Drifting Along, House 003.1

It is time to begin the third house with Bethany.  She surveys her empty lot and reviews her goals, and cries as her funds are depleted.

  • Create a two bedroom, one bath home worth at least §40,000 simoleons
  • Complete the Angling Ace aspiration
  • Master the Gardening skill
  • Master the Fishing skill
    • Once both skills are mastered, place a park on Dessert Bloom
  • Grow a cowplant and collect 5 unique essences
  • Have and raise an heir to young adult

As Bethany starts her house, House 003, here is a quick review of the family still living…

Polly Baird – no closeups, because that would have required more effort…

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Pippa Cleveland, daughter Alyson Cleveland, roommates Lorenzo Orchid, Elsa Stem.

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Petra Goth, husband Brian Goth, daughter Helen Goth.

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Bethany begins with level 3 in fishing, level 1 in gardening, and a handful of skills across the board – all level 1 and 2.  She is Romantic, Geek, and a Dance Machine.  She also has Happy Toddler, Good Manners, Responsible, and Compassionate.  She just missed Mediator by a hair.  She immediately switches to Angling Ace and begins fishing while she waits for the sun to go down.

She didn’t have a long time to fish as the sun was going down and she had already had a long, busy day.  She caught five fish and a camera, then she collected a fossil – selling the camera and fossil and keeping the fish.  Hopefully in the morning she can find more items to sell, and someone to share this life with.

Bethany is up early the next morning, because seriously, who can sleep on a bench comfortably.

She completes the second tier of the aspiration – no, she still needs to fish for ten hours.  Then she will have the second tier completed.

She is also the first of the drifters to get a bush instead of a toilet.  But she just couldn’t get the simoleons together and had to settle for the bush.

Ohh, interesting specimen sighted, and Bethany drops what she was doing and heads over to meet and greet him.

His name is Messiah and he is level 10 Botanist (gardening career).

As she gets to know him better she realizes he is just days away from retirement.  Way too old to join her on this adventure.  And, he is married with children.

Moving on from Messiah, Bethany takes a moment and finds a job in the Gardening career.

Then, she begins planting her garden.  She is planting one of each plant that she finds, receives, or buys.  She is also flipping between the fishing and gardening aspiration, because if she is going to do the gardening, she might as well earn aspiration points.

Thanks to the bonus from her new position, level 3 Seed-Scatterer, she is able to pick up a few more necessities.  Yes, she splurged on the bed and it wiped out her bank account.  See comment about necessities.

There is some hand washing, lots of hand washing, and then Bethany has a bowl of yogurt.

After another round of collecting and some more fishing, Bethany settles in for her first night in her new bed.  She has been watching for young adults to wander through the area, but they have been hiding elsewhere.  They exist in game, I checked, they just aren’t coming anywhere near Bethany.

It is morning, and it was not a nightmare.  Bethany wakes up to the fact that this is her reality.

She gets ready for the day with a lot of hand washing and some cereal.

She heads off to work today so that she can meet her coworkers.  She starts off by sucking up to the boss, only to discover her boss is Messiah, and all of her coworkers are married.

She comes home with some simoleons in her wallet, and begins a collection run.

At the end of the collecting, she stops and fishes for awhile.  She is mounting all of her fish and will keep one and sell the rest.  She spends the points she has earned so far on two traits – Waterproof and Observant.

Polly walks by without stopping and we notice that she has gotten elderly.  Her birthday was the day after Bethany’s so it is not a surprise.

If only young adult male sims were as easy to catch as this fish.

Bethany continues to fish, working her way through the aspiration.  Tomorrow she will have to do something about finding a spouse with a job.

Bethany comes back to the lot stinking, tired, and hungry.  All she wanted to do was pee, wash her hands, eat some cereal, and go to bed.  The sink decided to add one more thing to her to-do list.  And, since Bethany is a Dance Machine, she keeps getting bored because there isn’t any music to dance.

Bethany adds to her garden.  She spent most of her savings on more plants, but she isn’t paying attention to their season, she is just planting one of everything.

She does still have enough to upgrade the “bathroom”.  She now has a real shower and a real toilet.

Polly stops by to do some fishing, but this time it is Polly that leaves first.

This is the first young adult to walk by – there are only three in the entire world that aren’t married.  Lorenzo is married and he doesn’t have a job.  This is so frustrating.

Bethany calls it a night and heads to bed.  Maybe tomorrow, things will be better.

A male has come to see Bethany, but way too young.  {shoo}

Bethany gets up before work and she tends to her garden.  She needs to raise her gardening skill up so that she can earn the next promotion.

Then she decides to do some traveling.  She has just over §1,000 so she heads down to the restaurant.  She hopes to meet a young adult male that is not already married.

Yeah, she didn’t have any luck, so she went to Sylvan Glade next.  She is not happy to be here, and it is fricking cold, and she never made it through the tree because she was “too uncomfortable”.

Her next attempt was at the vet’s office.  It is on the list of places that are allowed, so she went even though she doesn’t have a pet.  {sshhh}  She did meet one young adult single male – without a job.  But he had a cat.

When she started talking to him, he got all uppity.

When he started yelling at her, she left.

She decided to try her luck at Granite Falls.  It was not only covered with snow, it was a blizzard.  This trip dropped her funds to just under §1,000, so she collected a few things to get back over the mark.  She went into all three areas and even considered checking out the hermit – but he was elderly and not up to this challenge.

One of the males in her contact list showed up, and the first thing she learns is that he Hates Children.  It is not a show stopper, but he won’t be the first choice.  He actually has a job as a barista.

She heads to the bathroom and Vincent goes home.

This is literally her life, elderly males sims everywhere.

Back home, she goes to work and gets her promotion, then she comes home and makes a decision on how to proceed.

Peyton was the chef at the restaurant from the other night, and she is loving his hair.  They could make some curly-headed babies.

As they get to know each other better, there is always a random sim getting into the conversation.  Unfortunately, Peyton is married.

Bethany continues to work on their friendship, but she hasn’t moved over into the romantic lane yet.

She is still trying to meet the right sim.  Brenden is the son is Kayla that came with Get Famous and it is obvious in his eyes.

Noah, the jerk from the vet clinic, invites her out to the Von Haunt Estate for a party.  She went, not because of Noah, but hoping to meet someone else.  She didn’t.

She is trying desperately to either get to the bathroom, or go home.

It is not going well.  She doesn’t need to pee any more.

Finally, she is home and heading to bed.

She headed towards the bed, then decided to take a shower, and passed out on the ground beside it.

She invites Peyton over and they continue to become really good friends.  She is hesitant about breaking up his marriage.., should she?

They even take a picture together.

Then Bethany decides to try one more thing.  She is still trying to not break up Peyton’s marriage.  So, she goes to Selvadorada to see who will be spawned and who will be summoned as a tourist.

She meets an evil sim.  Evil, cheerful, and family-oriented.

Then she meets Eloy, who is hot-headed, perfectionist, and a kleptomaniac.

But the boy can dance.  It is also Winterfest and she will have an awful time because she didn’t get any of the traditions completed.

She is trying to collect some things to cover the cost of the trip, but now she has to pee.

She is really far from the house.  At this point, she started to pee her pants, then suddenly go it under control and continued on back to the house she had rented.

She gets close, but she didn’t make it.

Giving up, she heads home.  She calls Peyton over and begins her seduction.

He is resistant to her seduction and after he rejected a simple flirt for the third time, she asked him to leave.

Next on her list is Devon.  Devon is not married but his drawback is that he is only in a part time job.  Peyton was actually in Culinary which would have given him a chance for more than just one or two promotions.  Devon works in retail, at level 2 – Sales Floor Clerk – so he will only have the possibility of one more promotion.

But he is much more receptive to Bethany’s flirting.

He loves the rose.

And he loves their first kiss.  Now to get him married, or just moved in.  Bethany isn’t picky about that point.  She just wanted someone with a job.

{yes, I made this much harder than it had to be, by insisting on the spouse having a job}

She him to be her boyfriend, and he agrees.

Since their romantic bar is full but the friendship bar is just under half full, they spend the rest of the day becoming really good friends.  The bar is almost full when they finish, but she hasn’t asked him to be her best friend yet.

Harry Pancakes does not sound yummy.

Bethany asks Devon to spend the night and they have their first woohoo.

Tomorrow she will ask him to move in, and even maybe, to get married.

Petra is out late, and that is not what she was wearing… Oh yeah, she grew up after Polly moved out.

The next morning, Bethany is ready to pop the question, but it looks like Devon may need to have a moment.

After taking care of some pressing needs, he is in a much better mood.

Bethany goes for gold, and asks Devon to marry her and begin outdoor living with her.

Devon said yes, obviously.  They get married immediately, because Bethany really doesn’t want to be alone any more.

HAHAHAHA!  Devon is Pippa’s stepson.  The relationships are to Bethany.  Pippa is married to Antonio, who is Devon and Averie’s father.  Alyson and Jacquelyn are Pippa’s kids.  Devon brings no simoleons to the household, so there isn’t any crying over deleting the funds.

With company at last, Bethany takes Devon fishing.  Now, she needs to get busy on the goals for the house.


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