her choice, but he doesn’t have any room to judge.

He is a really good daddy – he checks on and tucks in Polly several times.

Melody decides to try the gig again – the one that glitched last time, to see if it is working now.  It is and she easily makes another §3k for several hours worth of work.

Polly is up and heading for some breakfast.  She doesn’t mind that it is a taco casserole, although she doesn’t finish her plate.  It is put into the fridge for later.

She needs to potty so Melody asks her if she wants some help.  Then they both side-eye the camera.

Tuesday morning comes and it is time for the yard sale.  The table is full.

While Melody is outside working the sale, Polly is keeping herself properly entertained inside.

She does wander outside periodically to check on Melody.

But it is really hot and she takes her clothes off.

Dressed once again, she watches Melody.  Maybe she will be done soon.

Finally the yard sale is over, all of the paintings have been sold.  Their bank account is feeling pretty full.

Melody tries to give Polly a bath, but three times in for a second and back out, and Melody gives up.

She reads Polly to sleep and then joins Vincent in slumberland.

This is the first this has happened, I am pretty sure.  Everyone went to bed at a normal time and they are still sleeping when the sun comes up the next morning.

Everyone has leftover taco casserole for breakfast.  It is the only thing in the house to eat, so there are no complaints.

Melody decides that today, Polly is going to get her bath.  Polly isn’t so sure about that.

But Polly gets her bath.

Then she decides to play in the toilet but Melody catches her and she gets scolded.

They move into the living room where Melody begins teaching Polly how to talk.  The goals for Polly is going to be level 3 across the board – Happy Toddler.  If she gets more, that is great.

Polly is tired of all the words and she wants to do something else.

Melody has an idea that will definitely come back to bite everyone in the ass.

She takes Polly to a far off location and they build a castle in the sand.

Polly is having a lot of fun with the sand while Melody is doing most of the work.

The castle is finished, and that is not a castle.  It is a representation of the CowPlant.  It is scary.  Actually Polly is sad because she is hot, so Melody changes her into cooler clothes.

Melody leaves Polly with the sand castle and she makes a collection run around the neighborhood.

Polly heads home on her own two feet.  It is a long walk, but just before she gets home, she learns how to run.

Despite the appearance, the kid did not push her out of the way… although the look he gave her tells a different tale.

Back home, Polly is miserable.  Instead of asking for anything, she sits down to watch cartoons with Vincent.  This will also come back to haunt everyone.

Eventually, Vincent asks Polly what she wants.

She wants food, and she asks for food.  But then, she throws three fits in a row.  It lasted forever.

Finally she is finishing her string of tantrums and she doesn’t have another queued up.

Vincent asks her again what she wants and she asks for food again.  He puts her in the high chair and gives her a sandwich.  And she ignores it.

She was put into the high chair three times and given two sandwiches, and she never touched either one.  Then she is finally out of the high chair, and she passes out on the floor.  She also used her diaper at some point.

Back in the high chair again – she still has both sandwiches sitting there.

Vincent decides to eat one sandwich while Polly ate half of the other one.  Then she is done.

Vincent scolds her for making a mess and they are just about at their wit’s end.

Melody decides enough is enough, and she takes Polly to bed.  While the day ended badly, Polly was able to improve her skills in several areas: Movement is level 4, Imagination is level 3, Communication and Potty are level 2, and Thinking is still level 1 – but much high than it was yesterday.

While Melody repaired the sink before she went to bed, she did not clean up the mess it left behind.  When Vincent gets up, that is the first thing he does.

Despite being starved, Polly still slept until almost nine the next morning.  When she woke up, there was food sitting out for her, which she ate without complaint.

She loves to watch cartoons with Vincent, and it kept her occupied while she ate.

Being left to choose her own activities, she first hit the bear, and then she played with the robot.

Melody came in and asked her something, but I can’t remember what.

Then Melody realizes that despite installing the thermostat during one of the previous upgrades, they have never turned it on.  Polly keeps crying because she is too hot, so Melody gets the thermostat working and everyone is all better now.

The next activity Polly has in mind is making messes.  She makes part of one in her room.

Then she heads outside to make another.

Not one to leave her alone, Vincent follows to check up on her.

She asks for a story, so they head back inside and he is patient and waits for her to get on the couch before reading to her.  I hate it when the adult gets impatient and drops the action before the toddler has a chance to get there.

Simoleons have been spent and more items have been added to the house.  Polly gets a dollhouse to play with, and hopefully not to destroy.

Melody reads Polly a story and now she can read books on her own.  If she chooses.

After the story time, Melody tells Polly that she needs to go potty before she goes to bed, but Polly doesn’t want to be told what to do.

Melody still takes her to the potty and then before she can put Polly to bed, a mess is made.  Polly knows she is going to be in trouble for making the mess inside the house.

Even though she knew she was going to be in trouble, she still gets mad for getting into trouble.  While messes do build creativity pretty fast, Melody needs to discipline her child five times, so she is scolding Polly whenever the opportunity presents.

It is a little early for bed, but Polly is very tired, so she is going to bed.

The look – that is the look of the mother of a wild toddler.

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