Drifting Along, House 002.4

Bethany is still really fond of the dollhouse, although she plays alone a lot more now that she is older.

This is her second mess, ever.  Polly gets up and scolds her for making a mess, then influences her to clean it up.

After that she has Bethany do her homework, and finally she tries to teach her some good manners.

When Bethany heads off to her first day of school, Polly takes Isaias fishing.  Isaias is already level 9 in fishing but he will not be able to complete the aspiration as it requires him to fish with bait, and Polly can only ask him to fish.  Polly, however, does complete the Angling Ace aspiration.  She is also fishing for simoleons so she can go back to Granite Falls.

Polly and Isaias head to bed but first Polly wakes up Bethany and tells her to do her homework.  That of course, leaves Bethany awake the rest of the night.  It is a good thing it is Friday night.

Pippa has left Oasis Springs and moved into a new house in Del Sol Valley.  There hasn’t been a notification of her marriage, so it sounds like she took an empty house.

Both of the girls are still single and Pippa did take over the Manor by herself.

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Ahh, weddings and babies.

Polly heads back to Granite Falls to collect more plants.  She spends several days there and never seems to collect what is needed.  There is a severe storm the first day she gets there.

She even gets by lightning while she is running to the bathroom and shower.

She collects a lot of items to take home.  But, she is still missing the plants she needs.

When she gets home, she lays out a garden to grow the plants she will be needing, and then she realizes that half of the plants are showing unidentified again.  Once she re-identifies those plants, she has plenty of ingredients to finish out her mastery of herbalism.  She only needs two more nights in a tent to complete the aspiration.  She immediately cleans out her inventory and sells all of the plants and insects and everything else she collected.

While she was traveling, she had her birthday to Adult and Isaias has his birthday to Elder.  She also needs to spend some time with Bethany.  And, it is time to finish the house.

Time was spent on the house, spending all of their savings.  The house value is just barely under the goal of §40,000 – currently sitting at §39,915.

There are seven days until Bethany becomes a teen.  It is time to get serious on her grades and character.

Polly took Isaias to bed, and wore him out.  She was feeling lonely after spending so much time working on the aspiration and thought she would make up for it.

Isaias couldn’t handle the physical activity, not twice.

While Polly sleeps, Grim comes for Isaias and takes his soul.

She wakes up in time to meet Grim and finds out he is a Glutton.  Then she leaves for work, and Grim just leaves.

I have been watching The White Queen and have neglected to take a lot of pictures.  Polly still needs two more nights in a tent to complete the aspiration and the house has met the goal value.

Bethany wakes up in the middle of the night because there is a monster under the bed.  It will take another day before they install the monster lights.

Polly realizes that Bethany doesn’t have the required skills to earn an A in school.  So, she takes her fishing.

She gets trapped in the action and completely misses school.

But she manages to get her mental skill to level 4.

Bethany only has five days until her birthday, and two of those are weekends.  She is still carrying a B in school, so Polly helps her with her homework.

Isaias comes out to haunt, breaking the shower and tub, along with the stereo.

Polly doesn’t want to return to Granite Falls to spend two nights in a tent and there isn’t room on the lot.  But she is able to place it in the world next to the house and uses it for the fourth night.  One more night to go.

Polly takes the time to catch up on her work tasks.  She doesn’t have to reach the top of the career, but she might as well do a good job.

She invites her sisters over because she has to discuss fashion with someone and Bethany is too young.  They have a nice visit but then Polly heads to bed.

After falling asleep in her bed, she remembers that she was supposed to sleep in the tent for one more night.  She heads out and the next morning she has completed the Outdoor Enthusiast aspiration.  All that is left now is for Bethany to become a young adult.

Polly begins working on Bethany to try to give her the best start for her house.  She is working on her character traits but it will be difficult for Bethany to earn four traits like Polly.  But truthfully, I am kind of in favor of letting Bethany not become an overachiever.

Polly takes Bethany fishing and they will spend a lot of time here over the next few days, and weeks.

It is time for Bethany to go to bed, but she is caught up in the fishing.  Polly mentors her a little while, but eventually they head inside to get some sleep.

Bethany comes home on Monday with homework and a project.  She begins working on her homework before Polly gets home.  If only she would work on the project as well.

Polly earns a promotion and chooses the Stylist career path.

That is going to take some time to get the skills ready for the next promotion.

Bethany’s hard work pays off and she brings home an A.  Tomorrow is her birthday, so her timing was cutting it very close.

I took a break to sleep and go to work, now that I am back, here is a quick look at the house.  The current value of the house is §43,900, but there are still two weeks to go before Bethany moves out.

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Bethany receives notification that it is her birthday.  She eats a sandwich while Polly bakes a cake.

The cake is ready and the candles are lit.  Polly has a little chat with her as she gets ready to blow out the candles.

And a huff and a puff… but no spittle since Bethany is not a toddler any more.

Bethany rolls Dance Machine to pair with Geek.  She is also a Happy Toddler.  The takes The Curator aspiration which gives her the Collector trait.  Two more weeks until her next birthday and she can move out.

Getting the homework out of the way first thing, Polly helps Bethany get it done.

Then Polly gives Bethany a gift…  the headphones that Melody received when the challenge started.  They really should have been sold by Melody, but this is the one thing that ties back to the founding of the challenge, so they will continue to hand them down as long as I remember.

Bethany thanks Polly for the headphones and wonders whether something else would have been more useful.

Polly has to run down to the museum to “check-in”.  She only has to wait for a few minutes before there are other sims on the lot.  She chats with Raelynn about fashion, and checks that task off of her list.  And then she heads home.

The only museum left in the world is the one at Brindleton Bay (I think it is the only one, but haven’t looked at Del Sol Valley, StrangerVille, or Sulani).  At least it has lovely scenery while she is making the journey to and from.

Polly calls Bethany out to learn to fish.  She needs a skill for school, and this is as good as any.

Polly gives up quickly though, saying the fish are too crafty for her.

Inside she cleans up the water from the sink that was broken earlier today.

Polly sends her back out to fish some more, but doesn’t go herself (fish with, then cancel – the other sim still goes to fish).  She needs to work on her skills for her career and fishing isn’t one of them.

Again, Bethany doesn’t stay long.  She gives up at the smallest excuse.

Polly is determined and sends her out a third time.

Nope, Bethany would rather work on her extra credit homework then go fishing.

While Bethany is finishing up her homework, Isaias comes out to haunt.  I would say help, but he destroyed all the plumbing.

He broke the sink, Polly repaired the sink.  Then Isaias immediately broke the sink a second time.  He thinks picking up the trash from Polly’s repairing shit is an apology.

Polly realizes there is one way to get him to stop haunting and that is to get him in bed.

They survive the night, and Polly goes to work today.  Bethany is the first one home and she chooses a productive use of her time.

After Polly gets home, and Bethany is finished with her homework, they head back out to fish.  Neither one looks like they are going to stay very long.  Bethany is almost to level 3 in fishing and then she should bring home that A.

Wait, what?  Polly received a promotion without having all of her skills at the required level.  She isn’t complaining, but … ?

Finally Polly is able to keep Bethany fishing long enough to get her to level 3.  Now, she can bring home that A.  10 more days.

Bethany finally brings home that A.  Polly meets her at the front steps and influences her to do her homework before setting foot inside the house.

Then it is time for the project – Bethany starts it but doesn’t care about finishing it.  Polly decides to work on it by herself.  8 more days.

The last week always takes so, very, long.

While Bethany works on her homework, Polly is still trying to level her skills for her career.  6 more days.

Bethany comes home from school but instead of coming into the house, she walks over to check out two sims standing by their tent.  They could definitely use some fashion help.

Polly came home from work and went almost straight to bed – with a quick shower on the way.  Bethany stayed up to see the first snowfall, her first snowfall.  At this point, there is the realization that she will become a young adult and move out during the first week of winter.  Thankfully she is moving to Oasis Springs so maybe it won’t be as bad as it was for Polly.  5 days.

Thursday is Harvestfest and since Polly is up at six in the morning already, she makes a Grand Feast for breakfast.  Despite all efforts, Bethany does not have a good holiday, but Polly does.

They spent all evening Thursday volunteering to improve Bethany’s empathy.  She is also just a smidgen away from having conflict resolution in the zone.  So they kept going on different assignments looking for the one that would boost it up.  As result, Friday after school, Bethany is exhausted.  She would pour a cup of coffee, take a drink, set it down.  Pour another cup, rinse and repeat.  She didn’t finish drinking the first two cups but she drank three more cups after that.

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When Polly came home, she finished off the first two cups of coffee, because they can’t let it go to waste.  3 more days.

It looks like someone is in the tent, but there is no one there.  I had never noticed this before, but maybe it is because it is placed in the world and not on their lot.

Polly was trying hard to clean up before she went to bed, but she didn’t make it.  2 more days.

Polly finds out that Pippa is pregnant again.  But that is not the father of her first child.

Every time Isaias comes out, he breaks everything.  This the only one he repaired himself.  1 more day.

While Polly was dragging Bethany to all of the volunteering opportunities, one of Bethany’s decisions caused her to lose a lot of responsibility.  Oh yeah, it was the decision to skip school rather than calling out on a day of vacation.  Now they are trying to fix that with all the responsible things that Polly can influence Bethany to do.  It is going to aggravate me for at least five minutes that Bethany is going to miss Conflict Resolution by the smallest of slivers.

It is Bethany’s birthday, but she goes to school one last time in order to make sure she has Responsible locked down.  That gives Polly just enough time to head out to a bar to check-in and get back before Bethany gets home from school.  Apparently, while they were gone, there was a secret society meeting of children and toddlers out front.

Bethany is home from school, and it is time to blow out her candles.  She is going to be starting exhausted.  Polly is sending her off for a shower before she blows out her candles.

The cake is ready, just sitting there with candle wax dropping all over it.

Bethany is taking care of as many needs as possible before blowing out the candles.  She won’t have time to get any sleep, and she will be moving as the sun goes down.

Her character traits as she blows out the candles.

And she blows the candles out…

House 002 Goals

  • House value must exceed §40,000 with two bedrooms and one bathroom.  The final value of the house is §44,077 and there are two bedrooms and two bathrooms.  The family’s household funds not invested in the house are §21,710.
  • Marry, then move-in one of the NPC sims.  Polly married the Pet Adoption NPC, Isaias Baird.
  • Completed the Outdoor Enthusiast aspiration.

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  • Total pictures: 88 pictures


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