Drifting Along, House 001.6

When Melody put Polly to bed, Polly decided she didn’t want to go to bed and got herself back out.  Melody was still standing there, so her escape was foiled.

Melody put Polly back to bed, again, and this time Polly stayed.  She listened to the story and then she fell asleep.

Vincent came in to check on her and he helped to reinforce the idea that she needed to stay in bed.

With Polly asleep early, the adults had the evening to themselves.  So, Vincent went out and created two paintings for the next yard sale.

Melody can sketch faster than Vincent can paint, she she created six small illustrations, and then she painted two small masterpieces.  Her first masterpieces.  They are both hanging up in Polly’s room now.  Then the adults had some fun and went to bed.

Polly has been done a good job about sleeping through the night.  She gets up at four the next morning and is tracking down some food.

It is a good thing there were tilapia leftovers in the fridge.  She is also making full use of her diaper as she eats.

She decides that Vincent needs to be awake so she takes her plate into their bedroom and cries for him to wake up.

He does get up, but he is headed to the kitchen, completely ignoring Polly sitting on the floor, eating the rest of her breakfast.

When Melody wakes up, she tells Polly that they need to change her diaper.  Polly objects because she is a toddler and they are ornery creatures.

Polly is not happy when Melody tells her that she will have her diaper changed.

When Polly starts dancing, Melody realizes that they never bought a stereo.  That goes on the list for the next round of home improvements.

Polly runs into to her bear and first she hits it, then she hugs it.

This look can only mean one thing – Polly has defied Melody again.  This time it is the potty training.  Polly is close to mastering the potty, and Melody wants it done now.

Polly may not have wanted to work on her potty training, but she has finally mastered the potty.

The only skill that is not at level 3 already is thinking.  So, Melody plans on practicing thinking with Polly today to see if they can at least have a Happy Toddler.  Vincent comes in to add his two cents to the process.

Vincent leaves for work and Melody begins to work on flash cards with Polly.

That doesn’t last very long before Polly is truly done with anything resembling thinking.  Today will forever be known as the day the temper tantrums came to stay.

Melody adds a wall mounted stereo and she teaches Polly to dance.  This went well.

Then Polly decided to make a mess and Melody stopped her with a scolding.  This made Polly sad and mad.  She literally received two moodlets for the scolding.

She is watching Melody in the kitchen.

The reality is Vincent is home and she is running out to greet him.

Vincent watches this creature called a toddler as she jumps around.

He is burning to death, and yet he just stands outside.  Polly stays with him to the end.

Polly has several needs that are bottoming out, and still she stands with Vincent.

When Vincent finally heads inside, Polly is right behind him.  She really needs to potty.  Once she gets to the potty, she decides it would make more sense to throw a temper tantrum.  She is about to mess her pants, but sure, throw a fit about it.

{sigh}  If only this were the end of it, but it is only the beginning.

After finally using the potty, she runs into the kitchen for something to eat.  Social Services are threatening to take her away and she is refusing to eat the salad.

Vincent gives up when she throws yet another fit.

She decides she would rather go to sleep than eat, so she puts herself to bed.  She can’t sleep because of the hunger pains gnawing at her belly.  Melody calls her to come eat some salad, and Polly calls back that someone needs to come get her.

When Polly gets out of bed to wait for her ride into the kitchen, the ride is canceled and instead of walking herself into the kitchen, she has another fit.

Eventually, Melody brings Polly the bowl of salad and tells her to eat it.

That does not look like compliance.  Polly is determined not to eat the salad.

Finally she takes the bowl into the entry where she eats a little bit of the salad while Vincent is eating his salad.

She only eats half of the salad before putting the bowl down and heading back to bed.  Whatever, at least Social Services isn’t threatening to take her away any more.  Although, Melody and Vincent are considering letting Social Services have her and just trying again.  {not really.  she is cute when she isn’t in a temper.}

While everyone is sleeping, Vincent gets up in the middle of the night to take a shower and a shit, and leaves the toilet overflowing when he goes back to bed.

Despite the flood taking place in the bathroom, everyone sleeps well.  Until Polly gets up at six and decides to wake up Melody.

She takes a deep breath because she wants to make sure the scream is loud.

This sums up life with Polly.

There are some leftovers that Polly gets into and she takes the plate to eat the food.  She throws a lot of the food into the air but she does eat enough to chill out Social Services.

She doesn’t finish everything and goes to play with the dolls.  Since she has been making demands, she ends up in the high chair with spoiling food everywhere, while Melody cleans up the dirty dishes.  This is not what she wants.

Melody lets her out of the high chair and they are off for a bath.  Melody is not trying to drown the toddler, despite appearances.

Finally all of her needs have been met except for sleep, so Melody reads her to sleep.

While Polly sleeps, Melody decides it is time to have another yard sale.  She sets up the table and is ready to go.

It is going slow on the sales this time, but Vincent brings home good news with another promotion – he is now Imaginative Imagist, level 6 Painter.

Polly woke up and went outside to talk with Melody during the sale.  She went back inside when Vincent got home, and while one would have thought she was asking him for food or attention, she was actually destroying the dollhouse.

Vincent rarely disciplines her, so it was left to Melody to come inside and scold her.  It doesn’t seem like the scoldings are having much of an impact any longer.

Melody goes back out to continue the yard sale and Polly asks Vincent for food.  Before he has the chance to feed her, she throws a fit.  Vincent leaves her in the kitchen and finds a different room to be.

At some point, she asks for food and he puts her into the high chair.  This is a recipe for disaster, although the cereal looks pretty good.

This is not a good face to see on a toddler.

There goes the food.  The only reason I keep the high chair is because she has to have a way to ask for food in case the leftovers are all spoiled.

Vincent was standing in the doorway and for once, he is there to scold her for making a mess.

Then, he leaves her there and heads to the bathroom.  But that face – she knows what she is doing.  As soon as he closes the bathroom door, she calls him back to let her out of the high chair.

The yard sale is finally over – all of the paintings have been sold.

Melody comes inside to discover that Polly is still very hungry but refusing to eat.  She takes the bowl of salad and gives it to her with the command to eat it.  “Eat the damn salad!”

Polly reluctantly sits on the chair to eat the salad.  In order to make sure she finishes her food, Melody sits with her.  Something happened while they were talking and Melody scolded Polly.

Polly is completely unimpressed.

The looks she gives Melody are downright evil.

After making sure Polly finished eating, Melody takes her to bed and reads her to sleep.

Unfortunately, Melody doesn’t make it back to her own bed before falling asleep.  It has been a very long day.

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