Drifting Along, House 001.7

The house is well past the target value so all they are doing is waiting for Polly to grow up.  And she is still one day from becoming a child, so four more week plus one day.  Of the items of interest that don’t really matter, Vincent has reached level 6 of the painting career without being controlled.  He has managed to keep his painting skill (currently level 7) increasing enough to get the promotions without any influence.

Polly is struggling to reach level 3 in her skills – she is just lacking thinking so maybe she can get that today.  She only needs 15% of the bar so it is definitely within her grasp.  Of course, she has to wake up Melody when she wakes up, because she is a brat.

Melody hasn’t taken a gig in ages, and she doesn’t feel the need since the house is well over the requirements, and they have plenty of simoleons in the bank.  She might get a traditional job once Polly starts school, just to have something to do.

While Vincent has left for work, Melody and Polly share the bathroom.  Polly runs to claim the plate of pancakes that Vincent started to eat before leaving.  She finishes them off without any trouble.

Melody takes the time to repair the damn dollhouse.  Polly immediately wants to play dolls with Melody, but the trash needs to be taken out.

Do not let that face fool you.  She was heading to the toilet to play in the water when Melody came back in the house.

A few flashcards and Polly is a Happy Toddler – at least level 3 in everything.  There isn’t any hope that she will become a Top-Notch Toddler at this point.  There just isn’t enough time remaining for Melody to help her out.  She could probably get it done if I had any control over her.

Please stop with the flash cards already.  Thinking is hurting her head.

This is much better – Polly is an Airplane!

After roughhousing, they dance a little while.  Polly stops just short of mastering movement.

The little lip is quivering.  Polly is hot even though the temperature in the house is cooling.

And then she isn’t hot any more.  Weird toddler right here.  She also mastered communication around this point.

With a little more roughhousing, movement has been mastered.

Now she wants to sleep.  Melody is going to read her a story and see what they can do about imagination.

Melody wakes up Polly and reads her to sleep again, come on imagination.

Melody takes a break to pee, and she isn’t even going to ask what Vincent is doing.

Melody comes back to Polly to read to her a little bit more.  Polly just wants to sleep already.

Melody actually reads Polly to sleep three times before imagination is mastered.  That means thinking is the only skill that will not be mastered by the brat known as Polly.

Vincent is up most of the night again.  He cleans the toilet, but not the dirty dishes.

He eats spoiled salad instead of making something fresh.

He dances to country music like he is spastic.  Finally he gets some sleep, but he is the first one up the next morning and he finally cleans up the dirty dishes,

Melody gets up when she receives the reminder that it is Polly’s birthday.  She makes her a cake, and then wakes her up.

It is finally time for the wild toddler to become a child.  Hopefully a better behaved child.

She is very angry because she is starving so she will be in a wonderful mood as a child.

Polly has some work to do on her character.  She is already in the range to become irresponsible.  And, then it dropped back to neutral after she became a child.  it must have been that glitch where is looks like it is heavy negative but reloading the screen fixes it.

Polly rolls Music Lover and chooses Artistic Prodigy.  Not that she will complete the aspiration without assistance, but it is what she has.

Vincent goes outside to work on some paintings leaving Melody and Polly inside eating.  Polly does seem to be acting better as a child than she did as a toddler, so that is good.

Melody cleans up the high chair from Polly’s last meal in it, and then she moves it out of the way and brings the chair from the corner to the head of the table.

Then she influences Polly to work on her homework so she will be ready for the first day of school.  She also makes sure to help her.

While she is finishing up the homework, Vincent joins them and he adds his reinforcement to the importance of doing homework and being responsible.

After homework, it is time to learn about please and thank you (manners), and saying sorry (conflict resolution).

Polly is so bored by those lessons, but she is actually listening for a change.

She tries to escape from Melody, but the house is too small and she can’t go anywhere fast enough.  Melody follows her and suggests that she take a bath and get cleaned up.

Melody influences Polly to create art, but she hasn’t figured out how to influence Polly to be inspired.

Despite calling Polly to eat the mac and cheese she made, Polly goes for a piece of cake instead.

After putting Polly to bed, Vincent and Melody have some play time and then the aliens come calling.  Melody is abducted and when she gets back, she is angry.

Polly gets up early the next morning and has another piece of cake for breakfast.


Melody was standing there and she yelled at Polly and then influenced her to clean up the mess.

Because she was making a mess, Polly is now feeling inspired.  Even though it is almost time to leave for school, Melody influences Polly to draw on the art table.  It should have counted for her aspiration, but didn’t.  Melody swaps out the one art table for the original base game art table and they will try again after school, the next time Polly is feeling inspired.

Polly heads off to school leaving Vincent and Melody home with nothing much to do.

So, they do not do much of anything.

Polly comes home and settles down to work on her homework in the bathroom.  Melody helps so she can get done faster.

Melody figures out how to get Polly into an inspired mood.

Polly is able to create both drawings that she needs for her aspiration.

And then she hits a wall.  Now she needs to play with three toys.  Melody influences her to go play, and she chooses to make a mess.

Melody yells at Polly again, and tells her to clean up the mess.  Then she puts Polly to bed.

Another day with nothing to do.

Melody decides it is time to change jobs and she finds a job as a Painter working regular hours.  Being freelance was great while Polly was little, but now she wants to try a conventional job working for someone else.

Polly comes home from, what looks like, a hard day at school.  Melody stops her before she can get a bath to make sure she does her homework.  Polly still has a C in school but she is creeping closer to the B every day.

She finishes her homework about the same time Vincent comes home from work and she runs out to see him.

Melody is right behind her and while Polly just wanted to see him and then headed back inside for her bath, Melody actually greeted him.

Vincent is still standing outside in the heat, and beginning to burn to death.  Melody tries to use the sketchpad for her painting requirement but it doesn’t count.  She will have to use the easel instead.

{sigh}  There is a lot of sighs with this girl.  And it is the middle of the night when she should be in bed asleep.

Marriage is a wonderful thing sometimes.

Before school, Polly sucks Melody into play with the dolls, just long enough for Melody to pee on herself.  With her job done, Polly heads off to do something else.

I can’t wait until I can control her.  Maybe she will have a houseful of kids when her turn comes.

Melody yells at her again and makes her clean up the mess, but discipline doesn’t seem to be working on Polly.

For the first time, everyone is at work or school.  The house is empty.

Polly is the first one back and she is feeling pretty sassy since she brought her grade up to a B.

Vincent is the next one to come and Melody is last.  Polly runs out to check on both of them.

Vincent paints his first masterpiece.  And everyone goes to bed.

Every single freaking night.  It is three in the morning and she got up just to make a mess.

She is impossible.

This time, Melody grounds her from listening or dancing to any music for one day.

Polly is upset about that but let’s see if it makes a difference.

Melody decides to do something productive with Polly and takes her fishing.

Polly is so thrilled.  Just wait until she moves out on her own.

Deciding to switch her aspiration from creative to mental, Melody makes her play chess to build her mental skill.  It is a struggle.

They finally get through the three required games and Polly is ready to do anything else.

Polly is off in the house doing something.  Vincent came home with a promotion and he finally gets to make a choice as to his career path.  He chooses Master of the Real because Melody can make him play chess and learn logic, whereas she would have a hard time making him learn charisma.

Polly checks in on them and they both need a serious shower.  Polly calls it a night and heads to bed.

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