Drifting Along, House 001.8

I am hoping that this is the last update for this house.  Polly is still a child, so she has to finish that out and then get through her teen years.  But, I will be surprised if things get too exciting.  My hope is that Melody can influence Polly to build skills and grades so that she can have a good run on the next house.

Umm, really?  She has not taken a pregnancy test yet but that will be coming along shortly to confirm her suspicions.

This was not planned, although they have been having plenty of risky woohoo.  Risky is set at 17% and that 17% appears to have made itself known.

Vincent is very surprised to find out they are going to have another kid.  Surprise, surprise.

Another surprise as Polly comes home with an A.  It took her so long to go from C to B I was expecting the journey from B to A to take the rest of her childhood.

Melody influences Polly to begin the project, but she can’t keep her working on it.  So, she finishes it for her.

Melody masters two skills in short order – painting and then parenting.  She is thrilled.

She also earns another promotion to Hungry Artist, but this isn’t her primary focus.  In fact, with an incoming nooboo she may quit working so she can stay home with the baby.

Everything Polly touches, she breaks.  Thankfully, Vincent was right on top of the repairs for a change.  Melody gets to continue sleeping.

Melody works with Polly on her conflict resolution and manners because she hopes that she will pick up at least three good character traits.

And, it is time for the baby to join the family.

Melody’s labor ends with the birth of Pippa, and then she hurries off to work, very late.  Pippa is sent to daycare, the nanny isn’t even an option.

But then everyone comes home.  Polly is glad to see Vincent, who almost turns his head completely around.

Polly checks out her new sister, and she has no opinion of the new addition.  She also stood in front of her bassinet for hours and finally Melody has to call her away so that she can have access to take care of Pippa’s needs.

Melody really wants Polly to have some good character traits, so she decides they are going to spend the day volunteering.  She calls and takes the day off from work and tells Polly the plans.

And they are off, Polly is dragging along behind because she doesn’t appear to be enthusiastic.

After volunteering all day – five sessions – they are home, and they are exhausted.  Polly has almost got her empathy in the range.

It is time for Pippa to become a toddler and as Melody prepares to catch her, it becomes obvious that she is pregnant again.  Seriously, she spent all of the time after Polly was born and never got pregnant.  Now she is getting pregnant every time she has woohoo.  And as Polly watches Pippa leave the bassinet, she finally “recognizes” that there is a new sibling in the house, and she is Angry.

Pippa becomes an Independent toddler, which hopefully will work in her favor.

Melody gets up early to take care of her needs and she is soon joined by Pippa.

Vincent checks on Pippa and she asks for flash cards.  Vincent agrees, but he has to have a little freak out first.

Polly wakes up in a bearish mood.

But it is her birthday so she won’t be a bear long.

She rolls Self-Absorbed to go with Music Lover and takes the Angling Ace aspiration.  She will switch to Outdoor Enthusiast once her child is the appropriate age.  She also was a Happy Toddler.  She has a few aspiration points built up already and picks up Waterproof, Cold Acclimation, and Heat Acclimation.  She already knows she is going to be spending a lot of time outside, so she might as well be prepared for it.

Melody is laying down, leaving all the uncontrolled to make choices.  Polly checks on Pippa.

And then they roughhouse at Pippa’s request.

While Polly and Vincent stand around, Pippa takes herself to bed for a nap.

Melody has to get up to pee, and while she is there she repairs the sink.

Vincent and Polly enjoy a quiet evening of TV since Melody and Polly are still sleeping.  They are going to have to get up soon because it was too early to go to bed for the night.

Melody gets up and then wakes up Pippa from her nap so that she can work on her potty training.  While they are occupied, Polly comes in with a cup of coffee and takes a quick bath.

Pippa is hungry and she takes it out on the dollhouse.

She kicks it really hard and then shatters the dollhouse.  She might be a soccer player, if only it was part of the game.

Melody comes in to scold her for her behavior and Pippa does not react well.

Even though there is food sitting out, Pippa gets Vincent to put her into the high chair.  Melody helps Polly with her homework while Vincent does some sit-ups.

Everyone heads off to work and school leaving Pippa home alone.  So the nanny comes.  After thinking for a long time about what she wanted to do, Pippa had an idea.

The nanny took her out to play in the kiddie pool – probably the first sim to use the pool so far this challenge.

Polly comes home and she spends time with Pippa until Melody and Vincent get home from work.  Vincent brings home a promotion – Professional Painter, level 8.  Melody is still at level 4, but she doesn’t really care.  She quits today so she will be home with Pippa and the new nooboo going forward.

Pippa takes herself to the potty and while she is there she decides she wants to watch TV with Melody.  Melody turns off the TV and heads into the bedroom for some fun with Vincent.  This leaves Pippa without any TV to watch.

She is confused because she really thought she was going to watch TV with Melody.

Pippa has done a pretty good job on getting her skills going.  But Melody is trying to help her out along the way.  Pippa threw a fit without throwing a fit – it was not in her queue but it was a full blown fit.

She does trick Polly into playing chess all evening.  She asked Polly to join her and then she never came to play.  Polly played until her bladder called it done.  She is just a sliver short of what she needs to get an A in high school.

And the newest daughter has been born – Petra Pope.  Just as a reminder, Pippa and Petra were not planned, they were purely the result of risky woohoo.  Ten more days until Polly becomes a young adult.

Pippa is almost as big a pain as Polly.  And now, she is waking up Polly, and I can only sit and watch.

The house is trashed.  No one can clean up the dishes for some reason and Pippa is making messes everywhere.

Ready to finish this house, the speed is going quickly and there aren’t many pictures being taken.  Melody is focused on any way she can help Polly prepare for her challenge.

The gnomes are out, which means it is Harvestfest.  There isn’t any reason to get excited since the uncontrolled cannot try to appease the gnomes.  But, Melody has a great day.

Pippa becomes a Happy Toddler, mostly on her own.

Melody gives Pippa a random bath because she asked for one.  Not because she was dirty, it truly was random.

While Melody is taking a shower, Polly comes in to ask for advice.  What is privacy?

Once Polly is done with school for the week, Melody takes her fishing.

But then she has a memory and after looking backwards through the messages, she realizes that it is time for Petra to come out of the bassinet.  Pippa watches her younger sister learn how to walk.  Tomorrow is Pippa’s birthday.

After working on her potty training long enough to get her to level 2, Melody reads Independent Petra to sleep, and then everyone heads to bed.  7 more days.

Every time Pippa wakes up she has to wake someone else up, and Polly is her most frequent target.  Every. Time.

There is a lot of standing around as they wait for inspiration of what to do next.

Pippa was not hungry and Vincent did not put her in the high chair to feed her.  She is sitting there so she can be part of the conversation at the table.

Petra grabs a plate and she sits in the living room.  She is all about the food.

After eating she plays with the blocks while Vincent comes over to chat with her.

Melody takes Polly fishing, but Polly is refusing to fish.  She looks miserable, and they call it a day and head home.

Petra gets some pool time with Vincent.

Pippa came out to ask Vincent for food, leaving Melody to get Petra to the potty.  Despite Petra’s objections.

Time passes and it is Pippa’s birthday.  I forgot to check her skills, but she had reached at least level 4 in everything except thinking, which was level 3. (Movement 4, Communication 3, Potty 3, Imagination 4, Thinking 3, as best I can tell – although I thought she mastered imagination also)

She rolls Slob as a child, is a Happy Toddler, and chooses Rambunctious Scamp as her childhood aspiration.  6 more days.

Petra runs out to meet Vincent and some random stranger comes up to try to give her a hug, and is rejected.  5 more days.

Petra is starving and since she is doing everything except eating, Melody picks up a plate and gives to her, telling her to sit down and eat.

Despite being almost completely potty trained, Petra had an accident on the couch while she was watching TV.

Melody could tell that she needed to have her diaper changed, and also that she needed a refresher on using the potty.

Since the girls won’t do the projects on their own, Melody asks each one to start the project, with the understanding that Melody will finish them tomorrow.  4 more days.

Petra wakes up after her sisters and there is no food in house.  Nothing at all.  While Melody drags herself out of bed to make breakfast, Petra is on a mission to take out her anger on the dollhouse.

She does as good a job kicking the shit out of the dollhouse as Pippa.

However, Pippa never had any regrets about the destruction of the dollhouse and Petra is dismayed by the destructive power of her foot.

With that done, she watches Melody make pancakes.

Once the pancakes are ready, she completely ignores them to play with the tablet.

She finally ate and the rest of the household left for work and school.  Melody is working on getting her thinking skill up so that she can become a Happy Toddler.

It is so cute when they run out to hug the returning parent.  Of course, most times they just run out there and everyone stands around doing nothing.  3 more days.

Since Polly is at school and outside of Melody’s influence at the moment, she works with Petra – movement is now level 4.

Petra is a Happy Toddler, all skills are at level 3 except movement.

Melody decides that she needs to clean out the inventory of the last paintings.  So she loads up the table and runs a yard sale.  But this is not all of them.

She forgot to lock the house door, and someone comes in and destroys the dollhouse.  As soon as the house is empty, the door is locked.

Petra is sad to see the dollhouse destroyed – and she didn’t even get to enjoy the destruction.

While Petra pouts, Vincent repairs the dollhouse.  Melody is still outside running the yard sale.

After finishing the repairs, Petra is happy again.  And, the cartoons help too.

Polly comes home in a bad mood from school so she destroys Pippa’s school project.

Petra had gone to bed for a nap while she was waiting on dinner to be made.  But now it is time to get up and eat.

Melody came in and went to bed, leaving Vincent and Polly to play hot potato with Petra and the high chair.

Polly literally stood and checked on Petra over and over and over.  Petra was not impressed because she couldn’t eat because Polly kept interrupting her.

Melody comes in and sends Polly to bed, and then she distracts Vincent so that Petra can finish eating.  2 more days.

There is no semblance of a normal schedule in the household.  Pippa is up in the middle of the night eating leftovers.

This isn’t her first mess, but she is not as prolific a mess-maker as Polly.

Melody is having another sale, and this is the line of customers that are trying to stare open the door.

Vincent comes home and he and Petra gravitate to each other.  They stand there watching the maid clean up the house.

Melody is taking a bath, leaving the rest of the house to spend time together.  1 more day.

Melody and Petra enjoy one last day at home together.

Her skills are evenly spread out over them all – level 4 in everything with the potty mastered.

It is interesting, but a little boring just watching them do whatever.  I haven’t really put a lot of effort into the younger girls since they will be staying here when Polly moves out.

The girls in the household enjoy a quiet evening.  It is Petra’s birthday, but Melody still needs to make her a birthday cake.  And, Polly’s birthday is tomorrow.

The cake is ready and Petra is ready.

Petra rolls Neat and takes the Social Butterfly aspiration, because why not.

Today is Polly’s birthday.  She is ready.  So am I.

Polly comes to the table to check out her cake.

And as Polly blows out her candles, Melody completes the Super Parent aspiration.  Melody and Vincent celebrate the end of House 001.

Polly rolls Geek to go with Music Lover and Self-Absorbed.  She will keep the Angling Ace aspiration until she is ready to begin Outdoor Enthusiast.

House 001 Goals

  • House value must exceed §30,000 with one bedroom and one bathroom.  The final value of the house is §55,888 and there are two bedrooms and one bathroom.  The family’s household funds not invested in the house are §68,374.

Boolprop SimNaNo 2019

  • Total words: 2,446 words
  • Total pictures: 102 pictures


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