Drifting Along, House 002.2

Happy New Year – Winter is finally over and Spring has come.  Well, tomorrow anyways.

Champagne and yogurt to celebrate the holiday, and Isaias is taking a shower.  Now for the river to finish thawing out so they can fish.

Polly is a little drunk from their celebrations, but she is feeling good otherwise, so she heads into Sylvan Glade to do some fishing and frogging.

It was a good day, and the holiday was okay.  Apparently Polly woohooed him into a state of exhaustion.  Back in House 001, Pippa has become a teen. I will try to get pictures of that family by the end of this update.

Polly has chosen her new house, and now she has to build their savings so they can buy it.  She takes Isaias with her and they fish for the rest of the day, only taking breaks to pee.

They are picking up items that aren’t fish, and keeping what might be beneficial (sketchpad) and selling everything else.  Isaias just caught the sketchpad along with two voodoo dolls.  It is cute how the treasure boxes are covered in ice.

Night falls, and Polly is done for the day.  She starts her new jobs tomorrow so she needs to get some sleep beforehand.  Isaias is still fishing – Polly has tried to call him over, but still he fishes.  He will come home when his needs are low enough.  For now, Polly heads into the tent to sleep – once she finishes her cereal.

Polly works for the first time in both of her part time jobs.  Anything to get the simoleons for the house, but damn she is tired.

Polly finally has enough to lay down the shell of the new house.

She downloaded it from the gallery, by FfionP2002.

They trade in the tent for a real bed, which they promptly break in.  There are no lights in the house at the moment.

After they get settled, which doesn’t take long since they don’t have anything, Polly gets some sleep and Isaias grabs a bite to eat.

The overview of the the simple house.

Home alone while Polly is off at work, Isaias cleans up.  They finally have a trash can to throw the trash away.

They will need to buy some items for Isaias to use,  He has nothing to do and he is bored.

Isaias is happy to have a stereo to dance to now.  They also have a couch.  Next they are wanting a TV and then the kitchen needs to be fitted out.

This is what is called being extremely bored.

Polly comes home and takes a day of vacation from both jobs, and she takes Isaias fishing to get him out of the house.

Polly remembers that Melody used to make money off of her sketches, and since she has a sketchpad, she decides to give it a shot.  She spent §100 on the canvas and sold the picture for §78.  She is not going to make money at this rate. Maybe she will try again later, when she has §100 to spare.

She gives up for the moment, and heads to bed with Isaias.  Naps are good.

They have finally added a fridge and few counters and while Polly makes a big bowl of salad for both of them, Isaias makes a small bowl of salad just for himself.

After eating, Polly goes back to bed.  A random child (something Lobo) stops by the house and Isaias walks out to talk to him.  Isaias sends him on his way and goes inside to join Polly in bed.

There is a lot of fishing in their life at the moment, and because Polly pulls Isaias along with her, he is making progress on the Angling Ace aspiration also.

They bring in enough to add the rest of the basic pieces to the kitchen.

Isaias needs to fish at a third location so they head down from the house a little bit.

Umm, apparently Polly is pregnant.  Her timing is better than Melody’s was – but it was still unexpected as they were going to try for a baby in the morning.  I was looking at the last picture thinking how much her ass had spread, now it makes sense.

Polly has to pee so it is time for her to return to the house.  Isaias will continue to fish until he stops on his own.

More fishing as they wait for the birth of the heir.

Despite the pretty day, they each have to return to the house several times, to pee and to eat.  And there are always repairs that need to be done.

Pulled back out to fish, Polly leaves him and she goes to bed.  Isaias never makes it back to the house.

So much breakage.  Polly got up to pee and wash her hands, and she broke everything she touched.  Now she wants to eat, but she has to do the repairs first.

Polly goes into labor and it is time for the new baby.

It is a girl once again.  Bethany Baird is the heir for the next house.  Now, Polly needs to really focus on building up the house until she can begin working on the  aspiration.

While Bethany sleeps, Polly and Isaias head back out for more fishing.

While there is a yoga mat out front, Isaias would rather play with the clay.  There is a hope that at some point, he will accidentally use it.  Because it would most definitely be an accident.

Polly decides to invite her sisters over, because they are both teens now.  Pippa gets there first.

Petra eventually finds her way into the house.

Polly chats with the girls and then she leaves for work.

Pippa immediately destroys the dollhouse.

And then Petra repairs it.

They make a good pair.

Polly comes home retching, but thankfully she is sick and not pregnant.  Also, she received word today that Vincent died.

She decides it is time to leave the part time jobs and begin a career in something.  She decides to become a Stylist, because why not.  Of course, her first task is to write two articles and she needs to level writing.  Since she will get a computer as a reward on her next promotion (she started at level 3), she decides to head to the library in Windenburg.  She has the funds to go and I am considering this under the rule “Lots required for work”.

She finds a computer that is not being used and she begins to write and submit her two articles.  Once that is done, she practices writing until she improves enough to be eligible for a promotion.

As she heads home, the sadness overwhelms her.  She is really feeling Vincent’s absence.

Time moves along and soon it is time for Bethany to become a toddler.  She rolls Angelic, which will be good for Polly but not what Polly deserves.

With a quick trip to the potty, Polly puts Bethany to bed with a story.  It is the middle of the night and everyone needs to get some sleep.

Bethany picks up the sadness from Vincent’s death along with being sad about making such a big mess on the potty.  She fell asleep before she could begin crying.

Everyone needs to go to bed, but Isaias does his own thing.  Eventually, maybe, he will get some sleep.

Damn it Polly!

While Polly runs to the back of the house to help Bethany out of bed, Isaias steps up and takes care of the fire.

Polly helped Bethany out of bed, but left her to her own devices to get out of the house.  Thankfully, by this time, the fire was out.

Polly was trying to cook some food for Bethany, but since the stove is out of commission for the moment, she gives Bethany some leftovers and tells her to eat.  Isaias comes to watch, to check on Bethany.

Isaias is hungry and really wants to cook something.  He needs to pick something that doesn’t require the stove.

Bethany puts down the plate to play several times.  Each time Polly has to take her the plate again and tell her to eat it.

This is the third time she is giving the plate to Bethany, but first she has to finish her own fruit salad.

Finally Bethany finishes her dinner.

Isaias was really, really determined to make something to eat.

Polly is able to breed her frogs a couple of times to cover the difference between their bank account and the replacement value of the stove.  While she is cooking all of the meals Isaias started (nothing is going to waste if possible), Isaias is comforting Bethany.  She is upset about the fire and she is still sad about Vincent.

And then she is alone.  Alone, and crying.

Polly is on the last meal Isaias started, and he is working on flashcards with Bethany.

Polly has to return to the library one more time to finish her articles.  She is expecting a promotion on her next work day.

When she gets home, she is exhausted but Isaias has already gone to bed.  She grabs a plate for herself and Bethany and they have dinner together.

Polly passes out before she can finish her dinner.  She is very tired.

When Polly passes out, Bethany stops eating and begins crying.

Finally they are both done eating, so Polly takes Bethany to the potty.  She passes out again while Bethany is doing her thing.

It seems like it takes all night, but Polly eventually gets Bethany to bed.  She collapses in bed, barely able to move.

Bethany wakes up the next morning and she is still sad about Vincent.  That should be wearing off sometime today.

She is always asking for comfort from Isaias.

Even when he gives her hugs, she still cries when he walks away.

He comes back and asks her What Does She Want?

Polly takes Bethany to the potty because she needed to go.  Isaias goes for a relaxing bath with a glass of water.  We can pretend that is a glass of vodka.

Dinner comes and everyone is sitting at the table.  I am sure Isaias has already eaten.

Polly receives the promotion she was expecting and spends the bonus setting up a work space for the new computer in the living room.  And, Isaias is the first to use it.  Polly went to take a shower.

Bethany heads out to the porch and finds the dollhouse.  Dolls!  Yum!

Polly goes out to take her picture and she is again asking Isaias for hugs.  Polly needs to improve her skill in writing and photography for her next promotion.

Back inside, picture-taking is done.  So, it is play time.

Some of the pictures Polly took…

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