Drifting Along, House 002.1

House 001 is done and it is time for Polly to move to her new home.

An empty lot in Willow Creek – Crick Cabana.  In the dead middle of winter.

There was a reason that Melody wasn’t supposed to get pregnant when she did.  The idea was for Polly to move out in the beginning of spring.  Unfortunately, Polly still has wight days of winter, because I set each season to 14 days each.

Polly starts off by zeroing out her funds and then we have a moment of sadness.  Polly breaks the moment by browsing the web on her phone.  She needs to figure out what to do…

Polly checks her goals:

  • Create a two bedroom, one bath home worth at least §40,000 simoleons
  • Marry, then move in a NPC
  • Complete Outdoor Enthusiast after the heir becomes a toddler
  • Have and raise an heir to young adult

She doesn’t get to add any new lots yet, so time to get started.  To start, Polly is beginning with some good reward and character value traits:

  • Cold Acclimation
  • Heat Acclimation
  • Waterproof Sim
  • Compassionate
  • Mediator
  • Good Manners
  • Responsible
  • Happy Toddler

Now, if only she can get through the damn tree.

Apparently she is too tense from the blizzard but she can’t get out of the weather without going through the tree.  It is the only place she can go right now that doesn’t require cash in the bank.

She finally is not very tense and gets the door in the tree to open up.

She does as much fishing as she can, but then she really has to pee.

There is no reason for her to leave the Glade since she doesn’t have a toilet at home, and there aren’t any public bathrooms available.  So she wanders around until she pees herself.  Then she goes back to fishing, but that doesn’t last long.

Eventually she is just done and she heads back out into the blizzard.  She was only able to catch enough fish to buy a sink.  She is able to improve her hygiene a touch and heads out to try to find some collectibles.

She finds a frog and a crystal and then she refuses to do anything else.

The night is dark and the blizzard is heavy.  Polly is in this picture, if you can find her.

She is trying really hard to get to the community garden so that she can lay down on the bench.

She finally finds the bench – she didn’t keep track of every time she fell because that is a really large number.  She settles down to nap until the blizzard ends.  Or she dies.  Whichever comes first.

Polly is still struggling after a night sleeping on a bench in a blizzard.  But once she pees herself, again, she washes her hands many times and then heads off to the tree that goes to Sylvan Glade.  She needs to fish and hopes for good catches.

Polly is able to get some fishing done, and she collected a lot of frogs before she hit the wall again.

This time she earns enough to add a toilet and cooler to her belongings.  Winter is harsh and it is going to snow all week.

She eats and clean up and then takes another nap or three.  About this time, I am considering restarting house 002 just because Polly is seriously struggling.

Then, she receives bills for the week.  And even more important, the male NPC is a female.

Polly keeps plugging away and she manages a good stretch of fishing and frogging in Sylvan Glade.  She is able to pick up a good stash of simoleons and heads back to the frozen tundra she calls home.

Polly has added a tent to her land – she can sleep, eat, pee, and wash her hands.  She is just a little bit short of getting a shower.

It took her several days but she finally has the bare necessities.  Now, she can move forward with her goals.  But first, she plans on sleeping.

It is so cold that the water pipes burst and Polly wakes up to the necessity to begin learning handiness.

After fixing the sink, she begins looking for an appropriate NPC.  She orders a pizza first, since that is the cheapest option.  Lloyd is one day from elder and he is married with children.

The next option is the Repair Technician, Valentin.  He is not married and has just become an Adult.

She gets to know Valentin a little better, but she is still waiting for the maid to come tomorrow.

Polly has finally accumulated her funds to exceed §1,000 so she is going to a restaurant.

Once Polly gets to the restaurant, she heads across the street to do some fishing.

Then she does some collecting and gathering.  She heads home once everything is stripped clean.

Oh yeah, today was Winterfest – and it sucked.

The maid finally shows up and he is also an Adult, but not married.  Jesse joins the very short list of possibilities.

Polly calls and invites the Adoption Agent over.  Isaias is another Adult, but not married.  He goes on the list (and he has red hair).

The puppies are cute and thankfully they don’t freeze in the blizzard.

After the adoption event is over – she did not adopt the puppies – Polly calls and invites Isaias back over.

He comes and they spend time learning about each other.  Polly finds out he is Clumsy and Noncommittal.  She hasn’t found out the third trait, but noncommittal is going to make things hard.  And Polly really wanted to to bring the red hair into the gene pool.

Polly decides to keep on going, and she learns that Isaias is also Gloomy.

They are soon dating and then Isaias goes home, where he hopes it is much warmer.  Polly takes care of her needs and plans on bringing him back tomorrow.  Maybe when there isn’t a blizzard raging.

Apparently sleeping in a tent is fun – Polly’s fun need completely filled up while she was sleeping.  She wakes up feeling the best she has felt since moving out.

The days dawns bright and shiny and there isn’t a forecast of snow today.  It is time for Polly to bring Isaias into the household.

They quickly max out their relationship on both bars so Polly goes for the proposal.

It looks like it is going to be a good one…

Isaias accepts the proposal, because while Polly may be living in a tent, Isaias doesn’t even have an empty lot.

With the need to be married before he moves in, they have an immediate elopement.

Isaias and Polly Baird.  Polly needs to wait for another week before getting pregnant with the heir.  Hopefully, MCCC risky woohoo will play nice this time.

Isaias is Clumsy, Gloomy, and Noncommittal, and he has the Party Animal aspiration.  He does not have a job so will be piddling around the house for the rest of his life.  He is also already an Adult.

The river is starting to break up, so Polly takes Isaias with her to do some fishing.  Isaias changes his aspiration to Angling Ace because he has a better chance of completing some it that along the way.

They fish all afternoon and into the night, before crawling into their tent to sleep until morning.

The target house has been chosen so they will be living on the land until they can afford to download the shell.  The lot traits Private Dwelling, Penny Pixies, and Sunny Aspect.

Polly decides that someone in the family needs to have a job, and since it apparently won’t be Isaias, she takes two part time jobs: Fisherman and Retail.  Thanks to her good grades in school, she starts at level 3 in both jobs.  She will be working from nine in the morning until one in the afternoon, and then from nine in the evening to one in the freaking-early morning.

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