Drifting Along, House 002.3

Isaias is pretty much always available for Bethany.  She really likes it when he plays dolls with her.

She also likes to dance.  Isaias asked her to do flashcards, and she agreed.  The instant he pulled out the desk, she was gone.  Dancing.

Polly had laid down for a nap but she gets up to do her work for today.  But first, she has to get Bethany done with the potty and ready for bed.  She puts her down with a story, leaving Polly the only one still awake.

She works on her column, and makes horrible faces the entire time.  Not a Clue.

Polly and Isaias have not been enjoying their holidays.  The only one that was good was New Year’s Eve and that was just because of the resolutions.  Since then, they haven’t done anything for any holiday.  The last holiday that just passed was Love Day.  They just didn’t have the time, and now Polly is pouting.

Bethany has mastered the potty, and she has imagination and movement at level 3.  Communication and thinking are level 2.  The goal is for her to be a Happy Toddler before summer begins.  Polly will begin working on Outdoor Enthusiast once summer begins.  And summer begins tomorrow.

After her potty training, Bethany gets a bath.  Bubbles!

Polly is off gathering, so Bethany asks Isaias to read her a story.

Polly is home and working on some writing – blogs and columns.  Bethany is enjoying the cartoons that Isaias is letting her watch.  The TV is always on cartoons.

Polly works with Bethany on her flash cards – come on thinking.

She tells Bethany to clean herself off so she wipes her nose on the back of her hand.  So, cute.

Polly puts Bethany to bed, and then she heads to bed.  Just as she is going to bed, Isaias is getting up.  He eats the spoiled whatever (eggs and toast), and then he cleans the house.  He didn’t miss a thing – trash, dishes, everything.

After cleaning up, he repairs the toilet that he clogged up.

And he repairs the stereo that has been on continuously since they got it.

Polly is making a meal, and she decides to drink one of the emotion drinks that she found fishing.  Whatever she thought would happen, she forgot she had food in the oven and the only option was to throw it away.  That was expensive so now they are eating leftovers again, and they are getting down to the bottom of the barrel.  Polly is about to go on vacation to Granite Falls, and they need to maintain their balance above the §1,000 threshold.

She finishes off a plate of eggs and toast while Isaias keeps her company.  It is officially the start of Summer now.

She makes Bethany work on her flash cards until she brings her thinking skill up to level 3.

Then, they work on communication, and she finally gets that to level 3.  Bethany is a Happy Toddler now.  It is time to go camping.

When they arrive in Granite Falls, it is fairly easy to find their campsite.

Polly carries Bethany over close to the tent, and this is where Bethany stays.

She plays and naps in the tent a lot.

Polly needs to catch five fish, so she heads off to do that while waiting on the plants to be ready to harvest.

Back at the tent, Bethany was hot so she changed into her summer outfit.  That is really not a camping outfit, but whatever.  She and Isaias stand at talk at the tent entrance, then they both go in for more naps.  Isaias won’t be seen again today.

This is the very first mess that Bethany has made.  It is also the furthest from the tent she has gone, and only because the potty chair is behind the trash can.

Polly comes back to the camp site and she makes some food.  Because Isaias didn’t, and Bethany is starving.

She can’t get Bethany to come out of the tent to eat, and she gives up.  After she wakes up from her nap on the ground, she heads into the tent to get some sleep.  Tomorrow is going to be busy as she works on collecting the unidentified plants she is going to need.

So, that looks very uncomfortable.

One of the few times Isaias will be caught running – he needs to find the bathroom soon.

Back from his potty run, Isaias plays horseshoes, while Polly makes her own run for the shower.

Isaias hasn’t once grilled anything to eat, so Polly tries to make sure there is always something to eat for Bethany.

That is a daddy’s girl, right there.

Polly is off collecting everything she can find around the base camp, while Bethany is bouncing from one activity to another, with breaks to “relax” in the tent.

Polly stops by the camp to check on Isaias and Bethany and to grab a quick bite, and then she is off to the forest to continue collecting.  When she calls it a night and heads back to the camp, she has nine of the ten unidentified plants in her backpack.  After getting some sleep, she will be off to meet the hermit and find the last plant.

Despite needing sleep, Polly realizes that she needs to grill two plates of beetles.

That does not look appetizing, but she puts the plates on the table.  Maybe someone will eat them.

Yes, Bethany grabs a plate of beetles and sits down for breakfast.

they look like scrambled eggs when she eats them, but I would bet that they don’t taste like scrambled eggs.

Isaias also took a plate of beetles for breakfast.  Just, yuck.

Polly hasn’t had enough sleep, but she only has a few days of vacation.  She gets good enough, and then she heads back to the forest.  Today she is looking for the deep woods and the hermit.

Polly has a good time in the deep forest with the hermit.  She makes her friendship just as the vacation ends, so they head home.  She will do as much as possible while at home with the knowledge that she may have to return for more supplies (plants and insects) later.  As they return home, Polly receives word that Melody has died.

Melody puts Bethany to bed, and then goes to get some sleep herself.  Isaias heads for the kitchen for food.

Polly decided to work from home the next day, and she needed to take three photos.  She had just put Bethany to bed, because she was being a clingy fussy pain in the ass.  Angelics have their own way of being a pain by constantly wanting hugs.  I actually think they are clingier than clingy toddlers.  Anyways, Polly took three photos of Bethany sleeping.  This was not the right kind of photos so they didn’t count.

Bethany slept until mid afternoon, when Polly woke her up.  She is still crying over Melody’s death, but hopefully that will run its course soon.

Polly is working on herbalism skill, so Isaias and Bethany play with the dollhouse.

Polly also made dinner but no one comes to get a plate.  Their loss.

Despite appearances, Isaias is doing sit-ups.

More hugs are requested.  She asked Polly for hugs three or four times in a row.

Polly has identified eight of the ten plants, but the two mushrooms are stumping her.

She gives Bethany a plate of food and tells her to stop crying and eat.

Isaias has mastered dancing.  In his bunny slippers.

Polly begins using her ingredients to make some potions.  She is still trying to identify the mushrooms, but that is taking so long.  Normally it doesn’t take this long and I am considering a glitch or something.  I will reload if she still has trouble when she reaches the higher levels.  She is currently level 6.

She makes a Sadness Alleviation Cream and tries it on herself to see if it actually works.  I can’t tell, she is still sad.

Isaias remembers his purpose and he plays with Bethany to keep her distracted.  She almost masters movement, but she falls just short.

Bethany is energized now so she wants to chatter.  It is very distracting for Polly, who will make a potion and then sit down to chat.  Then back up to the potion, and back down to chat.  But on the good side, Polly finally identified the last two plants.  She has moved to the last tier of the aspiration: master herbalism, sleep in a tent, and collect insects.  She will be going back to Granite Falls soon.

Bethany has mastered communication.  That is the good thing about a toddler that always wants hugs and chats.

It is time for Bethany’s birthday!  Polly is making the cake and everyone is chattering.

The cake is almost done, but it will be delayed slightly until Polly wakes up.

The cake is ready, candles are lit – Polly brings Bethany to blow out her candles.  Isaias is outside playing with the dolls.

Bethany rolls Geek and takes the Whiz Kid aspiration.

Polly puts her to bed in her new big girl bed.

Then Polly does her best to go to bed also.

Isaias is not sleepy so he does the cleaning and repairing and then settles down to watch TV.

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